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What are the best Gnocchi boards? Start by deciding if you need a board set of gnocchi making equipment and if you want the option of making different kinds of pasta. Also, make sure it has vertical ridges, is constructed of wood, has an ergonomic handle, and to ensure Italian authenticity, choose an elongated paddle.

There’s something so delicious about a bowl full of fluffy light gnocchi covered in sauce. It’s a dish that is so beloved that I’ve met people who order it each and whenever they find it on the menu.

The distinctive ridges of traditional gnocchi are just one of the things which make the dish amazing.

You might think that gnocchi could be an actual pasta, it’s classified as dumplings made of potatoes.

It generally has a lovely bland taste and a gorgeous smooth texture that you could serve as a base for delicious pasta sauces and tasty toppings like cheese.

To achieve the perfect, rounded, and ridged form of the classic gnocchi, it is recommended to purchase a gnocchi board.

If you don’t have ridges in your home-cooked, Gnocchi won’t be able to keep any sauces or toppings you’ve put together to go with them.

Learn how to make use of a gnocchi board, what you should be looking for when selecting your most suitable gnocchi board, and the best boards to choose from.

When you’ve found the perfect gnocchi board, you’ll soon be in a position to create homemade gnocchi just like a pro!

Gnocchi on a gnocchi board. Credit: Unsplash
Gnocchi on a gnocchi board. Credit: Unsplash

The Best Gnocchi Boards

If you’ve figured out what to look for in the best gnocchi boards you can browse the following options to locate the best one for your needs for making dumplings and your budget.

Gnocchi BoardsBest Feature
Patelai 4 Piece Gnocchi Board SetBest overall gnocchi board.
Deliqo Gnocchi & Cavatelli Maker Board Kitchen SetIncludes a stainless steel potato masher.
Gaucho Market Rounded Gnocchi BoardAuthentic rounded shape.
Qualiteia Gnocchi Board Set for Rolling DoughMade from sustainable bamboo wood.
Crafted Home Goods Walnut Gnocchi Board – Hand Crafted in USAMade from beautiful dark walnut wood.
Yueshico Natural Gnocchi BoardsEasily storable.
Country Trading Store Co. Gnocchi Boards and Wooden Butter PaddlesComes with 2 boards.
Eppicotispai Garganelli and Gnocchi StripperMade in Italy.
Happy Sales Gnocchi PaddleGreat starter board.

1. Patelai 4 Piece Gnocchi Board Set

Patelai 4 Piece Gnocchi Board Set.
Patelai 4 Piece Gnocchi Board Set

I thought it would be nice to kick the list with some gnocchi-making kits for the event that you were required to build your kitchen appliances from scratch.

This kit is excellent because it has everything you require to make gnocchi as a pro.

The Patelai kit comes with the stainless steel ricer with three different-sized shapes based on how fine you’d like your potatoes to be riced.

It also comes with a trapezoidal baking scraper that you can cut and scrape the gnocchi dough fast and effortlessly.

The kit comes with a wood paddle with vertical ridges to make the perfect shape of gnocchi.

It has a comfortable hand to help maintain the board’s stability. It includes a dowel roll pin, allowing you to make garganelli, and other kinds of pasta.

For the cook at home who is looking for the right tools, this kit is a good option since it covers all the bases covered.

2. Deliqo Gnocchi & Cavatelli Maker Board Kitchen Set

Deliqo Gnocchi & Cavatelli Maker Board Kitchen Set
Deliqo Gnocchi & Cavatelli Board Set.

I came across a great kit from Deliqo to help get you started in making the best gnocchi in your kitchen.

As with the above kit, it comes with the potato masher made of stainless steel, which comes with 3 dimensions of inserts to ensure you can pick the ideal potato consistency.

Instead of the plastic tool for cutting and scraping, it is a bit more solid because it is made of stainless steel. It also comes with a rounded handle.

It includes a ruler embedded right inside the knife, meaning it’s as easy as it could be to gauge the size of your gnocchi.

Then, it’s got a gnocchi board made of beechwood that is adorned with vertical ridges to help you make the perfect gnocchi each time.

If you’re looking to use your board to create other pasta types like garganelli, it includes the wooden dowel used to roll it.

3. Gaucho Market Round Gnocchi Board

Gaucho Market Round Gnocchi Board
Gaucho Market Gnocchi Board.

The gnocchi board made by Gaucho Market is awarded the third spot as it’s the only item listed with a rounded form to give you the authentic Italian Gnocchi experience.

It is constructed of beechwood and comes with an easy grip so that it is steady as you move.

The ridges and grooves on this gnocchi board guarantee that you can create stunning gnocchi to hold all condiments, sauces, and other toppings.

It does not come with a wooden dowel roll pin or any other item needed. Therefore, it is recommended for those searching for an exclusive gnocchi board. You should also already have other tools like the ricer and dough cutter in your possession.

4. Qualiteia Gnocchi Board Set For Rolling Dough

I am in love with this set by Qualiteia!

