The Best Pizza In Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Ultimate Guide [2023]

Where can you find the most delicious pizzas at the best price in Phnom Penh? The answer is simple Brooklyn Pizza and Bistro on Street 123! It’s also the top all-you-can-eat wings in the capital, however, we’ll deal with the ice in the future.

Phnom Penh is great for a variety of things, however, pizza isn’t always one of them. It is the Pizza Company is the most loved franchise by locals, however, they’re quite bad. Some decent places serve decent pizza, including one that we’ve rated as the top “Roman Pizza”, but very few are truly amazing locations.

Who Serves The Most Delicious Pizza?

This brings us to the issue of which countries produce the most delicious pizza! I had a brief stint writing about street food in Roma and I’ve been there. Rome invented pizza, and therefore can easily claim to be the most delicious. It is possible to argue it is the case that Brooklyn, as well as New York, have fine-tuned this pizza to an entirely different level.

The Phnom Penh Pizza Scene

As we’ve said before, it’s not the greatest however, Pizza Hut is going to be the latest franchise to be introduced to the US, which is ironically close to Brooklyn Pizza on Street 123. Oddly enough, even though Pizza Hut is considered more fast food in the west In the east, it is considered to be gourmet dining. Several times, I’ve been offered a meal at Pizza Hut in China, and served wine in a glass with a lid and often with Ice.

Phnom Penh, however, is extremely western-focused, which means that making a decent pizza is not difficult, however, it’s finding a fantastic one that’s hard.

What Is The Best Pizza In Phnom Penh?

The most delicious pizza you can get in Phnom Penh is at Brooklyn Pizza and Bistro or, more simply, Brooklyn Restaurant and this is because of a variety of factors. It is priced competitively and beats all the other places such as the Pizza company. The restaurant has a big old meat pizza that sets that cost just 12 dollars.

The quality is also evident during the subsequent eating test. We are all in love with pizza the next day, as well. Brooklyn Pizza reheats well the next day, which is a big plus for us.

Where Are The Best Pizza Places Located In Phnom Penh

For the top pizza place for pizza in Phnom Penh, you also need to be in a good location which is why these folks are close to the action. They are right close to Ruby’s, which aside from being the top wings you can eat is also offering an all-you-drink $15 beer event taking place.

Then last but not least, the owners are nice people. Great food gets a tad sloppy when treated by rude owners and staff. Brooklyn Pizza has great people and is the best pizza that you can find in Phnom Penh, and this means they are all rated as good by us!

*Last updated and verified on February 8th, 2023 by our editorial team.

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