Best Sugar-Free Pasta Sauces – Guide [2023]

What are the best sugar-free made pasta sauces?

The best sugar-free pasta sauces contain lower than four grams of sugar and are low in sodium and are made with top-quality ingredients.

A homemade pasta sauce can be delicious and filling however it can take as long as one day to make! It’s good news that there are canned pasta sauces available that are an excellent substitute for homemade ones.

In the last couple of years, the quality of pasta sauce in jars has significantly improved There are now a lot of flavor options and brands, and they’re easily accessible.

Fortunately that these pasta sauces in jars aren’t just delicious, they will also assist you when you’re trying to put together a simple, quick, and nutritious food in just a few minutes.

Read on to find out the qualities that make a supermarket pasta sauce worth purchasing and why the ingredients used in pasta sauce are important and a ranked listing of the five best pasta sauces that aren’t sugar-sweetened available.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Jarred Pasta Sauce

Although we’d like to cook up a homemade pasta sauce when we feel like it’s not realistic.

With such premium sauces available making your sauce is not as essential, especially when you’re trying to make an easy and quick meal.

There are however some important aspects to take into consideration when buying tomatoes from a store. These include:

Sugar Content

One of the main problems with many canned pasta sauces that are sold in stores can be the sugar content they have.

The occasional tomatoes can be very acidic and may require a small amount of sugar to make this sauce in your kitchen.

The issue is that it is impossible to regulate the amount of sugar in a jar bought from the store the way you control it at home.

Sometimes, these store-bought pasta sauces contain nearly 12g of sugar in each serving, with 4 grams of sugar added. In real life, this amount of sugar may not be required to make a great-tasting sauce.

If you are buying pasta sauce be sure you examine both the nutrition label and the ingredient list to see if there is any additional sugar.

Naturally occurring sugar in the tomatoes is common, however, when you’re trying to stay away from the addition of sugar to your diet, look in the bottle to discover what else is added!


Another ingredient that can get into a variety of foods including the jarred spaghetti sauce is sodium.

A lot of pasta sauces, as well as other foods, too are often high in sodium.

If you’re looking to cut down on sodium content within your food, search for pasta sauces that contain very low sodium levels! Remember, you can always add salt to your sauces, but you can’t take them out, especially in the case of prepackaged sauces!

Ingredient List

The final thing to take into consideration before buying sauce for pasta sauce will be the list of ingredients.

To get the highest quality and delicious pasta sauce is recommended to search for brands that utilize top-quality ingredients and tomatoes, and do not depend on any extra preservatives that are added to the sauces they make.

Best Sugar-Free Pasta Sauces Pasta Sauces With No Added Sugar

For your convenience, this list of the 5 most popular pasta sauces with no sugar added!

SortProductThe Best Features
1.Yo Mama’s Original Marinara SauceGreat overall sugar-free pasta sauce
2.Rao’s MarinaraNo preservatives added
3.Hoboken Farms Basil Marinara Gourmet SauceDelicious basil flavor
4.Primal Kitchen Alfredo SauceAmazing Alfredo sauce option
5.Barilla The Rustic Basil PestoGreat basil pesto option

1. Yo Mama’s Original Marinara Sauce

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Yo Mama’s Marinara is the finest marinara sauce that is jarred available.

The list of ingredients of Yo Mama’s marinara is very simple, with only 9 ingredients.

They comprise non-GMO onions, tomatoes garlic white wine poultry stock, olive oil oregano, basil, and even pepper.

Yo Mama promises to provide the freshest ingredients and will certainly deliver. You can smell the freshness of tomatoes in this delicious and delicious sauce.

In addition to white wine, Yo Mama’s marinara is extremely homemade.

This is a healthy choice with just the sugar content of 2g and only 6percent of the daily amount from sodium.

This sauce can be used in many different diets and lifestyles like keto and paleo. diet.

2. Rao’s Marinara

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Rao’s marinara is an excellent alternative for those seeking a classic marinara sauce. Rao’s is among the most popular pasta sauce brands available on the market.

The sole ingredients in this sauce include tomatoes that have been peeled and whole as well as olive oil, onions salt, garlic, black pepper, basil as well as oregano–that’s it!

