Can You Freeze Butter Chicken? Easy Guide

Can you butter chicken in a freezer? Yes, you can put butter chicken in the freezer. It will stay when stored in the freezer for three to four months. It is recommended to store it in individual portions. Butter chicken is best frozen but with some precautions to ensure its quality.

Indian food is loved all around the world. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. More than 40% of India’s population is vegetarian due to their religious beliefs.

Thanks to the numerous spices and delicious tastes that no other food can match, Indian cuisine is enjoyed across the globe. It holds a special place within the hearts of foodies.

Many Indian recipes have truly earned themselves a reputation and have been deemed delicacies across Europe and America. We are currently discussing some of them. Sought-after dishes, butter chicken.

If we consider it, the most popular Indian meals we eat and enjoy today are made up of curry and chicken, and butter chicken isn’t any different. It is incredibly easy to prepare and delicious; we’re certain that you’ve eaten it before.

Maybe, you like it to the point that you cook up a lot of butter chicken for yourself and your family members to enjoy for a meal or two? What do what to do with the remaining chicken?

In this post, we will walk you through the easy, step by steps procedure to follow for freezing butter chicken.

What is the best way to freeze Butter Chicken?

Some Indian Curry dishes don’t freeze well. However, butter chicken is certainly not one of the latter. It is possible to keep butter chicken in the freezer to use later on, and the procedure is easy.

You can follow the directions listed below to chill your chicken in butter:

Step 1: Cook the Sauce

Make your sauce according to the recipe, and then add it to the cooked chicken. Freeze it.

This technique can be tested with a pre-made mix that isn’t good at all. It’s not as delicious as homemade prepared butter chicken sauce made with freshly prepared ingredients, but it is an option for those who don’t have the time to cook.

Step 2: Cool the Dish and prepare containers

It is crucial to chill the butter chicken that has been cooked. However, be cautious not to keep it longer than room temperature because of the danger of the growth of bacteria.

We suggest giving the product no more than an hour to cool before proceeding to freeze.

You have three choices for the containers you could use for freezing butter chicken.

  • A sealable bag for freezing
  • Any type of reliable sealed container that is airtight.
  • Disposable aluminum foil dish (this isn’t something every household owns, but it is something you should be thinking about for your next freezing experience)

We will show you the steps to freeze using the sheet of foil in the next step.

Step 3: Freeze the Butter Chicken

Before we move on to the specific methods for freezing, before we get to the actual recipes, I strongly suggest freezing portions rather than storing the entire batch. You can freeze the entire batch in two or three containers. If you cooked the butter chicken to serve yourself just for yourself, freeze portions of it to freeze into small portions to make life simpler.

Freezing chicken with butter is the same as freezing any food item in bags for freezing or an airtight container.

When you use your bags for freezing When using the freezer bag, remove as much air as feasible and leave a bit of extra space for freezer dishes with sauces such as butter chicken.

It’s the same for an airtight container. Make sure you choose one that’s truly airtight. If it’s not, air will let in air, and the butter chicken won’t remain as fresh.

Disposable foil pans work exceptionally great in the freezer. We recommend purchasing smaller sizes to store your Butter Chicken to freeze in fewer portions.

  • Find some freezer-friendly plastic wrap or aluminum foil, and put it over the top of your foil dish.
  • The plastic wrap should be extended on the opposite side to protect your dish. as well.
  • Add your sauce and butter chicken.
  • Wrap the dish by extending the wrap.
  • Utilize aluminum foil and cover the foil pan another time.

This will keep the food safe from freezer burning and be safe to eat for about three to four months.

Freezing Butter Chicken

Read the information below to get more information on the freezing of butter chicken. Enjoy freezing!

Can I freeze the Sauce and the Chicken separately?

Indeed, we generally prefer to freeze sauces in separate containers. We think it would be much easier to address any issues that might arise during the freeze-up. Additionally, there are a lot of items that don’t freeze well when combined with sauces.

However, butter chicken can be frozen exceptionally well when it is frozen in a dish, including the sauce. Chicken can easily dry from freezing, and the sauce will help prevent this.

Should You Freeze Cooked Butter Chicken?

Can you put in the freezer frozen butter chicken that is cooked? Maybe some of you are not familiar with this idea. However, some advocate this method.

There’s nothing wrong with this when it is done perfectly.

However, we suggest boiling your butter-cooked chicken before you even think of the idea of freezing. This is the best option and safer.

Other Questions Asked

Once you’ve learned the procedure for making Butter Chicken, continue studying to find answers to other commonly asked questions.

What is butter chicken?

Butter chicken, also known in the form of Murgh Makhani from India, is one of the extremely popular Indian recipes featuring a tasty marinated chicken. It is cooked in the clay oven and served along with tomato and cream curry.

Butter chicken tastes quite like many ways to Tikka Masala. According to them, the primary distinction lies in the cooking of the sauce made with tomatoes.

According to certain sources, the first ancestor of the Punjabi dish was consumed many centuries back in the time that of the Mughal Empire.

As per some, however, it’s much more contemporary and was famous in the 1950s thanks to Moti Mahal, the Punjabi Restaurant Moti Mahal situated in Delhi.

The story goes that at this particular restaurant which is specialized in the preparation of roasted tandoori Tandoori chicken, the Chefs used the remainder of the marinade for the chicken by adding butter and tomatoes and adding seasoning to the chicken pieces with the sauce that resulted.

This is how it became an extremely sought-after dish of Indian cuisines in the Western world today.

What is the difference between masala chicken as well as Butter chicken?

While the list of ingredients is almost identical for both recipes, they do have a few distinct differences. The most noticeable variations are found in their preparation process and the end-to-end taste of the food.

Perhaps the most notable distinction can be found in the chicken. Tikka Masala includes grilled chicken, while butter chicken is cooked in a different way.

Its list of spices list is diverse; spices are substantially more plentiful and used in Tikka Masala recipes.

This is also the most evident difference in the event that you’re following two traditional Indian recipes. The tastes of the dishes that are cooked.

Tikka masala is a rich taste due to the wide utilization of various spices. It’s incredibly aromatic and robust. On the other hand, it is true that butter chicken can taste as it sounds, but it’s more creamy and not as complex.

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