Chicken Mince Bread With Onion Sauce

Namaste foodies, I’m here with another chicken recipe “Chicken Mince Bread with Onion Sauce”. It’s an Indian recipe and is also known as “Keema Nan with Pyaz Chutney”. This is the 2nd recipe from this series and I’m sure you would love to cook and taste this yummy and spicy chicken dish.

In this Asian recipe series, previously I shared a delicious spicy chicken dish “Chicken Shish Kebab” and I believe that you liked the recipe soo yummy.

Chicken Mince Bread With Onion Sauce
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So, here is the recipe for chicken bread (Minced): Chicken Mince Bread with Onion Sauce

Chicken Mince Bread Recipe with Onion Sauce (Keema Nan with Pyaz Chutney)

Keema nan is an Indian bread (nan) stuffed with minced meat (keema), which is usually baked in an Indian clay oven (tandoor), but with this easy keema nan recipe there is no need for an Indian clay oven and you can prepare it right on your stove.

Chicken Mince Bread Recipe


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