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Home Made Vegetable Stock

Make yourself the best Home Made Vegetable Stock in a few steps



home made vegetable stock

So … Home Made Vegetable Stock.

This Vegetable Stock recipe is actually made by my dad. He just loves Home Made stuff. From his own Home Made Honey to Home Made Raw Mayonaisse. He loves it and he likes to make it himself (that’s the best part). So you’ll probably see some other recipes from my dad again in the future. Because I just love and enjoy my dads cooking. It’s every time so delicious!

home made vegetable stock

home made vegetable stock

But why Home Made Vegetable Stock? Well, I got some answers for you:

  • Because it’s Healthy, and even Home Made, Dah … So why buy a Vegetable Stock in a store when you can make it yourself and that way you know exactly what you made it from.
  • You can use it literally in every cooking. (soups, main dish, sauces …) like for example my most favorite dish ,,Healthy Tofu Tomatoes with White Rice” In this dish a Vegetable Stock is a Must in our family. No regular salt! Vegetable Stock!
  • Some of the food just tastes better with the Vegetable Stock than regular salt. Those herbs and the taste of the vegetables that the vegetable stock contains is just great.
  • All vegetables contain sodium. So that means that you need Less Salt in a food that you making. And that means More Health for your body! Because your body really needs just a bit of sodium, which is a salt. Too much salt is not good for our body. So why use a salt when vegetables got all the great things that our body needs? But, obviously we can’t live without a salt because all the food just tastes much better with salt, right? I think I don’t even have to say that because everybody knows it. We don’t actually have to Not eat salt at all. But we can decrease it. It’s all possible.

home made vegetable stock

home made vegetable stock

But now. It’s time for a current momentum honesty my lovely readers and most importantly Friends. Which is Me sitting in my most favorite coffee shop Starbucks, drinking Chai Latte and writing these exact words and creating a new post, which I haven’t done in a long time. It’s been a very hard time. Long story, which I can reveal some other time.

But I have to say that I’m very happy right now at this moment. Because that was always my dream to be sitting in Starbucks, tipping on a laptop, working and drinking my favorite coffee. God bless you Chai Latte and Caramel Frappuccino (see you in summer).

home made vegetable stock

Home Made Vegetable Stock

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  • 1kg Carrots
  • 1kg Parsley (root with leaves)
  • ½ kg Kohlrabi
  • ½ kg Onion
  • 1 whole, big Celery
  • ½ - 1kg Salt



Remove the parsley and celery leaves from the roots and cut them. Cut the carrots, kohlrabi, parsley and celery roots into smaller pieces and add it into a food processor/grinder. Grind the vegetables into 2-5mm size.


Squeeze the ground vegetable to reduce the juice.


Cut the onion into very small. Add it into rest of the vegetables and gently mix it all together.


Add everything into a food dehydrator and let it dry.


When the vegetables are completely dry take them out and crush it with your hands. Add the salt into the vegetables and mix well. Add everything into a food processor or you can use a regular grinder to grind the vegetables until very fine.


If you would like you can add more salt into the vegetable stock later. Drying time of the vegetables depends on what kind of a food dehydrator you’re using.

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