Best Under-The-Cabinet Can Openers [2023]

What are the best under-cabinet can openers?

The most effective under-cabinet can opener should be one that will fit into the kitchen well and can fit underneath a cabinet within your kitchen in a snap. It should last for a long time and be robust, and more important is that it opens cans with clean cuts.

Space-saving kitchen appliances are essential for kitchens both small and large however if you’re extremely limited in space, you’ll have to pick the right kitchen appliances.

One kitchen appliance that can save you space is an under-cabinet can opener. The can opener is placed under the counter or in a similar spot in the kitchen. It doesn’t take up any space in the counter or drawer for storage.

Selecting the right under-cabinet opener that is suitable for kitchen use is going to require some consideration and research, so continue going to discover what you need to consider when choosing the best one for your needs, and take a look at some of the top under-cabinet can openers available on the market!

Overview of The Best Under-The-Cabinet Can Openers

Here are some of the things to look out for and study with the under-cabinet can opener that you’re looking to buy. These tips will assist you in choosing an opener for your can that is the perfect fit for the kitchen!

1. Effectiveness

The first thing to be looking for is how effective the under-cabinet can opener is in opening cans. There’s no need to buy one that is more stressful than its value!

There are a few factors that would be the determining factor and a few things, but high-quality well-reviewed, and well-reviewed can openers are certain winners. You can be certain they’ll open cans quickly and without any hassle or mess.

2. Easy Of Use

It isn’t necessary to have an under-cabinet can opener that is difficult to operate. It should be easy and simple to use and be capable of opening a can in a brief period. There’s no need to use complicated steps and buttons, clips, and handles that make opening the can more complicated than it is!

3. Manual Vs. Electric

Select the kind of under-the-cabinet can opener you’d prefer to make use of. So would you rather have a manual opener that you have to use the handle to open the container, or do you prefer an electronic one that does all of it for you?

Both work great and both are effective, but it all comes back to cost (electric can openers can be slightly more costly) and also the way you like to open cans!

4. Strength and Durability

If you have an under-cabinet opener inside your kitchen you would not want to remove it and replace it within only a couple of months. It is worth it to pick a long-lasting under-cabinet can opener that will stay within your kitchen for many years.

Also, you should look for an opener for cans that comes with a guarantee or warranty which means that if something does occur with the opener you’ll have an option to rely on.

A significant amount of effort and work is required to open cans using an under cabinet can opener, which is why you must ensure that the opener you select is durable and sturdy and isn’t fragile and susceptible to breaking easily.

The can opener under the cabinet should also be user-friendly and strong enough to support its weight without the container falling from the bottom of the cabinet or falling over.

5. Modalities For Mounting

There are a few under-cabinet can openers that simply mount using screws, however, there are some which require mounting using double-sided tape or a very sticky surface that you apply to the cabinet’s underside.

6. Rust-Resistance

To ensure that the opener is as corrosion-resistant as you can, select one with the stainless steel blades. These are not just durable against rust but also cleaner also and that is something to consider when selecting a kitchen appliance.

7. Ease Of Cleaning

The can opener is likely to be located under the cabinet It is essential to ensure that it’s easy to clean. When opening a can liquids, juices, and food particles can spill over or get in contact with the blade. This must be cleaned.

8. Smooth Cuts

It is safer to select an opener for cans that can open the can, leaving smooth edges that aren’t likely to harm your fingers. Can openers of good quality can cut open cans without leaving sharp edges that could be hazardous to your fingers.

If you are able, opt for an under-cabinet opener that cuts through the sides of your can in place of its top.

This is the time when the wheel of metal is placed underneath the lid’s lip that is outside and the entire inside of the lid gets removed and the wheel doesn’t come to contact with any food contained in the container, and the possibility of cross-contamination decreases.

The Best Under-The Cabinet Can Openers

With the above factors in mind, take note of the following 11 top can openers under the cabinet which will not only allow you to make space in your kitchen but also will allow you to open cans cleanly within a matter of minutes.

You’re sure to find the ideal can opener for under the cabinet from the following list!

