Banoffee Pie Without Condensed Milk

Banoffee pie is an authentic British dessert made of toffee, bananas, and a crisp crust served with heavy cream whipped. Banoffee is the name given to it. Banoffee can be a mix made of 2 words: toffee and bananas, which are the star ingredients in the recipe.

Banoffee Pie was invented in East Sussex, England, in the 70s early in the decade. Although the recipe is standard English, some Brits believe that it’s American due to the highly sweet taste of this dessert.

This simple banoffee pie comprises an incredibly crunchy shortbread-biscuit-crusted crust, sweet dulce de leche bananas, and whip cream. It’s simple to make and cook.

ingredients for Banoffee Pie Without Condensed Milk

Banoffee pie is an amazing three-layer pie that everyone will enjoy. It’s creamy, delicious, and just the perfect quantity of sugar. However, despite its delicious taste, banoffee pie made without condensed milk is incredibly simple to prepare.

You can replace any ingredient from this list using the ingredients you already have in your kitchen:

  • Shortbread crumb We made use of shortbread for the crust. However, it’s not required. Any pie crusts, cookies, and graham crackers could be a good choice. Be sure that your crackers or cookies are correctly ground.
  • Toffee/dulce de leche It is the core of the Banoffee Pie. The pie is not possible without this component. The toffee or dulce de leche is purchased in a grocery store or made at home. If you reside in a place in which dulce de leche isn’t readily available, Here’s how to prepare your own:
    • Combine 4 cups of milk and 12 oz of sugar in the saucepot.
    • Bring to a simmer and reduce the heat.
    • Let it simmer for approximately 1 1/2 hours until you’ve got a lovely caramel-like consistency.
    • Remove the pan from the stove and stir in 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.
  • Bananas Bananas are simple fruit that has a beautiful flavor. When selecting bananas for this recipe, be sure that you pick fresh bananas. Small freckles are the best. A perfectly white banana that doesn’t have spots could be a little difficult to slice, but it will be a bit dry and not taste as sweet as we are trying to achieve with this dish.
  • Cream that has been whipped. Be sure to cool your heavy cream before whipping. Whip all the ingredients in a cool glass bowl. This is not a written rule; however it is a perfect method every time.

This banoffee-based pie is made with condensed milk only which is why the dulce de leche that we have used here is made with pure milk. Fortunately, this method doesn’t require expensive equipment or cooking expertise.

saucepot that has a solid bottom and 1 1/2 hours in your day is all you require.

Different versions of Banoffee Pie

Due to its ubiquity And huge popularity, you can see this recipe in different versions.

This banoffee-flavored pie is sprinkled with crushed chocolate (you can also use chocolate curls to make an impressive effect). Some like to sprinkle the pie with coffee and cinnamon or leave it as it is. Others prefer making the crust using chocolate wafers. If you’re interested in that, you can go for it.

This is a basic recipe that is able to be modified to suit your own personal preferences and still produce amazing. Follow our directions.

With only a handful of ingredients and a little time, you can make this delicious dessert on your table in a stunning way. It’s a truly brag-worthy dessert to serve during any season.

Methods to make Banoffee Pie Without Condensed Milk

Step 1: Gather your materials.

Step 2: Make the crust. Put the dough in a bowl and mix butter and cookies until the mix is a perfect blend.

Line the bottom of a pan with parchment or grease an 8-inch pie pan or springform with a removable bottom.

Incorporate the crust mix to create the pie shell. Then, place the shell in the refrigerator for 30 mins.

Step 3: Spread dulce de leche (store-bought or homemade) over the pastry.

Step 4: Slice the bananas and put them on top of Dulce of Leche.

Step 5: Top the bananas with whip cream and chopped or shaved chocolate.

Step 6: Let the pie sit for an additional 30-minutes in the refrigerator before serving.

Banoffee Pie without Condensed Milk

yield: 1 PIE Preparation time: 20 Minutes Additional time: 1 HOUR Total time: 1 HOUR 20 minutes

Banoffee pie that is delicious and creamy similar to this recipe, is great to serve for every occasion. We hope you enjoy it


For the crust

  • 2 cups of shortbread biscuits that are ground (or Graham crackers or another cookie of your preference)
  • 6 tbsp butter, melt


  • 1 cup dulce de leche (store-bought homemade)
  • 2 bananas, sliced

To make the topping


Prepare your crust by mixing it in with a spoon. Mix the butter and cookies until the mixture is well-combined.

Line the pan with parchment paper or butter an 8-inch pie dish or springform with a removable bottom.

The crust mixture should be pressed in to form the pie shell. Put the pie shell in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Spread dulce de leche on the crust. Slice the bananas, and place them on top of the dulce de leche.

Then finish the bananas by topping them with whip cream, or grated or chopped chocolate.

Allow the pie to rest for an additional 30 minutes in the fridge before serving.

Nutrition Information:

A YIELD: 8 . SERVING SIZE: 1 slice

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