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What do your children do during your barbecues and picnics? While you are worrying about how you keep the picnic warm and set tables up, what can you do to ensure your children stay out of trouble and have fun?

Everyone should have fun at picnics, even those who are younger. Games for picnics for children can keep them entertained and away from trouble. They’re also an excellent way to prevent boredom from becoming an issue.

There’s no need to shell out an enormous amount of money or effort to find some exciting outdoor games planned. There are a lot of cheap and simple outdoor games for kids of all ages.

Find out more about these entertaining and engaging picnic games your kids can be entertaining themselves with while you prepare the picnic food. Most of them need a ball, a sack, or none. Be sure that the children and the adults attending your gathering are having a blast. Select one or two of these games for your children and play some games on your own.

Fun Picnic Games For Kids

A picnic can be a wonderful opportunity for children to meet their younger friends and family members. Outdoor games for children help break the ice and help them get talking to one another. It also keeps them entertained while allowing adults to interact with each other. Take a look at these games for picnics that kids can play.

Freeze Tag

It’s been played since the beginning of time. There are many methods to play that can make it more enjoyable and fascinating.

I’m playing freeze tag. Each player has a chance to be “it” for five minutes. When he tags a player, that player “freezes” until another player tags him, then, he’s free to flee from the kid doing it again.

Horseshoes for Children

Horseshoes have been in use for quite a while. It’s because they are enjoyable and simple. Find a child’s rubber horseshoe set at less than 20 dollars.

The game is easy. Simply push the stakes into the ground in the appropriate spacing for your age. Throw the horseshoes around, hoping to strike the stakes. This is a great game for children over three years old.

Wheelbarrow Race

Wheelbarrow races can be enjoyed by any number of children. It is the “wheelbarrow” kid who uses his arms to act as the wheel. The person pushing the wheelbarrow is held in his legs. When he says “go,” it’s a race to the end. Have a look.

Egg And Spoon Race

This game requires a few eggs and a few wooden spoons.

Then, at the start, every child lines up using their spoon. They lay an egg on their spoon and then held it in front of them.

One person says, “go.” The idea is to make it over the line in the fastest time without dropping the egg.

Red Light – Green Light

Here’s a classic that needs absolutely no equipment.

A child serves as”the “cop.” The others are called the “drivers.” The drivers are seated side-by-side with the cop in front of them. The cop sits approximately thirty feet from the driver, looking away.

The cop shouts “green light” to start. The drivers begin running towards the police. The cop shouts “red light” when prepared and then turns around. Any driver he spots is in trouble.

Face Painting Contest

Kids love painting. They also enjoy getting painted. Why not allow them to paint each other?

Begin by pairing them up and let them play painting each other’s faces so that they make them look like superheroes or animals.

Awards are given to the most imaginative, funniest, and fun.

Below are some suggestions to get your inner artist sparked.

Thumbs Up

Take half of the children to sit on a picnic table with their heads towards the ground and one hand raised. They won’t be able to look.

The kids in the other group walk across the dining room table. Each pushes down the thumb of a different kid. Once all thumbs are down, youngsters must figure out who was the one to get them. The kids who can guess correctly will then get to press thumbs during the next round.

Fun Backyard Games For Kids

Kids are awed by games played in the backyard. It also keeps them from looking at their screens. A little structure in the time they spend playing can prevent things from becoming chaotic and ensure all children are involved. Here are some exciting outdoors activities for children of all different ages.

King of the Trampoline

If you don’t own the luxury of a trampoline, buy a good-sized model for less than $100. There are a myriad of games to play. You can have a group of children jump at once. If you fall they will leave the trampoline. The kid who is left standing is the winner.


Sets of T-ball come with an tee, a ball and an assortment of bases. It’s just like baseball, however it’s more fun for children younger than. T-ball games can last for several hours. Adults can join in having fun as well. The best part is that there’s no costly equipment needed.

Potato Sack Race

Find some burlap sacks to play insane potato races in sacks. It’s both competitive and fun to be entertaining. The kids get in the sacks, and then hold the tops of their sacks to their waists. They sprint towards the end of the line. This game has been played for years. Did you play it? See how much it’s fun. It is one of the classic picnic games which we love playing with our children.

Fun Picnic Games For Kids & Adults

What’s more enjoyable that letting your inner child out? It’s easy to have an fun time and get in some serious fitness playing with your kids. Have a look at these games that kids as well as adults can enjoy when they gather for an outdoor picnic.

Lawn Darts

Darts on the lawn are simple enough to play for everyone. However, it’s a bit challenging that it requires time and practice to become proficient at. All you require is a few darts. The aim is for you to strike the dart with a low-hand and hit the ground from as far as feasible.

Giant Jenga

Jenga is a form of game that requires you to build an edifice of wooden blocks, and then pulling the blocks one by one. The goal is to pull your blocks with out creating a fall in the tower. You must also make it difficult for other players to accomplish the same. Purchase a huge outdoors Jenga game, or develop your woodworking abilities and create the set of your choice..

Quiz Race

It is recommended to have at minimum one adult to play this game of education.

The children line up in a row, side by side, facing the adult. The adult is able to pull the kid-safe web-based wiki onto his smartphone and searches for age-appropriate information.

If he is asked the question, the child who is the first to raise their hands gets to reply. If they answer correctly, they get one step further. The first child to reach the adult level wins.


