Why Isn’t There Fanta In The Philippines?

It’s almost an untruth, but the truth is that, aside from quirky foreign-owned stores, you won’t be able to find Fanta in the Philippines!

Why can you not find Fanta anywhere in the Philippines? In the Philippines, there is Fanta but it’s only known as Royal Tru Orange.

Fun fact of the day, Fanta was created by the Nazis, amongst many other things…

Royal Vs Fanta

I can remember the first of my travels in the Philippines and coming across bottles (glass ones, at the time) consisting of Coke Sprite as well as Royal. Royal was orange and featured the distinctive look and branding of Fanta.

I asked my friend who was from the Philippines why there is no such thing as Fanta and she said “we only have ever known of Royal and I only found out about Fanta when I traveled to Australia and asked a waitress for Royal! The waitress’s reaction was funny.”

In reality, no one in the Philippines, or even a small percentage to be specific, has ever heard of Fanta certainly it is one of the more well-known brands around the globe.

Does Fanta Mean Something Negative In Tagalog?

No, it doesn’t mean anything negative or shameful to the Philippines heritage. My first theory was that Fanta was a reference to something bad or funny in the Philippines and that’s why they changed the name to match the local language.

Summary of Royal Tru Orange

Royal is a bit like Jolibee in that it shares a storyline similar to Jolibee in the sense that it was not a copy of the American beverage, however, it had its place within the Philippines and was extremely well-loved.

Royal Tru Orange, AKA Royal was initially created at the San Miguel Brewery and remained an instant hit throughout the century. In 2007, Coca-Cola bought the brand and later rebranded its brand to Fanta.

In the end, if you cannot beat them, then purchase them and then take them down, that’s the Coca-Cola method!

Last updated and verified on January 3rd, 2023 by our editorial team.

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