4. Qualiteia Gnocchi Board Set For Rolling Dough
Qualiteia Gnocchi Board Set.

Although it doesn’t come with the potato ricer, it has the other equipment needed to make the perfect gnocchi and different kinds of pasta.

Kit is constructed out of bamboo, which is sustainable, and comes with two paddles.

These paddles have deep vertical ridges to give that perfect gnocchi-like texture. The paddles come with small hooks of leather that can hang them to make them easy for storage.

It has an artisanal dough cutting tool and a dowel roll pin to make pasta.

Because they’re made of bamboo, the products in this kit are tough yet extremely light and built to last.

It’s the best alternative for those who already own a potato ricer but seek other tools for making gnocchi, such as the dough cutter and the rolling dowel pin.

5. Wooden Gnocchi Crafted by HomeGoods

Wooden Gnocchi Crafted by HomeGoods
Wooden Gnocchi Boards.

This gnocchi-themed board by Crafted Home Goods is an excellent choice to buy as a quality gift for the cook you love.

It’s made of beautiful dark walnut wood. It also is adorned with those deep vertical ridges essential to make perfect gnocchi each time.

It also has a stunning wooden dowel in a dark walnut roll pin. While it does not include the potato ricer or dough cutter, it’s a good option for people who want to try different pasta types.

This board is constructed of sustainable and renewable American-grown walnut and is hand-crafted in America.

You should periodically make sure to season the wood using linseed oil to keep it soft and soft. If you take care of it, this is a special Gnocchi board that can last for many years.

6. Yueshico Natural Gnocchi Boards

Yueshico Natural Gnocchi Boards
Yueshico Natural Gnocchi Boards.

The traditional gnocchi board made by Yueshico is made of beechwood that is naturally grown.

Deep vertical grooves line it to ensure that you can make gorgeous gnocchi that can keep all the delicious sauces.

If you’re searching for an option with the dowel-shaped wooden rolling pin, this gnocchi board should be on your list of options.

It also comes with an optimally sized hole into the paddle, so you can store it easily and reduce the risk of loss.

Its comfortable handle makes it simple to hold your Gnocchi board and ensures the perfect roll every time.

It also has a rope-like look at the bottom of the handle, so you can put it on a hanger to store it easily. It is essential to wash it by hand to prolong the life of the beechwood.

7. Country Trading Store Co Gnocchi Boards & Wooden Butter Paddles

Country Trading Store Co Gnocchi Boards & Wooden Butter Paddles.
Country Trading Store Co Gnocchi Boards.

This option is from Country Trading Store Co and comes with two beechwood Gnocchi boards.

Double boards can be used for molds to form pats of butter or roll butter balls, butter sticks, or form buttermilk into a press.

The boards feature large vertical ridges that are perfect for shaping gnocchi and come with ergonomic handles that ensure you can confidently hold the boards while you roll.

They come with loops at the edges of the handles, so you can hang them to store them, which means they’re always easy to locate.

The gnocchi boards aren’t equipped with a dowel-shaped rolling pin, making them not the ideal choice for people who wish to explore different kinds of making pasta.

This means you receive two premium wooden gnocchi boards at an extremely affordable price.

8. Eppicotispai Garganelli & Gnocchi Stripper

Eppicotispai Garganelli & Gnocchi Stripper
Eppicotispai Garganelli & Gnocchi Board.

This gnocchi-shaped board from Eppicotispai is produced in Italy using beechwood.

It has a soft wooden handle, which is easy to hold, and the surface is padded with deep ridges so you can cook gnocchi that will absorb every drop of sauce.

It comes with a dowel roll pin, making it an excellent choice for those trying to make different pasta like garganelli.

It does not include the potato ricer or knife for cutting dough. If you require these tools, you may prefer a different kit over.

This gnocchi board is affordable and will certainly allow you to begin making beautiful gnocchi dumplings in your home’s kitchen.

9. Happy Sales Gnocchi Paddle

Happy Sales Gnocchi Paddle
Happy Sales Gnocchi Paddle.

The final gnocchi board I recommend comes from Happy Sales and is the simplest.

It is constructed from beechwood. It has distinctive vertical ridges that are essential on a gnocchi table.

It features an ergonomically-designed handle that allows you to hold it when you move securely.

It’s manufactured in Italy and has an extremely affordable price, making it a good option for people who are just beginning and looking to make their own Gnocchi.

The choice isn’t accompanied by the dowel-shaped rolling pin made of wood. Therefore, if you’re looking to use your board for various pasta, you might want to consider an alternative on this listing.

It’s an affordable starting point for anyone interested in making Gnocchi.

How To Use Gnocchi Boards

If you’re looking to create your own gnocchi from scratch at the convenience of your own at home, then purchase a gnocchi board, also known as a Rigagnocchi.

They’re not super expensive, but they could make your gnocchi go From amateur-level to expert in just one simple step.