Since Rao’s marinara is made with top-quality ingredients, both sugar and sodium amount are suitable for consumption.

The sodium level is 18 percent of the daily amount in comparison to other sauces is very acceptable.

Without added sugar, Rao’s marinara is just four grams of sugar in one serving and all of it is made from premium ingredients.

The sauce is fresh and tasty, and acceptable for those who are vegetarian or vegan or who adhere to the keto, whole30, as well as paleo.

3. Hoboken Farms Basil Marinara Gourmet Sauce

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If you’re in search of marinara sauce that adds an extra zing This Hoboken Farms Basil Marinara is the perfect choice for you.

In the bottle, you will see little basil in other marinara’s bottles, in the Hoboken Farms bottle, it’s much more obvious.

Hoboken Farms Basil Marinara Hoboken Farms Basil Marinara also doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives and it has just three grams of sugar, and 13 percent of the daily amount in sodium.

Another advantage of purchasing this sauce for pasta is the fact that it is made on a small farm run by a family-owned located in Hoboken. If you buy this pasta, you’ll be able to help the family!

Hoboken Farms Basil Marinara is also vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, Keto, and Whole30-friendly.

4. Primal Kitchen Alfredo Sauce

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If marinara doesn’t appeal to you and you’re seeking a nutritious alfredo sauce Primal Kitchen is the brand that is right for you.

The most significant benefit of Primal Kitchens Alfredo sauce is the fact that it doesn’t contain any dairy whatsoever.

But, it is rich and has that cheesy taste that you would expect when eating an alfredo-style sauce.

The ingredient list is easy to follow, containing cashew butter, water as well as tapioca starch, the oil of avocado, sea salt onion powder, garlic that has been roasted the juice of a lemon, pepper citric acid along with nutritional yeast.

Although it might appear to be an odd selection of ingredients, when you consider the added ingredients Primal Kitchen’s Alfredo Sauce contains very little sugar, weighing in under 1 gram sugar.

Additionally, it contains only 15 percent of the daily allowance of sodium Alfredo sauce is a great choice for those looking for an alternative that is healthier than the delicious sauce.

Alfredo sauce from Primal Kitchen is vegan, and vegetarian and is suitable for those following the paleo diet.

5. Barilla Rustic Basil Pesto

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If alfredo or marinara is the flavor you’re seeking This Barilla Rustic Basil Pesto could be a great sugar-free option for you.

The ingredients are fairly easy to make.

It is prepared with basil and sunflower oil, as well as garlic, spinach Grana Padano cheese Cashews and potato flakes Pecorino roman, yeast, lactic acid, and extract.

In comparison to other sauces on the list, this one isn’t so “natural.”

It’s also the only sauce that isn’t vegan-friendly however it does have some more sodium content of 20 percent of the daily requirement. But, what makes it stand out is its absence of sugar, as it contains no sugar that is the smallest on the list.

Therefore, if for some reason, sugar content is essential to your health and nutritional requirements, or marinara or alfredo sauces don’t suit your needs then this Barilla Basil pesto recipe is a great choice.

Interesting Facts & Questions

After having reviewed the top pasta sauces that aren’t sweet, let’s explore a few questions related to the topic!

What’s The Best Method To Cook Canned Pasta Sauce?

To ensure the freshness and flavor that comes from this sauce, it is recommended to cook it on the stove or in a pot. It is important to heat the sauce before adding it to the pasta to maximize the flavor.

It is also recommended to make sure to only use a microwave if there is a need to speed up the process. Making pasta sauce in a microwave can destroy the texture and flavor of the sauce. Make sure to melt parmesan into your sauce for extra richness.

How long Will The Pasta Sauce In Jars last?

Jarred pasta sauces can last between 6 months and one year in the pantry. However, all sauces are expiring on their jars. Be sure to follow the date, not when you bought the sauce.

In the refrigerator, open pasta sauce will last for 7 to 7 days. It is also possible to freeze any leftover sauce in the freezer for around six months.

Be sure to mark your pasta sauce both in your freezer and fridge to ensure you don’t forget the date of opening.

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