Fried Chicken Without Buttermilk

Fried chicken is a delight to eat thanks to its crisp outer shell that is stuffed with soft succulent flesh inside. It’s something I want often and, like most people is something I truly like.

Even my refrigerator often does not contain all the usual ingredients. The most frequently lacking ingredient is buttermilk.

You can certainly make your own by adding lemon juice to milk If you’re lazy, could you cook fried chicken without any? You can, and I promise you it’s just as delicious!

Let me introduce the most simple and best recipe for chicken fried that doesn’t require buttermilk at all!

The most appealing part about this recipe is that you were able to make it yourself.

Crispy and delicious chicken made from basic ingredients that can be prepared in a cozy kitchen and without spending a huge sum of money is a dish we need to all have! You’ll never feel the absence of buttermilk, I swear.

Without further delay, this is how I cook my chicken with buttermilk!

How To Skip Buttermilk and Cook Chicken Well

Buttermilk is mildly acidic and capable of tenderizing chicken without causing toughening of the meat the way strong marinades do.

The buttermilk’s enzymes aid in breaking down protein in the chicken. This results in juicy and delicious chicken.

It is crucial when you cook the pieces of chicken, such as drums or legs. But, do we really require it for breasts or chicken tenders? Not at all! After you have tried this recipe, you’ll be able to see the reason.

What Parts of The Chicken Should You Use?

It is possible to use chicken breasts as well as chicken tenders or chicken drums that have been de-boned.

My chicken is cut in smaller chunks, but just slightly bigger than bite-sized. This is what I like best to fry. I believe that it is the ideal size to guarantee that the chicken is crispy and juicy.

Tips To Cook Delicious, Crispy Chicken

What makes this dish with humble beginnings so beloved could be the fact that it can be difficult for home cooks to master the coating and the frying. Frying and coating are the two most vital steps, regardless of what ingredients you use.

It can take up to one hour for a novice cook to master this recipe, but you need to be aware that it’s worth the effort. Here are a few suggestions I’ve learned over my years of cooking to assist improve your fried chicken:

  • Choose the most delicious cuts: Drums of chicken are the best, however If you’d like to step slightly away from these and cook delicious bites you could use tenders or breasts as I did. Be sure that your pieces are about identical in size and this will ensure that they’re cooked evenly.
  • Make use of dry brine: Dry brining refers to brining the chicken with salt. You can leave it in place overnight or just for 30 minutes prior to cooking. This is essential to ensure that the chicken is moist and delicious since it puts the chicken in the opportunity to come into direct interaction with the salt. The salt will soften the chicken, but it will also impart a mild taste.
  • Make use of a basic or a combination of powerful spice: The only set rule in this, but you could spice your chicken with an unassuming flavor with only salt and pepper, perhaps. Or you could season it by mixing dried herbs such as garlic and onion powder, or any other desired spices. Create your own recipe and meet your utmost desires!
  • Utilize cornstarch: It can give the chicken an extra crunch by adding Cornstarch into the flour. I didn’t use the ingredient in this recipe because I wanted to make the ingredients as minimal as possible for those working in an empty kitchen. However, two tablespoons of cornstarch mixed into the flour can make the chicken crisper.

The Best Method To Fry The Chicken

Always fry your chicken in large quantities in oil. Don’t skimp when you want to get a crispy chicken.

You can cook your chicken using the fryer, but I prefer cooking it in a Dutch oven. The higher sides that are part of Dutch ovens Dutch oven keep the splatters to a minimum while helping maintain the oil’s temperature as the pieces of chicken come out and in.

I would avoid using a skillet to do this, simply because it’s not able to take enough oil and could cause a mess in your kitchen.

Other Tips For Frying Tips

1. The Thermometer Is Your Most Trusted Friend.

This is particularly useful especially if you’re using a large piece of chicken. Place a thermometer in the meatiest portion of the chicken. Once the internal temperature is the temperature of 165 F, you’re good to go. It is not always possible to rely upon the shell for an indicator, so you should use the thermometer to ensure safety!

2. Make Sure To Check The Temperature of Your Oil, Also.

Sometimes, we believe that oil is hot and then the moment we put food in items to fry there is nothing to happen. It is possible to place a wooden spoon into the oil, and when it begins to sizzle it will be at the ideal temperature. You could also try using toothpicks.

Best Way To Create This Fried Chicken Without Buttermilk Recipe

Step 1

The chicken is cut into bite-sized pieces smaller or slightly larger. Add salt to the chicken (brine) and then cover in the refrigerator for 30 mins before serving.

Once you are ready to cook, mix the black pepper and the flour into a mixing bowl.

Coat chicken in flour mixture.

Step 2

Beat eggs separately in an additional bowl.

Warm oil in the Dutch oven.

Dip the chicken in flour and then the eggs. Dip the coated chicken in egg and then into flour once more and place aside to fry. Repeat this process for all pieces.

Step 3

Chicken coated in oil to a golden brown. It is possible to cook this in small batches.

Clean up on paper towels and serve. Create Pinterest Pin

Fried Chicken Without Buttermilk Recipe

This delicious and crispy chicken recipe for frying is easy to make and tastes delicious!


  • 1 lb. chicken breast
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 eggs
  • Salt, as desired
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper
  • Oil, used for cooking


  1. The chicken is cut into bite-sized pieces smaller or slightly larger. Sprinkle the chicken with salt (brine) and cover in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes prior to use.
  2. Coat chicken in flour mixture.
  3. Beat eggs separately in a bowl.
  4. In the Dutch oven.
  5. Dip the chicken in flour and then the eggs. Then , dip the chicken coated with egg in flour and place aside to fry. Repeat for each piece.
  6. Cook chicken coated with oil to golden brown. It is possible to fry the chicken in small batches.
  7. Clean up on paper towels and serve.
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