20 Herbalife Tea Recipes Ideas

There are so many instances in our life when we need something refreshing to lift our mood. A good cup of herbal tea can do that for you. Similarly, if you have any type of physical tiredness, then also you can go for this type of Herbalife tea recipe. These recipe ideas will help you to deal with your mental and physical fatigue to a great extent.

Here, we have discussed a few ideas of beneficial recipes for herbal tea.

1. Hibiscus Tea

According to some research, hibiscus tea can reduce your weight and also can relieve you from bloating and inflammation. If you are searching for a healthy drink after your workout when you are on weight loss training, then hibiscus tea can work well for you.

20 Herbalife Tea Recipes Ideas

2. Honey Tea

In this case, you can purchase a normal herbal tea and follow some effective Herbalife tea recipes to make it. After that, you just have to add a little bit of honey to make it sweet and efficient to boost your energy level. That is why it is considered to be an energy booster for the people who want to be natural always.

Honey Tea

3. Chamomile Tea

Nowadays drinking chamomile tea is a new cool. It is helpful if you had a long day and want to get rid of your sleeping problem. The aroma of chamomile tea will soothe your mind.

Chamomile Tea

4. Banana Tea

It is a whole new variant of herbal tea that can be helpful if you are suffering from insomnia. According to some studies, bananas can cure it more efficiently than any other therapy or medicine.

Banana Tea

5. Turmeric Tea

If you are looking for some Herbalife tea recipes to boost your immunity power then turmeric tea can be the most effective option for you. You can make a simple herbal tea at home and then add a pinch of turmeric to make it an immunity booster drink.

Turmeric Tea
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6. Floral Tea

Currently, so many people prefer having floral tea with their afternoon snacks. It is mostly because of its miraculous power to calm your mind. It has also become a thoughtful gift for tea lovers these days.

Floral Tea
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7. Apple Fig Tea

We all know the phrase that one apple a day keeps the doctor away. So you can infuse the apple with your tea to have it in a calming way during winter or summer. It will make you fresh and ready for the day with its flavor and sweet taste.

Apple Fig Tea
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8. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is mostly suggested for people who want to cure their allergies. So if you are one of them, then you can try out mixing some ginger bits with your herbal tea to make it a natural medicine for yourself.

Ginger Tea
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9. Licorice Tea

This type of herbal tea is best for people who are suffering from sore throats. If you mix some Licorice with your herbal tea, it can reduce the phlegm in your throat and you can get rid of the sore throat problem immediately. This is the reason why licorice root is also used to make a few medicines for this problem.

Licorice Tea
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10. Lemon Tea

It is one of the oldest types of herbal tea consumed by many people for its different advantages. It can reduce the stress level in your mind and also it can soothe you with its flavor. You can also add some honey and ginger along with a few cinnamon sticks to make it a little bit fancy.

Lemon Tea
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11. Green Tea

One of the most convenient options for herbal tea is to consume normal green tea. It is mostly available everywhere right now and you can give it some quirk by adding honey or cinnamon. Green tea can also help you to lose weight.

Green Tea
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12. Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon has some miraculous power to calm your mind and treat your insomnia. That is why cinnamon tea is also known as a sleep tonic. In case you are having some problems going to sleep at night then you can try out some cinnamon tea to cure that.

Cinnamon Tea
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13. Berry Tea

Different types of berries are quite helpful for our body and that is why you can infuse them in your herbal tea as well. If you search online you will get a lot of products in this category that can be the solution to your blood pressure problem.

Berry Tea
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14. Goji Tea

Goji is a special type of berry that can work as a detox drink for you if you consume it in the morning time. So in case you are looking for a detox drink but are also not ready to leave your morning tea then you can merge both by making a simple Goji tea.

Goji Tea
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15. Mint Tea

There is nothing like refreshing mint tea in the summer after a long day. We all know the fresh flavour of mint and that is why you can make your tea refreshing as well by adding a few mint leaves to it.

Mint Tea
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16. Cranberry Tea

Among all the berries, cranberry is the most effective element to cure your digestion problem. So, you can buy some cranberry from the market and then make herbal tea with it to make a refreshing drink.

Cranberry Tea
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17. Spice Tea

You can add different spices from the Indian kitchen to make a simple spice tea. In this case, you will get the benefit of different spices together at a time by consuming just a single drink.

Spice Tea
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18. Rose Tea

Most of us don’t know the medicinal benefits of rose petals. It can treat hypertension and give you a sound sleep at night. You just have to mix a few rose petals in your normal green tea and drink it whenever you want.

Rose Tea
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19. Cardamom Tea

If you are having a bad cough and common cold symptoms, then cardamom tea can help you to get rid of that. That is why most people prefer to drink cardamom tea in the winter to save them from the cold.

Cardamom Tea
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20. Tulsi Tea

We all know that basil leaves or tulsi can cure cough and cold as well as all types of throat-related problems. So if you are suffering from any of these, then you can try out some tulsi tea in the morning to get rid of the problem.

Tulsi Tea
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These are some unique Herbalife tea recipes that can work well for your mental as well as physical health. You can also purchase these herbal teas online or offline as per your requirement.

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