The RankProductKey Features
1.Swing-A-Way Wall Mount OpenerMetal is durable, with 3 locking positions Lid magnet
2.Black + Decker Multipurpose Can OpenerBag cutter, bottle opener, knife sharpener
3.Black + Decker Spacemaker Can OpenerSharpener for knives and bottle opener included
4.KitchenCraft Swing-A-Way Opener for CansHand crank Small, reliable magnetic lift
5.Black + Decker Under-Counter Can OpenerCuts and lifts the top to open the door.
6.The Space Saver Electrical Can OpenerDishwasher-safe cutting board, automated
7.Black + Decker Spacemaker Under-Counter Can OpenerElectricity, automatic shut-off sturdy, yet tiny
8.Grip Jar Opener G Grip Jar OpenerJar lids Small and discreet easy to utilize
9.Z Off Jar OpenerCompact and flat, you can remove lids easily
10.Hamilton Beach Walk ‘N Cut Can OpenerCompact, a magnet for lid, portable, rechargeable
11.Joseph Joseph Can-Do Can OpenerMinimal and lightweight, simple twist mechanism

1. Swing-A-Way Wall Mount Opener

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This Swing-A-Way Wall Mount Can Opener comes with a variety of storage options and can be placed on cabinets and walls to make use of the space in drawers.

To attach the can opener to the cabinet is equipped with a bracket as well as screws that come in the opener.

It is constructed using a sturdy metal structure and you can count on it for a long time to open even the most difficult cans.

There are three locations in which the opener can be locked when not employed, which allows it to be easily placed in the corner or nook of the kitchen without taking up extra space that is required.

With a cutting tool made out of high carbon, it moves effortlessly and smoothly through the tops of the containers which permits smooth and effortless use.

To make it more convenient it has an integrated magnet to remove the lids from cans with ease, making it much more secure for you and reducing the chance of cutting your fingers. It even has an integrated bottle opener!

2. BLACK + DECKER Multi-purpose Can Opener

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For those who want powerful can openers This Black + Decker model is perfect.

The power cutter can speedily take lids off of cans, and do all the work. The overall size of the device is 8.4 inches x 5.5 ” 8.3” x 8.3″, which means it can fit inside the majority of kitchen cabinets.

This is the most versatile multi-tool that you should have in the kitchen. It’s much greater than a bottle opener. It comes with a bag-cutter and bottle opener and even a sharpener for knives and a knife sharpener, which means that not only does it make space for a can opener but also other tools as well!

These great extra features are hidden behind a swing-open door, which gives the kitchen gadget an elegant appearance. Its power cable is hidden behind the door of the opener, meaning you can unwind the cord whenever you require without adding the clutter.

With the auto-shutoff feature when not being used, you will not need to be concerned about turning the opener on or off by yourself which makes it more convenient to keep in your kitchen!

3. Spacemaker Black and Decker Can Opener

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Black + Decker has a variety that includes Spacemaker can openers that are available on the market. This is a fantastic option from their collection.

This power cutter for piercing is capable of cutting through the toughest cans. It can do so without hands.

It’s as simple as putting the can in the wheel opening to secure it, then letting it do the work!

To ensure that you have all the cans open in the kitchen, this can opener will open any size of can – small, tall large, or even small.

More than electric can openers it also includes an easy knife sharpener and a bottle opener that is handy in addition. These are all located in the can opener and are simple to use and don’t get in difficulties with the opener.

It can be easily hung under the cabinet or on the door It’s a sure space saver for your kitchen. It’s convenient and simple to use too and opens cans without effort from the user.

4. KitchenCraft Swing-A-Way Opener for Cans

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Another Swing-A-Way wall-mounted Tin Can Opener but it’s even smaller and white, which means it will be incorporated into the kitchen.

This small and handy tool can be hung on an existing cabinet wall using the screw and bracket provided and can be used for nearly all walls or units.

It can be placed at a convenient location in your kitchen, which will be the most convenient for your needs, and ensure that cans are opened in no time.

Although it’s not an electronic open can, this one is a solid performance and, by turning its handle sturdy stainless steel gears can move the razor-sharp cutter zip cutting through cans efficiently and swiftly. It will not leave any mess after the cans have been cut!

There’s no need to be concerned about cutting your fingers and opening cans as there’s an electric lift that pulls the top of the can which means you don’t have to.

This can opener mounted will make your kitchen tidy and you’ll not have to search through the kitchen drawers to find something you can open a can!

5. Black + Decker Undertaker Re-Opener

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Another design from the Black + Decker Spacemaker range comes with many distinct features!

The can opener is mounted under the cabinet, preventing clutter on your counter and providing more space inside the drawers in your kitchen.

The can’s face opener opens up so that it is possible to use the tools that are hidden inside and then closes to free up space. An electric can opener can be used to cut as well as lift up the sides of cans without any effort and hassle!

To make cleaning and maintenance simple The blade assembly pops out and is cleaned by the dishwasher.

The entire under-cabinet unit is 7 1/4-inches in width by 5 inches high and 5 inches deep. This means it will be able to fit underneath most counters or drawers. It ought to be able to view a lot of your opening requirements in your kitchen!

