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YummyTasteFood started off as a personal food blog which has now outgrown itself into a large food guide website with the mission of becoming a community of food enthusiasts.

We specialize in guides, reviews, and tips for any avid baker or cook. We want to share our love of food and the knowledge we have of many different cuisines.

Food brings the community together. If you are a vibrant, life and food-loving person, you may be interested in becoming part of our community of food writers. As a site, we run a strict fact check and verification on all content published.

About Norah Clark

Norah Clark
In 2021, in sunny Australia!

Heya, I’m Norah! The foodie editor at large at YummyTasteFood! I love absolutely everything to do with food, baking, and of course, eating! I’m a self-proclaimed foodie nomad. Currently, I am living in Thailand.

Thanks to working weekends, public holidays, and missing countless parties from working in the hospitality industry, I finally could fund my travels! I have previously lived/worked in New York, Tokyo, Sydney for a short time (flat whites are way expensive), London, and Frankfurt.

I don’t tend to stay around too often and love trying different food and fully experiencing each country’s culture.

You will find most of my articles to be based on how-to’s, guides, and overviews of everything surrounding food, baking, cooking and anything related to yummy tasting food.

I have worked as a chef and pastry chef at The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Orlando, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts Orlando and Sydney, The Plaza, NYC, The Savoy, London, and Westbury Hotel, Dublin.

I even worked as a barista at my local Starbucks in Orlando, Florida!

I have worked with various brands from Red Bull, Hello Fresh, Pasta Evangelists, and Fortnum & Mason, to name but a few on reviews, product research, and marketing. If you are interested in working with me and having your product or brand reviewed on YummyTasteFood.com, please contact me.

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Updates & Timeline

Take a look at the timeline from 2019. There have been a lot of developments!

Btw, YTF = Yummy Taste Food.


  • Got a part-time article writing job at Foodatick.com which is now shut down.
  • Started my first blog called Thornham Oysters.
  • Left Florida and moved to Europe.




Want To Write For Yummy Taste Food?

Want to write for Yummy Taste Food? Great! I am currently looking for new writers to join our community, please contact us and we can negotiate a fee per article.


I do accept PR samples and love trying new cooking products and services but receipt of a sample does not guarantee inclusion or a positive review. Reviews are written honestly after trialing any sample products and with the readers in mind. I will be honest and mark any guides and posts if it has been sponsored by a brand.

Read the editorial guidelines for further information.

I do from time to time use affiliate links to make additional money from my articles, this means that when you click through a link to some products I can make a small commission on any purchase you make through that link only. I do not include links to products I do not honestly recommend or offer as a true alternative.