How Long do These 10 Homemade Candies Last?

Knowing how to make homemade candy is crucial if you’re a fan of candy. If that’s the case, what is the duration of these homemade candies last?


This candy is produced by heating milk, sugar, and butter to form a dense consistency. This is the base to which other ingredients are added. The addition of salt can balance the sweetness.

Condensed milk can bring a sigh of relief. It is due to the fact that it removes the necessity of milk, as well as the need to melt sugar first. Therefore, when you use condensed milk, you just require butter and the flavor of your preference.

The most popular flavors are cocoa, which is the ingredient that creates chocolate fudge, peanut butter, and spicy Mexican mint, nuts, and mint. After the mixture is heated, it is allowed to set until it becomes hard, prior to being cut into pieces.

Shelf Life of Homemade Fudge (In the Pantry, Fridge, or Freezer)

When stored in the refrigerator, food will keep good for up to two weeks.

For longer storage, refrigerate or freeze. It can be stored in the fridge for up to a month, while frozen fudge keeps for 3 months.

Fudge is best stored in a dry, cool location. Place it in airtight containers and ensure you seal them well at the end of every use.


These delicious and costly sweets are believed to have originated from the French, who used to roll ganache into chocolate tempered and then dust the chocolate with cocoa powder.

The final product was candy candies with a crumply, ruffled texture. It was from this process that truffles were named. This is because they resembled mushroom truffles which are a kind of fungi that are used in cooking.

These candies are evolving to offer an even more smooth texture. The typical truffle is made out of ganache, a mix of bittersweet and heavy cream. Chocolate. The bittersweet cream is cooked, coated with chocolate, blended, and left to cool.

In addition to chocolate, there are many other truffle flavors.

Shelf Life of Homemade Truffles

At room temperature, dry and cool – truffles can last for two weeks. But refrigerating them is the best alternative. In this case, they stay in great shape for 3 to 6 months.


It’s not tree bark But candy bark! The candy is made mostly out of chocolate.

Chocolate melts are spread out on an unlined sheet and then topped with appealing toppings such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits, crushed cookie sprinkles, cream candy canes, or chocolate shavings. The chocolate is placed in the refrigerator before cutting.

It is possible to use white and dark chocolates as the basis.

How Do I Make Chocolate Bark Last? (In either the Fridge (or Freezer)

The duration of the shelf life of chocolate bark is mostly determined by the toppings that are used. It degrades based on the most spoiling ingredient.


Gummies are a great family time-spent activity. Gummies are jelly-like confections that come in various shapes.

The most popular shapes are bears, rings, worms, and blocks. They are created from various components like sugar, gelatin, food coloring sugar, flavoring, and sugar and citric acid.

The ingredients are then melted, mixed, poured over molds, and left to dry.

How long will homemade Gummies last?

Gummies can be susceptible to spoilage at room temperature, particularly when they cannot inhibit. Consume within one week. To extend shelf life, you can refrigerate for up to one month.

Candied Citrus Peel

If you’re planning to dispose of citrus peels, avoid them. Peels of citrus are extremely versatile throughout the house. They can be used in household cleaning. They can make your sinks sparkling new ones. They can also be used to create citrus-infused water using these abrasives.

In addition, citrus peels are also great sweet snacks. Peels from candied oranges are easy to make.

Make sugar syrup by boiling the sugar and water for a couple of minutes. Dip the peels into the syrup and then cover them with sugar. Let them absorb the sugar mixture before cooling them.

Additionally, you can apply the peels to dry sugar to add sweetness.

Shelf Life of Homemade Candied Citrus Peel

Bags that are not opened can last for at least 6 months. You can use them within one month. They are great to keep in the refrigerator or the pantry. They should be stored in a dry, cool space in airtight bags.

Candied Ginger

Like citrus peel, The taste of your mouth will delight the sweetness of the ginger candied in a warm, sweet way. This is a very popular sweet that is often that is used in desserts as savory items.

Using just one ginger rhizome, you can make a jar filled with delicious delights. Peel and cut the ginger into small pieces.

Boil until soft. Make sugar syrup, and then immerse the slices in syrup to coat. It is also possible to cover the candied ginger with dry sugar before storing it.

Shelf life of Candied Ginger (In the Pantry)

Ginger that has been candied or crystallized is shelf-stable. It will last for 3 to 5 years in a cool, dry location.

Rock Candy

Kids will be thrilled to help make these tasty treats that don’t require baking. But, you must be prepared to transform your kitchen into an experiment lab.

Rock candy is commonly described as sugar candy or sugar rock. They are created out of a high-concentrated sugar solution.

This mixture gets heated up until the sugar has disintegrated, leaving a crystal clear syrup. The color and flavor of the food are added before crystallization starts.

Candy sticks or strings are submerged in the syrup until crystals adhere to the sticks or candy. This process can take a few days. The result is what is known as rock candy.

How Long Will Rock Candy Last? (In the Freezer)

It is best to keep it in a cool, dry area to avoid melting. You can freeze it for up to one year.


With just two items from the pantry, You will never step foot inside a confectioner’s store to purchase toffee. It is created by caramelizing butter and sugar, following which it is allowed to cool and harden.

When it’s ready, the toffee becomes hard and chewy. All-purpose flour can be used to thicken the mix. Also, take it one step further and add nuts, seeds, and crushed dried fruit.

How long will homemade toffee last?

At room temperature, unopened containers of toffee can last for three to six months. Be sure to keep them away from moisture and heat.


Sugar is the main ingredient in these delicious, rustic sweets. Brittles are made with caramelized sugar which is similar to toffee but is much softer. Additionally, it contains other ingredients like baking soda, salt, and corn syrup.

A popular type of brittle is peanut Brittles. You can also use any other nuts you like. Be sure to toast and cut the nuts into smaller pieces to allow the brittle to stay in place.

Shelf life of Brittles Homemade (At the Room Temperature)

Brittles are great to keep within the kitchen pantry. They are wrapped well and placed inside airtight containers. They can last for two months. If you reside in an area that is humid, keep them refrigerated for a minimum of one month.


Don’t be fooled by the name; This is among the easiest candy recipes to make. In the world of desserts and food, Meringues are among the most loved products.

A simple combination of egg whites that have been whipped and sugar creates these tasty and diverse treats. The other ingredients are acidic ingredients like gelatin, lemon juice, eggs, or flour.

You may also use food coloring. These ingredients are designed to aid the egg whites to whip more easily.

Meringues that are well-made have a firm top and are as light as feathers. You can eat them in their natural state or mix them with cream.

How Long Will Homemade Meringues Last? (In your Pantry (or Freezer)

Arrange meringues into airtight containers and keep them in a dry, cool area. They can be stored in the kitchen and can have an average shelf life of between 2 and 4 weeks. You can also freeze them until 6 months.

Wow! I’m salivating already at the idea of these candy bars. What kind of candy do you love making? We’d love to hear from you!

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