What makes this game so appealing to children and adults alike is the educational aspect. Adults can instruct youngsters the correct technique.

Cornhole sets are fairly inexpensive. They come with a wooden board as well as a few sandbags. The idea is to throw the sandbags into the holes of the target cornhole.

Each hole that is nailed earns point. However, points are deducted for sandbags which hit the board but remain there.

Sled Race

Sleds aren’t absolutely necessary for this race. The blanket and the tarp are excellent alternatives.

Begin by pairing each child together with an adult. Each child is seated in the “sled.” The adult is able to hold the sled before getting it prepared. When it’s time to “go,” they take off in the fastest speed they can without letting the children drop off their sleds. The first team to reach the finish line is the winner.

Fun Picnic Games For Toddlers

Little tikes may get bored by games in the backyard which they aren’t able to comprehend. Don’t let them play alone. Include these simple picnic games for toddlers in the next family gathering. Let older children join into the excitement. In fact, you may get involved too.

Pop The Bubbles

Children love bubbles. It’s an established fact. “Pop bubbles” is a enjoyable and easy game for young children. Simply blow bubbles then let the kids chase them and blow them up. You can make use of the bottle of bubbles as well as the wand or can buy a bubble machine to create a lot of bubbles that are automatic.


You can try “duck duck goose.” Let your ducks sit in a circle with their backs to each other. A goose walks on on the outside circles, gently patting each duck’s top and yelling “duck.” He randomly selects a duck and yells “goose” when he pats the head of the new goose. The new goose follows the previous one around circles until they reach to the spot that is open. Whoever reaches the spot and then sits down in it first is a duck. the other guy will be the goose.

Roll Race

Children love this.

The toddlers lie down, lining the feet to the head. A parent or an older child will tell them when they should go. It’s similar to a normal race, except they’re rolling instead of running.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this race is the fact that adults are required to teach youngsters how to run it.

Chalk Tag

What kid doesn’t want to sketch on the driveway using chalk?

Let the children stand on the sidewalk or driveway. The concrete surface is the area that is inbounds. The kid who has the title of “it” first gets the chalk.

The one who is using the chalk draw an outline of another child. The one who has just been released takes an opportunity to draw a line with the chalk.

The best part in this video game is it’s simple for kids of any age. They’ll be able to grasp it in a matter of minutes.

Maypole Twirl

Learn to create an adult-sized Maypole. It’s fairly simple. Kids can even assist in the process.

Every child picks up one of the ribbons on the Maypole. When prompted by the adult in charge, they go around the pole , in the air, holding their ribbon. When they let take the ribbon off or falls and fall down, they’re off until the next round.

Anyone can play the game. Take note of the heights of the players likely to participate. That will provide you with an idea of the height of the pole that it should be. Smaller kids need longer ribbons.

Fun Picnic Games For Large Groups

The church gatherings or block-party events require activities that keep everyone engaged. Everyone hates being absent unless they really want to be. Here are some great games to play with large groups.

Outdoor Musical Chairs

The record for the world of musical chairs is 8,238 players. There is no maximum amount of participants. Everyone, with the exception of one, takes a seat in the circle, and then sets it in the direction of the outside. The music is played by someone, and the group slowly moves around the chairs. After the music is removed by the host everyone is seated. The last person standing is eliminated. The game continues as such until there’s only one player left. It is among the most enjoyable and easy outdoors activities for kids, and adults too.

Alaskan Baseball

Divide everyone in two teams to take on Alaskan baseball. One team is formed into circles. Its “batter” in the middle throws a ball. The other team follows it , while the batter runs around the circle, touching all of his teammates and reciting their names. Every time he completes a run around the circle is considered an “at-bat. The runs continue until a player on the other team grabs the ball and tag a player on the side “at-bat.” There are numerous variations to this game. Check out this site for some cool ones.

Flag Football

What’s more exciting than football? In this version all you require is a ball and a few players, each with an additional pair of socks.

Divide everyone into even teams. Every participant puts an sock in their waistband at the hips of each player.

This game can be played the usual manner, however you have to pull an arrow instead of striking.

Capture The Flag

You’ll need to hire paintball guns to play this game. It’s bound to make your gathering unforgettable.

Attach the flag to an object at each side the yard. Be sure to have plenty of objects that you can conceal behind between and between the flags.

Teams gather around their flags. After the command “go,” the battle is underway.

The goal is for a player to get close enough to the opposing team’s flag without being shot. Any player who is shot out is out of the game.

Wikipedia has an excellent article on this game.

Simon Says

This well-known game is given a different dimension when it is played with a large group. It’s a great clean-splash of enjoyable for children and adults alike.

Large gatherings can be divided in smaller sections. A bullhorn is a useful tool however it’s not necessary.

The person calling the caller will give commands for the participant to do. Some examples include “touch your toes,” “jump up and down,” and “pat your head”. The participants only take the move if the player begins the command by shouting, “Simon says.” If they do it without Simon’s instruction, then they’re banned.

Roundup of Fun Picnic Games

Picnic games are fun for all ages large and small. They’re not just a lot of fun, they also can bring people together. This is the purpose of an event, isn’t it?

So, make sure that every gathering you attend is one that you be remembered. Enjoy some games outdoors with your friends, family or the your community!

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