What Is Red Horse Beer? Philippines Drink Guide

What is red horse beer?

What is Red Horse Beer? Every country has its super-strength lager that is called a “wife-beater” and in the Philippines, it’s Red Horse. There is a lot you can learn about someone from the Philippines through the kind of beer they consume. If you spot somebody who is drinking San Miguel Light for example typically, they’re either … Read more

What Is Rio Drink? China Drink Guide

What is rio drink?

What exactly is Rio drink? Rio Drink is a Chinese known brand belonging to the Alcopop family. It was created to compete with the strength of Bacardi Breezer, and it has become popular in the Chinese “girly drink” scene. You must acknowledge the Chinese their due. Foreigners have an idea and the Chinese play around with, … Read more

5 of The Best Beers In North Korea – If You Ever Visit!

North Korean Beer Guide

What is the best beer from North Korea? The most popular beer in North Korea Taedonggang is a bit superior to Cass and is even the top-selling beer around the globe. It’s the microbreweries and dark beer market that North Korea outshines its neighboring countries, with a variety of restaurants and bars making incredible beers at home that are … Read more

9 of The Best Syrian Drinks – Essential Guide [2022]

Best Syrian Drinks

There is an ongoing civil war, and people are afraid to visit the country, going to Syria is not just a fantastic option to support the brutally sanctioned nation. What is it that makes it great? The main reason is the people, however, Syrian food, as well as Syrian drink, are an important aspect of the package. … Read more

Best Italian Beers – Popular Italian Beer Brands Guide [2022]

Best and most popular Italian beers

Italy is renowned for its excellent wines, which usually means that its fantastic beers can go under the radar very easily. So you should stop thinking about German or Belgian beers, and try some of the best and most popular Italian beer brands that are readily available! You’ll be amazed by the depth of flavor these … Read more

What is Sarsi? The Philippines Famous Drink

What is sarsi?

What exactly is Sarsi? Sarsi is a very well-known Sarsaparilla drink of the Philippines! There’s something special about the Philippines beaches, people eating, and there’s not much food, but bottles of pop drinks. The Philippines is among the few countries that sell the majority of drinks in glass bottles. The most well-known of them is Sarsi the most … Read more

Discover The Best White Wine For Cooking Risotto [2022]

Best White Wine Risotto For Cooking Wine

What is the best white wine for cooking risotto? The best white wine for cooking in your risotto is a crisp, dry white wine. Select moderately priced white wines like the Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, or good quality Marsala wine. A good white wine will increase the depth and flavor of your risotto alongside the ingredients … Read more