6. The Space Saver Electronic Can Opener

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The electric can opener may seem small in size but it’s massive in power, and will open almost every can you’ll need in the kitchen!

The cutter can be cleaned by the sink or dishwasher. It is clean and sharp. The power pierce feature punctures lids quickly and guarantees they are cut completely and taken away in the quickest time.

Since it is an electric cutter, it lets you open cans, and you can relax and watch it do its work. It’ll shut off automatically after completion, meaning you don’t need to worry about any additional mess.

The can opener for under the cabinet is equipped with brackets and screws utilized to securely attach the opener onto the cabinet’s surface and to ensure that it’s mounted properly and easy for you to use.

7. Spacemaker Black and Decker Can Opener for Under-Counter

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The can opener is mounted under the cabinet, allowing for more drawer and counter space in the kitchen. This gives the kitchen more space to cook and work without having to limit space.

Since it’s an electric can opener, you will be able to have a smooth and hands-free opening of the can and continue with other kitchen tasks. The can opener can automatically shut off when it opens a can which reduces the risk of spills and mess.

While it’s smaller than a can opener it comes with a powerful pierce cutter that can break open large and small cans.

It’s durable, reliable, and is an item you will use in your kitchen for a long time!

8. Grip Jar Opener G Grip Jar Opener

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Another opening device that can be used in a space-saving manner is perfect for kitchens with limited space in space.

Although this isn’t designed for a tiny bottle it’s incredibly useful for those who are struggling to open glass containers. It’s a fantastic aid for people suffering from joints that are damaged or have other pains.

The V-shaped shape that this bottle opener has makes it a universal opener to any size jar for pickles or jelly. It also works with twist caps on bottles!

The design is so flat that you can’t be able to see it peeking out under your cabinets. It’s secured by industrial peel-and-stick tape to ensure it stays in place when you screw it into place.

9. Easy Off Jar Opener

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If you have a limited space This sleekly designed Jar opener is the ideal option.

This handy jar opener can take the strain off wrists and hands.

With two sets of teeth that grip any size of the can, you locate the jar opener and transform even the toughest pickle containers into simple twist-tops.

This opener is flat and can be easily hidden under your counters or cabinets. It’s bound to become your favorite useful and discrete kitchen tool.

10. Hamilton Beach Walk ‘N Cut Can Opener

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Although this isn’t an under-cabinet can opener it’s a great space-saving alternative and an excellent alternative for those who don’t have enough counter space for the can opener.

It is a cordless as well as rechargeable, can opener. It can complete all cutting for you with no effort from your side.

It can be used during camping trips, holidays, or for picnics, allowing you to open the tins and be packed away with ease due to its small size.

The lever that controls the can opener that has the cutting blade is easily removed and cleaned so that it is clean and safe for use.

A strong magnet keeps the lid and pulls it away from the can after it is opened, which means you don’t have to get the lid off your own and risk a lot of danger and create a huge mess!

It’s small rechargeable and cordless It is a fantastic choice for those with a limited budget in terms of space in their kitchen.

11. Joseph Joseph You Can-Do Can Opener

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If you are looking for the smallest can opener on the market, the Joseph Joseph Can-Do Compact Can Opener is certainly one you should look into!

It’s not possible to mount it in a cabinet, however, it is so tiny and compact that it doesn’t take up any space in your kitchen in any way!

The circular-space-saving can opener is still able for opening cans for an hour, and it will automatically grasp the edge of the can when you turn the top. The easy-to-twist mechanism cuts neatly through the lid of the can and provides an even cut after you’re finished.

With a size of 26-inches x 2-inches, It is tiny and extremely efficient!

Interesting Facts & Questions

What Is The Length Of Time The Average Opener Last’s the length of time the Average opener lasts?

A quality can opener, electric or manual, generally will last for three years. But, there are some made at a higher quality and, if they are well maintained, they will last more time.

How Often Do You Need To Change Your Cas Opener?

The frequency at which you change the can opener is contingent on the frequency you utilize it. With time, the opener will wear out and cease to function as efficiently. This is why you must check for any signs and then replace the can opener once it stops working too.

Keep an eye out for indications of corrosion. If you find indications of rust on the opener for cans, it is recommended to replace it immediately.

Do You Need To Clean The Can opener?

It is essential to clean your can opener every time you use it. It can be cleaned with hot dish soap and water, and then dry to avoid any corrosion. It is also possible to put an amount of mineral oil that is food-grade on a clean towel and then oil the gears to stop corrosion even more.

Certain can openers or the blades that are removable from the can opener may be put in the dishwasher, however, make sure to verify this before doing so.

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