The Best Toppings For Boba – Ultimate Taste Guide

What are the best toppings for Boba? The most suitable toppings for boba are pearls such as agar-agar and tapioca pearls, jelly chunks, puddings popping boba, milk, cheese foam beans, basil, and Chia seeds, along with frozen ice cream and whipped cream.

Boba also known as bubble tea, is an Asian beverage that is now very popular all over the world, and I’m glad I found out what boba tea is after traveling around Asia! The chewy tapioca balls are my favorite part. I usually get mine with ice cream and chocolate flakes. Boba tea is definitely a treat that I enjoy at least once a week!

With all the boba spots, you can encounter a myriad of new Boba tea flavors, with different flavors and toppings popping up often.

It is possible to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of toppings available from at boba restaurants. Which are the best ones to try?

Read on to learn more about these toppings for boba and the one you should choose the next time you sip bubble tea!

What is Boba?

Boba is the brand name given to describe a popular Taiwanese beverage called bubble tea. Although bubble tea was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s it began to gain recognition in the US as early as the 2000s.

The term “boba” itself is a bit complicated. It is one thing that it’s another name for bubble tea. However, the word “boba” could refer to the tapioca balls used in the beverage.

The dark pearls are that you can find in Boba tea. They are chewy and very sweet. However, it is important to note that they come in various other flavors and colors too.

A traditional Boba drink is made up of the following components: tapioca pearls (or pearls made from other ingredients) as well as black tea, milk as well as ingredient to sweeten it.

Drinks are chilled using Ice and come with a large straw. This is essential since the straw must be large enough to allow the pearls to flow through it.

While boba is typically used to describe bubble tea, thought is more like sweet pearls that can be added to other drinks.

The Best Toppings To For Boba

With the rising popularity of teas with bubbles, you can find a variety of combinations of boba flavors you can test.

The traditional topping of bubble tea is chewy pearls of course. Nowadays, every restaurant that serves bubble tea has Boba, along with a variety of intriguing additions.

What are the top toppings for Boba? Here are nine choices you can choose from!

1. Pearls

Pearls are the chewy bubbles in bubble tea and are the most popular toppings for the drink. There’s no bubble tea that isn’t adorned with pearls.

The majority of the time, these pearls are made from tapioca. Pure tapioca pearls consist of two elements: tapioca starch and water.

Due to the chewy consistency that the pearls have, you might believe that there is gelatin inside the tapioca balls as well. This is due to tapioca starch.

The tapioca balls made from two ingredients do not taste any different. They are sometimes placed in syrups like honey or other syrups to make them taste sweet.

A different kind of tapioca pearls are dark brown Boba pearls. These pearls that are dark brown are sweeter due because of the brown sugar that is used in their production.

Tapioca pearls are available in a variety of colors and flavors. Golden pearls from tapioca, green tea, and boba pearls with fruit flavors are just a few options that you could see in cafes that serve boba.

Apart from tapioca pearls the boba establishments may also employ pearl toppings that are made from other ingredients. Sweet potato boba pearls are just one of the possibilities.

Agar-agar pearls are topper made of the powder of agar. It is the primary ingredient in the production of these pearls and is also the reason for the crystal like appearance.

Boba pearls made from agar are also referred to as crystal Boba.

Crystal boba’s texture can be more delicate, jelly-like in comparison to the chewy tapioca ball. It is however delicious and delicately floral.

If you’ve never tried bubble tea, it is a good idea to add boba pearls to your drink since it’s the most effective way to experience the authentic taste that bubble tea has. Whatever pearls are added to your beverage, they must be soft and soft.

2. Pudding

Puddings are a great addition for Boba.

Egg pudding may appear to be a strange addition to bubble tea.

If you’re seeking an exciting new flavor to your boba, having it with egg pudding is something you must try. Egg pudding is now among the top sought-after bubbly tea flavors.

Egg pudding isn’t created exclusively from eggs as one might imagine. It is made from whole and lactose-free dairy milk as well as dairy-free creamer and sugar.

When discussing the texture of puddings which can be added in bubble tea and other special drinks It is important to note that it isn’t the texture of puddings that resembles jello that we’re used to.

The puddings that are served to enhance drinks are very delicate in consistency because they have to be pushed through straws.

Boba puddings could come in various flavors, including Matcha Pudding, Coffee-flavored Dessert and more!

The most well-known flavor is egg pudding. Certain boba establishments also call it custard pudding. Don’t get lost when placing an order.

It’s important to know that if you do not like the eggy taste of these puddings, we strongly suggest topping your bubble tea with matcha pudding or other pudding that is flavored.

The addition of flavors takes away the eggy taste the pudding. It can be somewhat unpleasant if it’s overly heavy.

3. Jelly

Jelly can be a great topping for boba if would like adding some texture your drink.

There are many jelly types to pick from. The most well-known jelly toppings include the rainbow jelly and aiyu, coconut jelly or grass jelly.

The name of the product isn’t an appealing name. The truth is that it has an herbal, grassy flavor and it is a popular choice for people.

The Grass jelly is made from herbs like Chinese mesona. The consistency of the jelly is more like pudding consistency , which is why it is scooped into huge chunks rather than cut.

If you’re in Asia there is a chance likely that you’ll discover coconut jelly on the jelly flavor list. The coconut jelly can be a very popular food ingredient used found in Asian desserts.

Also known as Nata de Cocothis jelly is produced by fermentation of coconut water. It is a chewy and transparent jelly. The coconut jelly is color-changing by using food coloring, too.

Coconut jelly, as with other jelly varieties is cut into pieces and then used to make a delicious topping for the milk-based bubble tea.

