Hi 🙂,

I heartily welcome you to Yummy taste Food and thank you so much for visiting. It’s really a big pleasure to have you here.

I’m Liv and this little webside is a big piece of my happiness. And kind of an ,,internet home”. I love to cook and make new recipes and a specially eat them … of course. I write and I still learn to take the best looking pictures of delicious food.

I was born in Europe in a small country Slovakia. So please forgive me for not writing in the best and 100% correct English grammar.

Since I finished high school, I was traveling around the world, and also lived almost everywhere. I’ve been in America, Austria, really enjoyed Florida, England … Every country was unique and beautiful. So I’m still deciding to which country I belong. But one thing I know for sure: that with my boyfriend Adam we make a home anywhere we are. And that’s what I love about us. We travel a lot, we live somewhere where we like, then we pack our suitcases and go elsewhere. And in between the stops we always stop by our family and stay there for a while.

Before when I met Adam I didn’t believe in true love or a soul mate. But the first day I met him I immediately fell in love. And since then it has been ,,Joy on a ride full of adventures and happiness” 🙂

I was born as a vegetarian and I still kind of am. I say ,,kind of” because you know … who can be vegetarian almost whole life without even trying some ham, sausages or any kind of meat sometimes? Everybody is interested. So did I. Ham I like the most, which I eat once in a month to be honest. Some people call me ,,Vegetarian on batteries” … ha-ha . I tell you this because most of my recipes are vegetarian.

Back at the school times I was studying and training swimming. I was swimming since I was a little baby, then going to a race and competitions and that’s what I thought I will be doing my whole life. But then somehow everybody around me my rivals in my age were starting to get better and better and I was sort of stuck in one place. So I quit. But I was still swimming for happiness and joy. I still love it and enjoy being in a water.

And a little things about Me: I like healthy and delicious food, but salty things I love the most. Chips, popcorn and fries are my ,,heaven and curse”. And I absolutely ♥ spicy food! I love nature, animals, freedom and absolutely adore movies and driving, Oh I love driving a car! And of course I love to enjoy my life and every adventure that comes with it 🙂

About the Blog

To be honest, I have never planned on starting a food blog. I didn’t even know what a blog is. Seriously. It wasn’t a ,,dream come true”. It was a very big coincidence. Now I don’t remember, but somehow I found some recipe on a very beautiful website which I fell in love with. Pinch of Yum

I have spent so much time there listing recipes and just fooling around and enjoying the website. It all started with this so nice and joyful blog which inspired me. So I own Lindsay and Bjork (the owners of the blog) a big Thanks and many hugs 🙂 They also wrote an e-book ,,Tasty Food Photography” from which I learned so much about photography world. And I’m still learning.

Also a big Thanks belong to Chelsea from Chelsea’s Messy Apron for also giving me more inspiration with her very nice food blog. And her book ,,How I made 40K My First Year of Blogging” made me realize that I want to live my dreams and have a freedom. Which blogging wasn’t my dream at the first place, but then it somehow was becoming my biggest dream of all time. This book taught me so much, made me realize what a blogging actually is and also helped me with starting and beginning with Yummy taste Food. My beloved food blog 🙂