Best Teas To Replace Coffee – Buying Guide [2022]

Best Teas To Replace Coffee

Last updated and verified on 19th September, 2022. What are the best teas to replace coffee with? It’s great to know that some excellent teas can be substituted for coffee and we’ve compiled the best choices to help you to choose from. The top teas that can replace coffee are morning tea, herb blends of … Read more

What Is Okinawa Milk Tea?

What Is Okinawa Milk Tea

Last updated and verified on 7th September, 2022. What is Okinawa milk tea? It’s an herbal tea that is made of Assam tea leaves, milk in its entirety as well as Okinawa brown sugar (or Kokuto). The brown sugar in Okinawa differs in comparison to American brown sugar and creates a distinct and delicious taste.Okinawa is … Read more