The Best Pizza In Belfast – Ultimate Guide [2023]

Where is the best pizza restaurant in Belfast? Well, you are lucky I’ve visited Belfast numerous times and have had the pleasure of trying several of the best pizza spots Belfast has to offer. From Pizza Punks to Little Wing Pizzeria, there are tonnes more independent pizzerias serving up some of the best pizzas you’ll ever taste!

Belfast is a lovely city that is located in Northern Ireland. It’s not just one of the cities that is the capital of Northern Ireland, but it’s the largest city. It is also known as Belfast as the city that designed the famous Titanic that hit an iceberg before sinking in 1912. There’s actually a well-known museum that commemorates this tragic date.

Nowadays, the city is popular for its landscape as well as museums and pubs. What about eating out? You’ll be happy to know that Belfast is home to a wide variety of the best pizzerias.

If you live in Belfast or visiting the picturesque city for the very first time, we’ve created the top pizzerias worth stopping by for a bite – to sit in or takeaway!

If you are expecting to see Dominos or Pizza Hut, you’ll be happy to hear they aren’t included!

Read on to find out more about the best pizza in Belfast in 2022!

1. Pizza Punks

Pizza Punks is open Monday through Sunday, 12 pm-10 pm. The restaurant opened the week before I arrived in Belfast in 2018, you’ll find it slap bang in the middle of Belfast’s busy city center.

The pizza restaurant is worthy of a spot on this list due to the fact that they don’t abide by rules. They’re not afraid to give their customers precisely what they want, whether it’s macaroni and cheese served on their pizzas or something as basic as pepperoni.

Pizza Punks, Belfast

Famous for their famous pizzas made from sourdough, customers are able to personalize their pizzas with any toppings they wish without extra charge. Take a slice of Margherita from the traditional menu or something a bit more unique such as chili chocolate pulled beef pizza.

When you look over their offerings, you’ll see that the options are limitless.

Not to mention they have a killer music playlist that creates an awesome atmosphere – you’re guaranteed to enjoy eating pizza here and could probably become a favorite!

2. Tony Macaroni

Tony Macaroni is open Sunday through Thursday from 12 pm to 9:30 at night and Friday and Saturday from 12 pm-10 midnight. They offer vegan and vegetarian alternatives, along with gluten-free and vegetarian meals.

They opened their doors in 2007, and they have been in business for longer playing as compared to Pizza Punks. We’re a big fan of Tony Mac because of their five menus. They’ve expanded their menus to cater to any age group – whether children or adults!

Tony Macaroni, Belfast

The menu is diverse, from burgers, and pizza, or pasta. When guests are finished with an excellent dinner you can finish it off with authentic Italian Ice cream or similar dessert.

In addition to their numerous menu options, guests also have access to Tony’s newsletter and Tony TV, which keeps current on any promotions, specials, or contests!

Tony Macaroni doesn’t fall short in terms of entertainment, and you shouldn’t also be disappointed in the way of enjoying a delicious dinner.

3. Little Wing Pizzeria

Little Wing Pizzeria is open from Monday through Wednesday, 11 am to 10 pm, and Thursday to Saturday from 11 am to 11 midnight. It’s been open since 2010 and numerous stores have been built around its Belfast location on Lisburn Rd.

Customers can take a bite in Little Wing after a long day of shopping. There is no better way to wrap your shopping spree than filling your mouth with delicious pizza.

Little Wing Pizzeria, Belfast

In addition to its fantastic location, it’s hard to beat the atmosphere in this restaurant. The customers can relish delicious pizzas and a spectacular environment that is suitable for kids as well as adults.

The restaurant is open all night on Saturdays, which makes it an ideal time to enjoy an alcoholic drink with family and friends.

4. Marcus Wand

Marcus Wand is a great place to eat. Marcus Wand is open Wednesday until Saturday 12 pm-1 am and Sunday from 1 pm until 12 am. The Marcus Wand was chosen to be among our best Belfast pizza restaurants due to its delicious food, incredible cocktails, and live entertainment.

This is the ideal spot to find an eatery that’s open late.

Marcus Wand, Belfast

Additionally, the menu choices on offer at The Marcus Wand are far from being basic. It is possible to enjoy delicious starters such as grilled halloumi lollipops, or popcorn made from pork. If you’re looking for pizza, there are a variety of choices, including the Bumblebee pizza that is comprised of vegan mozzarella, chili along with agave, jackfruit, and chili (a fantastic option for vegans).

If you’re not looking for pizza, you’ll be able to enjoy a juicy hamburger!

5. Scalini

Scalini is an Italian family-owned pizzeria restaurant located in the heart of South Belfast, within walking distance to Queen’s University and Botanic Gardens. Scalini is open Monday to Thursday 5 pm – 10 pm and Friday to Sunday 5 pm – 11 pm.

Since its opening in 2001, the restaurant has gained popularity and has become one of Belfast’s top Italian dining establishments and is perfect for first dates, family dinners, and catchups over pizza or pasta.

Scalini Belfast

“Scalini” as a word in Italian is a reference to steps, which can be seen on the miniature trip to the table since the restaurant has been carefully designed across multiple levels – each having its own unique character.

From the laid-back, family atmosphere, to the delicious and fresh food, this is where you should go in Belfast for an authentic Italian experience and one of the best pizzas in Belfast!

6. Reggies Stone Fired Pizza

Reggies Stone Fired Pizza, Belfast

7. Greens Pizza

Greens Pizza Belfast

Summary of The Best Pizza In Belfast

There you have it, the 5 best pizza places in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We’re sure you will be more than satisfied with one of our pizza restaurants mentioned above.

Pizza Punks is a great option when all you want is pizza. They offer many options to choose from! Tony Macaroni is a great option for people who don’t like eating out, as they offer a variety of items on their menu ranging from pizza to pasta, to hamburgers. Little Wing Pizzeria offers an ideal spot for guests to enjoy a delicious meal prior to or following their shop. Finally, The Marcus Wand is ideal for late-night dinners with friends or family!

Whatever you’re feeling for, there are pizzerias in Belfast for all tastes.

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