5 of The Best Beers In North Korea – If You Ever Visit!

What is the best beer from North Korea? The most popular beer in North Korea Taedonggang is a bit superior to Cass and is even the top-selling beer around the globe.

It’s the microbreweries and dark beer market that North Korea outshines its neighboring countries, with a variety of restaurants and bars making incredible beers at home that are loved by locals and tourists alike.

We’ve put together a list of the 5 best beers that you can taste in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Five top beers from North Korea and the bars which you can enjoy, without the fear of being taken to prison – I joke!

Raekwon Beer Bar Yellow

The classic pale beer, that’s quite more Moorish! It is available in Raekwon Beer Bar which is not only one of our most loved bars but also boasts one of the top selections of beer available at all bars in Pyongyang.

Yanggakdo Hotel Draft Beer

The hotel is famous because of many reasons, one of them being its famous beer. The tea house is where you can get it. This beer has been hydrating the crowds for years. A plethora of hops, and extremely energetic, sometimes it isn’t the best quality beer, it can be a bit variable.

Taedonggang Number 6

Taedonggang is famous in the world of bottled beer however they also have a bar as well as a selection of beers that are made by craft. Taedonggang 6, is their primary dark beer.

It’s extremely vibrant and tasty. This is extremely flavorful and lively. Taedonggang Restaurant is an authentic Pyongyang Pub!

KITC Mangyongdae

It is served at several of the restaurants owned by KITC, the Korean International Travel Company. This isn’t the most excellent beer available to be found in North Korea, in fact somewhat similar to Pyongyang’s beer to Carlsberg.

It’s a poor beer, but it’s inexpensive, safe, and works with most meals – so yeah, very similar to Carlsberg.

Koryo Hotel Yellow Beer

A german style Weissbier – Hefeweizen. It is full of hops, cloudy, and extremely delicious. It is probably the best draft beer you can purchase in Pyongyang. The beer is sold from the Koryo Hotel. It’s not often for travelers to stay in this however it is definitely worth the trip just to drink a pint.

My top 5 beers that you can consume in Pyongyang. It’s a difficult list to make as there is surprisingly a wide range of excellent beers that are made in Pyongyang.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that a trip to North Korea will happen in 2022 (or ever), but since they are only now starting to have a growing number of infections from Covid-19, it’s very unlikely any tour groups will be accepted into the country.

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