Black Truffle Oil Vs White Truffle Oil – What’s The Difference?

White Truffle Oil Vs Black Truffle Oil

What is the difference between white truffle oil and black truffle oil? The main difference is the taste between black and white truffle oils because of the aroma that affects the taste. The black truffle oil is more intense and earthy than white truffle oil which has a more delicate onion-like taste. Truffles are gourmet products of … Read more

Convection Bake Vs Convection Roast – What’s The Difference?

Convection Bake Vs Convection Roast - What's The Difference?

What is the difference between convection roasting and baking? Convection baking is ideal when baking and need to rise evenly but it’s not as well browned. Convection roasting however is great for crisping and browning, but it’s not ideal for dishes that require an excessive amount of rising. Technology is constantly evolving and it’s difficult to stay … Read more

Scallions Vs Shallots – What’s The Difference?

Scallions vs Shallots

What is the difference between scallions and shallots? To begin, how they are harvested differs greatly. Scallions, also referred to as green onions, are simply immature bulbs that are harvested before an onion is fully formed, while shallots are fully matured onions that grow as bulbs and, much like garlic, are divided into cloves.  Both aromatic … Read more

Scone vs Biscuit – What’s The Difference?

Scone vs biscuit

What is the difference between a biscuit and a scone? The main differences are in their textures and their flavors: biscuits are generally soft and flaky, tending towards savory by themselves, whereas the scones are more crumbly, and are usually intended to be sweet. If you ask anyone in the UK what the difference between a … Read more

Lemonade Vs Pink Lemonade – What’s The Difference?

Lemonade Vs Pink Lemonade. What’s The Difference?

What is the difference between lemonade and pink lemonade? Pink lemonade and lemonade don’t look much different from the food colorings that create pink lemonade. However, certain pink lemonade flavors are made with strawberries, raspberries grapefruit, or any other fruits, which create a more natural pink color as well as a more fruity and sweet taste. Family … Read more

Shrimp Vs Fish – Is Shrimp A Fish?

Shrimp Vs Fish

Are shrimp fish? Shrimp is a type of fish, but there are a number of differences between shrimp and fish in that shrimp is actually part of the crustacean or shellfish category rather than. Technically and surprisingly, shrimp is not considered to be a fish. As you consider seafood or fish, what comes to your thoughts? Perhaps … Read more

Ham Vs Bacon – What’s The Difference?

What is the difference between bacon and ham?

What is the difference between bacon and ham? Bacon and ham originate from different parts of the pork. They are handled differently when packaging and curing too which makes them different in the final. Ham can be preserved through smoking, while bacon is cured using salt. Awwww, pork is among the most delicious meals you can find. Pork … Read more

Tahini Vs Sesame Paste – What’s The Difference?

Tahini Vs Sesame Paste

What is the difference between tahini and sesame paste? Tahini is a paste that is made of raw sesame seeds, and sesame is produced using the seeds that have been toasted or roasted. This seemingly small difference has an enormous impact on the flavor and, consequently, the way these two ingredients are used when cooking. Sesame … Read more

Pecan Vs Walnut – What’s The Difference?

Pecan Vs Walnut

What’s the difference between pecans and walnuts? The two are part of the same family but are two different fruits, with distinct shells, appearances, and overall taste. The easiest way to determine the difference is through their appearance. pecans appear darker in comparison to walnuts and are less manipulative. If you’re in the aisles of nuts at … Read more

Are Limes Unripe Lemons? What’s The Difference?

Are Limes Unripe Lemons?

Do limes turn into lemons or are they different? No, limes do not turn into lemons as they are completely different fruit! Once lemons reach their full ripeness and are ready to be picked, they’re a bright and vibrant yellow and limes tend to be green. If you keep the lemon on your tree till fully … Read more