Lychee jelly is a kind of Chinese jelly dessert that is made from coconut water. It also has the lychee fruit as well as agar powder for the jiggly texture.

The chunks of lychee jelly provide the drink with a delicious chewy texture. the drink even though the fruity flavor that is clashing with the milk might cause some to become overwhelmed.

Rainbow jelly is made with the coconut water as its base. However, the texture of this jelly is more bouncy than coconut jelly.

Other jelly toppings for Boba are also readily available such as mango green apple strawberry, passion fruit, pineapple or even coffee.

4. Popping Boba

As if the feel of regular boba wasn’t enough the people have created pop Boba. They are more intriguing than the regular Boba.

The shape of a popping boba is similar to the regular boba shape.

The differentiator lies in the fact the fact that it is the soft jelly-like liquid within each boba’s pop-up pearl. A gentle chew will cause them to explode and fill your mouth with plenty of flavor.

The popping boba can be found in many flavors. Watermelon, passion fruit mango, strawberry–popping pearls of boba are filled with vibrant syrups. Popping boba pearls using tea and coffee-flavored pop pearls are also very popular.

You can purchase an jar of pop Boba to add flavor to your drink of choice. You can also make pop Boba pearls yourself.

However, the procedure of making your own pop bobas is very complicated, both in terms of getting the right ingredients and the time required to create the pearls.

To create the appealing texture of these pearls manufacturers employ two food ingredients: Calcium salt as well as sodium alginate..

We recommend the option of popping boba to make toppings for your boba, if you find the regular tapioca pearls too dense and chewy for your taste.

Furthermore, a boba-popping snack is less calorific that tapioca daiquiri. In contrast to its more starchy cousins, the boba pop contains just 30 calories for each serving.

5. Foam

If you’re not sure whether to add any toppings to your boba drink since you don’t want it to affect the texture of the drink, but getting an extra flavour is the thing you’re looking for You can opt for the foam topping.

The most well-known foam topping for Boba can be the milk foam. Milk foam is foam that is aerated and fluffy, similar to the coffee foam that is added to it.

Milk foam is so soft that it is not like other boba toppings, it doesn’t stray from the drink. You can mix it into your drink for a milk’s mild flavor to your drink as well as the creaminess.

One interesting idea is to add cheese mousse into your favorite boba beverage. You might believe it’s odd that cheese and tea don’t go well together. However, you won’t know what your feelings are about this combo until you attempt.

In terms of flavor, cheese foam has a blend of flavors. It’s salty, sweet, smooth, and of course, cheese!

Foam toppings typically go well with all sorts of boba drinks, creating some of the most enjoyable drinks to pair with teas of lighter strength.

An excellent tip to keep in mind when you order boba drinks and foam-topped drinks is to drink it with a straw before drinking. This will give you one full mouthful from both your drink as well as the foam.

6. Beans

You read it right. Beans can be used as a topping for boba , too. Although there are many opinions about bean toppings to bubble tea, some are a fan.

You’re probably wondering the taste of beans when you eat Boba. Let’s begin by saying that the beans that are used to make boba aren’t the kind of beans you would eat at dinner.

Mung beans are tiny green beans that are sweetened to create an amazing sweet topping for desserts and drinks.

In addition to the sweetness beans are a great addition to drinks like boba They also provide earthy notes. It’s the consistency of green and red sweetened beans that make the beans an unpopular boba topping.

Many complain that sweetened beans are dry and grainy.

One thing that could cause you to choose beans as a topping to your boba is they are more nutritious than the other toppings listed in this list.

Beans are an excellent source of protein and fiber , which isn’t something we could say about pearls, jellies or popping bubbles.

7. Basil & Chia Seeds

Chia seeds and basil seeds are very alike in a few aspects. Both have an excellent nutritional value, and they look like each other. However, basil seeds are black, while chia seeds are in several shades, which include brown, black gray, white, and black.

When the seeds are submerged within liquid, they form an opaque, slimy topping. The seeds, however remain firm in the center.

A mix of chia seeds or basil in your boba drink provides a new layer of texture and contrasts with the chewiness of tapioca pearls.

Because of their unique texture, the basil and chia seeds aren’t so popular with Boba drinkers. However, some drinkers do enjoy the chewy and gelatinous taste they add to the drink as well as their numerous health benefits that they provide.

Chia seeds, or basil, are the most commonly used ingredients to make boba teas that are fruity.

8. Creamy Whipped Cream

There is no way to miss whip cream. It’s a wonderful topping for all kinds of cold and hot drinks. It’s not an the only one.

The cream that you whip is soft and thick. It has the right level of sweetness that won’t alter the taste of your beverage.

Whipped cream is a fantastic topping for drinks made with coffee that have pearls from boba. It also works well with a variety of bubble teas.

Certain of the toppings on this list might be difficult to find, like Asian jellies and pop Boba. Cream that is whipped is very simple to prepare. Try it the next time you prepare bubble tea from scratch. You can also add sprinkles and make the experience more enjoyable too.

9. Ice Cream

Not to be left out the ice cream option is a fantastic topping to serve with Boba tea. It’s one of the safest toppings to pick. The good thing is, you can be sure that you’ll be awed by it since topping your desserts with Ice cream is always a good idea.

There are many flavors to pick from when it comes to using ice cream for a boba topping. If you’re in an establishment that sells both boba drinks as well as Ice cream, you can have your drink with ice cream topped with an ice cream ball that you like. flavor of ice cream.

It is possible to melt the cream in the beverage, or you can consume it as a dessert and then enjoy your drink.

In reality, you could find yourself enjoying the combo of the ice cream and the boba pearls enough that you might begin topping your ice cream with boba pearls!

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