2021’s Perfect Gifts For The Foodie Friend In Your Life

December is a foodie’s most anticipated time of season. They also get to savor a selection of delicious meals throughout the holiday season, but if they’re fortunate, their nearest and dearest will already know about their enthusiasm for food and gifts they receive.

Restaurant vouchers and fancy boxes of chocolates are among the most frequently requested gifts for foodies. However, even though they’re widely accepted, they’re not exactly original. If you’re trying to think outside the box this Christmas time, you’re at the right spot with our list of gifts perfect for your foodie friends!

In order to help ensure that your food-loving friend’s wishes come true this holiday season. We’ve put together this gift guide that lists the 15 most desirable presents for those who love food.

Nuvantee Pasta Maker – £47.99

Nuvantee Pasta Maker, £47.99

Who doesn’t love pasta? Giving someone a brand-new pasta maker will not only make them feel like an expert Italian chef in their own kitchen. It will also provide them with the tools to throw enjoyable dinner parties.

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Truckle Selection 8 Cheese Hamper – £49.99

Truckle Selection 8 Cheese Hamper, £49.99

Many foodies have an attraction to cheese in all its excellent varieties.

This exquisite cheese hamper contains eight varieties of cheeses, jams, and biscuits. This is everything you require for an elegantly designed cheeseboard.

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Boyds Farmhouse Wine & Cheese Hamper – £59.95

2021's Perfect Gifts For The Foodie Friend In Your Life

A lot of foodies have a natural draw to wine accompanied by cheese and fruit.

This exquisite spread acts like a cheeseboard with cheese, crackers, a spread of fruit, and a bottle of red wine. Whoever receives this will be able to enjoy this in front of the fire any evening.

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JingPeng Bamboo Cheese Board Set – £24.99

JingPeng Bamboo Cheese Board Set, £24.99

A cheese board that is a dedicated piece of furniture will be a dream for those who love food and entertainment. Instead of using their usual chopping boards to display their charcuterie on the table, they can showcase with their own bamboo cheeseboard set and can re-use again throughout the year.

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Proscenic T21 Air Fryer – £109.99

Proscenic T21 Air Fryer, £109.99

Even if they don’t realize that they need an air fryer until they have one, they’ll wonder how they’ve ever managed to live without one.

The large air fryer made by Proscenic can cook delicious, nutritious meals for the whole family in less time than it usually takes – and with only a tiny amount of fat.

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Hotel Chocolate Beer & Chocolate Hamper – £29.50

Hotel Chocolat The Beer and Chocolate Hamper, £29.50

There’s something about pairing beer and chocolate together that makes it perfect. Although most people would rather eat their chocolate with red wine, a cold beer with chocolate is even more effective.

This hamper contains the truffle, fruit, chocolate slabs, a cocoa beer, and a blonde ale ideal for sharing or just for yourself.

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Morphy Richards 48281 Fastback Breadmaker – £69.99

Morphy Richards 48281 Fastbake Breadmaker, £69.99

Making bread at home is a hobby that is enjoyed by many. If your favorite foodie indulged in it with enthusiasm, it is possible to make their life simpler by purchasing an easy-to-use breadmaker like this model made by Morphy Richards.

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Grow Your Own Chilli Peppers – £9.99

Grow Your own Chilli Peppers, £9.99

Being able to choose a chili to go from your chili plant is appealing for someone who likes to cook. The person you’re buying gifts for is skilled in the kitchen; likely, they often fantasize about having a garden. And this is just the beginning.

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Cheese Making Kit – £29.99

Cheese Making Kit, £29.99

You might think that gifting someone cheese is a cheap present. We disagree with this notion; we do understand the need to give something unique to someone else for them, such as this cheese-making kit.

The kit includes everything they need to create more than 25 cheeses that are artisanal in their kitchen.

You can shop here on Amazon right here.

Smokehouse Ultimate Grilling Set of Spices £25.99

Smokehouse Ultimate Grilling Spice Set, £25.99

It’s an ideal present for someone who loves meat and enjoys grilling on their BBQ no matter the weather.

This spice set includes 20 different BBQ spice rubs and spices that perfectly season food so that they can be adventurous in their cooking.

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TruffleHunter Black & White Truffle Oil £18.95

TruffleHunter Black & White Truffle Oil, £18.95

Truffle oil has been a source of controversy within the food industry. Some want to drizzle it on everything, and others claim it can overpower every meal it’s served with.

If your foodie friend loves truffled risotto or as a salad dressing, this set of white or black truffle oils by TruffleHunter will surely be appreciated.

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AnySharp World’s Top Sharpener for Knives with PowerGrip – £14.99

AnySharp World's Best Knife Sharpener with PowerGrip, £14.99

A task that isn’t completed in time by cooks at home is sharpening knives. A sharp knife set makes food preparation much more straightforward and could significantly influence the final results of the food you cook.

This simple to use knife sharpener by AnySharp will transform the once-difficult job into a straightforward one.

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Odysea Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin – £34.95

Odysea Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin, £34.95

We can assure you that the Posh Olive Oil is the key to any eater’s heart. Making use of high-quality olive oil can dramatically influence the flavor of the food that is prepared and adds luxury to every kitchen endeavor.

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John Lewis & Partners Scandi Gingham Oven Mitt – £10

John Lewis & Partners Scandi Gingham Oven Mitt

An oven mitt might appear to be an unoriginal present for someone known for spending a lot of time cooking. However, when it’s as stylish as the gingham John Lewis one – you’ll be sure to make someone happy!

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Joules Floral and T-shirt Tea Towels Striped with Cotton – £19.95

Joules Floral & Striped Cotton Tea Towels, £19.95

The smell of burning, old tea towels can make your kitchen appear more shabby than it is, and by gifting someone a brand new set of funky towels, you’ll be helping to bring their kitchen up to date.

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