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We are finally Leaving


,,WE ARE LEAVING! WE, WE ARE LEAVING!”  – that’s Me Cheering!

Why? Because we are actually and finally LEAVING!! I can’t even believe it. It took a long time for me to actually believe that. And before I start to be all ,, YIPPIE” and ,,YEE-HAW” and (ok, I’ll stop now), I wanna explain to you what this Leaving actually is all about. So that you can fully get the point here with me. And maybe cheer with me. Or maybe not.

So the point is that about one year ago Me and Adam were leaving to the England to work there. And after 8 months we kind of decided to come home, visit our families and go somewhere else, continue on our path, traveling, etc. We visited Adams family in the Czech Republic (he was born there, but he’s actually half Czech and half a Slovakian).  Then after a few days, we went to my home visit my family which is on complete East of Slovakia. A little and cute village near a big town – that’s where I grew up. And that’s where my beloved parents live.

We visited them, were really happy to see them, they were happy to us as well, we stayed one night, then two nights, then one week, then a month … and I’m not going to continue because we are still here and it’s already been 5 months since we came ,,Just to visit them”. We are so ashamed. Trust me, we are.

And please don’t even ask me How it happened and why we are still here because neither I don’t know the answers to those questions. We are asking those questions ourselves. But you must think now that my parents are the best parents to live with. Truth is, they are awesome! They are the best parents that I could have, and I love them so much. They are so young (my mom was 18 when I was born, and my dad 21) so it’s all fun with them. We watch movies very often at home (we got a cine-projector, big couch, and a popcorn maker so it’s almost like in a cinema, like a personal home cinema … but Shh 😉). My parents are really cool and really fun. Especially my dad. He can make the best fun night ever. Like the ones that you are laughing all night until you are crying and your belly hurts like you just came out from a gym and then the next day, you would actually swear that your belly got smaller and nicer from the last night. We had a really good time here, really. But it’s time for us to leave and go our own path and … well just the main point here: not to live with parents for the rest of our lives! NO, NO, NO!!

We were looking for someplace where we could go and live there for a while, but we couldn’t actually find any. And one reason was that we don’t even know where we wanna be and where we want to live. We are not really feeling like a Slovakian girl and a Czech boy. So that’s why we are going to England again to live there just for a while. We don’t want to live there forever, god no! Just to work there, get to know new people, new experiences, travel a lot, to see some beautiful nature, etc. We just love exploring the world 🙂

But I hope that this will be the last time that we are going to live in England. Because last time we left England I said to myself that I don’t wanna go to England ever again. And here we come, 5 months later buying a flight ticket to the England, shoot! How did it happen?

But I have a feeling that this time in England will be a lot different than the last time. It’s gonna be great. I feel that. So this is kind of a celebration for us that we are finally leaving. 👏👏 We are proud and really looking forward to a new adventure.

Here are some pictures from our 8 months in England as a reminder of a past and good times.