30th Wedding Anniversary Cake Ideas

10 30th Wedding Anniversary Cake Ideas in 2022

When it comes to a wedding anniversary then you have to think about some unique cake ideas. You will get a lot of anniversary cake ideas online but among all of them, you have to think about what will suit the best situation. If it is your 30th wedding anniversary then it should be even more special. You need to make it so grand that you will remember it forever.

Anniversary Cake Ideas

Whenever you will search for anniversary cake ideas then there will be a lot of search results popping up in front of you. The best thing you can do is to look for the most unique ones to make your day special. Nowadays different options are available for cake decoration. You can avail of those services as well.

Here we are going to discuss the top 10 30th wedding anniversary cakes and their designs so that they can help you to choose the best one for yourself.

1. Geometric-shape Cake

Geometric-shape Cake
Image Source: pinterest.com

Currently different geometric shapes go well in terms of wedding anniversary cakes. If you are going to purchase the three-tier cake then you can also implement different geometric shapes for three different tiers. That will be a very unique thing to do in your wedding anniversary celebration.

2. Photo Cake

Photo Cake
Image Source: pinterest.com

It is a very common cake idea right now but still, you can make it unique by choosing a cute and candid photo from your memory. In case it is your 30th wedding anniversary, then you can make a collage of different photographs of your married life and ask the cake designers to make a photo cake out of that collage. It can also be a very good idea to surprise your spouse by presenting this cake on your wedding anniversary.

3. Marble Patterned Cake

Marble Patterned Cake
Image Source: indybride2b.com

If you are a couple who want to keep it minimal then marble pattern cake can be a very good option for you. These patterns are quite subtle and you can also make a statement to be elegant in your anniversary celebration. Making a perfect marble cake is not a very easy job. So you can opt for this tricky option if you want to make a quirky statement on your 30th wedding anniversary.

4. Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake
Image Source: cookingclassy.com

One of the most common but romantic ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary is by cutting a red velvet cake. If you want to make it a little bit more romantic then you can also opt for a heart-shaped red velvet cake. Generally, it tastes awesome and also it will go well with the occasion. You can implement different types of decoration ideas on the red velvet cake as well. So there is a chance that you can modify the normal boring red velvet cake. Because sometimes it is nice to go back in the time and be a little bit old school with a slight modification.

5. White/black Cake

White/black Cake
Image Source: pinterest.com

In case you want to keep it too minimal then you can opt for a black or white-colored cake. These cakes are completely black and white and it looks elegant because of the monochrome design on them. If you are fond of prints then you can go for some small floral pattern or simple brush strokes on the cake as per your liking. But at the end of the day if you go for a black or white wedding anniversary cake then it will be a unique style statement from both of you.

6. Ruffle Cake

Ruffle Cake
Image Source: pinterest.com

Currently, people are opting for ruffle cake to a great extent because of its cute shape. This type of cake has nice frills all around the edges which looks unique. If you purchase this type of cake for your 30th wedding anniversary then it will be a great surprise for the people who will be at your celebration venue. That is why we always recommend our readers to go for this one to make a cute but unique style statement through their choice of anniversary cake.

7. Metallic Finish Cake

Metallic Finish Cake
Image Source: pinterest.com

When glass finish cakes are quite common these days, you can go for a metallic finish for your wedding anniversary celebration. Different types of metallic finishes are available in the color of gold, silver, copper, or any other color. You can opt for anyone as per your liking and the wedding anniversary celebration theme. These cakes are generally designed by expert cake decorators. So it is always best to hire them so that they can design something unique for you on your special day. Sometimes the couples who are in the engineering field go for this cake which goes well with their profession.

8. Floral Cake

Floral Cake
Image Source: pinterest.com

There are a few people who love to get the floral design in every aspect of their life. If you are one of them then you can go for a floral-designed cake for your 30th wedding anniversary. Generally, sugar-made flowers are used to give a floral pattern to the cake after all the other decorations. Sometimes the couples may also get options to choose the type of flower they want on their cake. If you have any of those preferences then you must convey that to your cake decorator and most of the time they do that according to your wish.

9. Sequin Cake

Sequin Cake
Image Source: pinterest.com

Nowadays cakes are decorated with sequins that glitter in the light. So if you want something bright for your wedding anniversary celebration then this type of cake can make a presence for you. Generally, this type of design draws a lot of attention because of its brightness and unique pattern. You just have to make sure that the designer can make some nice designs which are not boring.

10. Square Cake

Square Cake
Image Source: pinterest.com

We always see circular cakes or heart-shaped ones at the wedding or birthday celebrations. But you can break this tradition by opting for a square cake on your 30th wedding anniversary. It can be a unique option for you to create a different impression on your guests. Other than the shape, you can also experiment with the other decoration material from the above-said options in terms of anniversary cake ideas.

So these are some unique anniversary cake ideas that you can implement on your 30th wedding anniversary celebration. If you choose any of them then that will be a very different style statement for you.

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