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How to Start your own Food Blog

So … you like this food blog? You like the idea of making your own food blog? You want to share your best – your family loving – recipes with the world?

Than I’m with you.

Do not wait any longer and make your dream come true! 🙂 Cause, It’s easy and it’s a big adventure …




  1. Domain Name with Hosting

  2. Installing WordPress

  3. Choosing a Theme



Domain name it’s basically a Name of your webside. And Hosting is service that allows you to post a website or web page onto the Internet.

Have you thought about how you want your webside (blog) to be called?

If you haven’t choose yet, give yourself some time to think. For me it took maybe one whole day until I have choose some good and nice domain name. I have put a list of some domain names that I liked the most. And then it also took time to find some free domain name. Because some of your chosen domain names could be already taken.

But this you can figure out in the next steps that I will show you.


I am using s Hostgator for my domain name and hosting.



You can also go for a BlueHost which is also good. They give you a domain name for free once you decide to host with them.


But if you choose the Hostgator here are the few simple steps:


Head to Hostgator for your domain name and hosting.

Hit the ,,Get Started Now” button.



Then you’ll be asked to pick your plan level for hosting. I suggest the Hatchling Plan at the beginning. Don’t worry you can change that any time in the future if you would like a bigger plan.

Click ,,Sign Up Now”.



Enter your domain name and see if it’s available. Or you can hit ,,I Already Own a Domain if you already have one.

If your domain is free it will give you a Green tick. If it will become Red try a new one.

Scroll down and select or unselect every forms. You can also choose Billing Cycle, if you want to pay for a year or monthly. Then fill in your billing information etc …

Down on a bottom check the Additional Services and untick some as you want.

Check if everything is filled correctly and click ,,Check Out”.




After you have completed registration you will receive an e-mail with your account information.

Open your received e-mail and click on ,,Control Panel” URL. Fill in your Username and Password which you have received in e-mail and just Log in.

Scroll down to Software and Services and click on ,,Quick Install” and then click on ,,Install WordPress”.

Fill out the form and again click Install WordPress. Then you will receive another e-mail that your Install is complete. Usually it takes time (maybe even days) for Hostgator to set it up so don’t worry and be patient.

After when you receive an e-mail your wordpress is ready. Open the e-mail and click on Admin URL.



Fill in your Username or Email and Password and your blog is ready to go. Congrats! You just made the hardest job.




So now you can make your webside pretty and nice just the way you like.

There are many beautiful themes out there that can make your webside look amazing.

If you want a premium theme as I have you can choose from here:

Theme Forest – There are many themes to choose from. I personally found a Sprout and Spoon theme which I’m currently using. And I really love it and highly recommend it.



Elegant Themes by WordPress – Here are free themes by WordPress if you do not want a premium theme and pay for it.




Themify ThemesThis was my very first theme that I was using for my former webside.





Thesis ThemeDrag and Drop theme.



But before you find and get one, I would like to let you know that from my experience I really Highly recommend some Premium Theme. Some good theme that you can buy.

Because they have made a very good job for the themes to work, look nice and more importantly easily to set it up. My theme has:

  • Future updates

  • Quality checked

  • 6 months support

  • Many helpful Articles for begginers

To be completely honest, it was worth to buy a premium theme. It has saved me a lot of time. I’m very satisfied with it and I’ll never regret it.

So I wish you a good luck with starting and building your own Food Blog. And I also wish you many good recipes and good ideas 🙂


P.S.:  If you need more help with building your blog, you need ideas, tips and tricks, helpfull eBooks etc … here you can have all that in LEARN TO BE A FOOD BLOGGER.