The boards are typically constructed from wood with a few ridges that extend lengthwise along the entire board. There is also a handle at one end so that you can hold the board in place as you build.

When you roll your gnocchi along the board, you’ll leave an impression with the ridges and also your hands over the pasta. This will hold the sauce and other toppings.

To create the ridges of the gnocchi, which will let the sauce adhere to the tiny dumplings to give it the best flavor, you’ll need to make use of a gnocchi board to create your dough.

It may take some effort and patience to master the art of rolling your dumplings. If you’re persistent in working at it, you’ll soon become an expert at gnocchi!

Use these instructions to begin making your own Gnocchi:

  1. Once you’ve created your dough, you can roll it into thin, long ropes that are around 1/2 1 inch thick.
  2. Cut the dough ropes into smaller pieces about 1/2-inch long
  3. Make sure your board is held at an angle of 30-45 degrees. You will likely need to grip the table using your other hand to allow you to roll the dough using your dominant thumb. However, you may try various methods to find the most effective method.
  4. Sprinkle the gnocchi board lightly with flour to keep the Gnocchi dough from sticking while you roll it.
  5. Then, utilize your thumb to gently roll the dough on the gnocchi board to ensure it is completely covered by the creases of the board, while the other side is gently pressed into the board by force on your fingers.
  6. Put them on the side until you’ve rolled all your gnocchi, and then transfer to a salted pan of lightly boiling water.
  7. Once the gnocchi rises to the top, they’re cooked. Scoop them up and serve them off with the sauce you prefer and toppings.

As you will see, once you’ve bought the gnocchi board and created your dough, and rolled it out, creating the cool small ridged shapes is simple as it gets.

The below boards have all been selected due to their deep vertical grooves providing the perfect Gnocchi texture.

How To Choose A Gnocchi Board

When it comes down to picking the most suitable gnocchi board to create this deliciously soft dumpling, there are a few points to be aware of.

Read the guide below to help you select the top gnocchi boards that fit your budget and dumpling-making needs.

Choose if You Want Only The Board or a Gnocchi-Making Set

If you’re looking to make Gnocchi at home, you’ll require various tools to accomplish the task. These are:

  • A potato ricer. If you want to achieve the soft, soft texture of real gnocchi, purchase the potato ricer. It gives cooked potatoes the perfect texture to make Gnocchi.
  • The dough cutter. If you own an at-home pizza cutter, you can use it. However, a dough knife will assist you to quickly and evenly cutting through the dough ropes for gnocchi, creating the perfect-sized dumplings.
  • A small wooden dowEL rolling pin. This pin isn’t required for making gnocchi, and should you wish to use your gnocchi board to create other kinds of pasta like garganelli. It’s a fantastic option.
  • The wooden Gnocchi board. This is the most important part of the event. The long paddle of wood with grooves in the vertical direction is used to roll the gnocchi to form the unique shape that holds every drop of sauce.

If your kitchen already has other tools, you can purchase just the board and cook.

If you’re beginning from the beginning and don’t have one of these tools, It’s worth spending an additional few dollars on getting the entire setup.

Making Other Types of Pasta

I’m sure Gnocchi isn’t technically pasta, but we will accept it as is for simplicity’s sake.

If you’re planning to invest in a gnocchi board, you might want to consider whether you’ll be making different kinds of pasta, like garganelli.

If you plan to make this fascinating pasta, you’ll be looking to buy a gnocchi board with a dowel roll pin.

It is necessary to create the particular design of garganelli by rolling out the dough along the board and then around the dowl.

I’ve provided several boards in this pin to ensure that you can step beyond your comfort zone when it comes to pasta making and experiment with new techniques and shapes!

Make Sure That Your Board has Vertical Ridges

The most prominent aspect of a gnocchi grater can be seen in the vertical grooves that stretch from end to end. These ridges are what give your gnocchi indentations to hold the yummy sauces and other toppings.

If you don’t have these grooves, you could still cook delicious gnocchi. It will not hold cheese or sauce either.

Buy Boards Using Wood Like Beechwood, Bamboo, Or Walnut

Gnocchi boards made of wood are the most popular choice for home cooks as well as chefs all over the world due to two reasons.

They’re usually non-stick and provide your gnocchi dumplings with an ideal texture. Wooden boards are free of BPA and other chemicals commonly used in plastic kitchen utensils.

Find A Handle

Ensure that your gnocchi cooking experience is as smooth and effortless as you can ensure that your gnocchi maker has an ergonomic handle to hold.

Most paddles listed here have an ergonomic wooden handle, making it easier to keep the board steady.

The board will be held at an angle as you roll out your dough, so it’s essential to ensure that you have something to keep hold it in place when you’re rolling.

Find A Rounded Shape

These paddles are difficult to locate outside of Italy. However, I could locate one Gnocchi paddle with a round shape so that you can get the most authentically-shaped dumplings you can get.

It’s not going to make any significant distinction in terms of flavor as well as texture. But it does provide a taste of Italian authenticity in the kitchen.

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