How Long Do Potatoes Last? (In The Fridge)

How long will potatoes keep in the fridge, and how can you tell whether the potatoes are rotten?

Potatoes are a food item in the kitchens of many.

You likely buy potatoes often. However, buying an entire sack might not be enough to have enough before they’ve gone bad.

It all depends on how often you cook with potatoes. However, knowing how long something is likely to last is always helpful.

In the case of potatoes, they’re typically going to last longer when refrigerated.

If potatoes are stored in the pantry and are not used up, they’ll last between three to five weeks.

They will last longer than. It is possible to keep them for 3 to 4 weeks in the fridge to keep them fresh.

If you don’t know you’ll be using potatoes for a short period, It’s always recommended to store your potatoes in your refrigerator.

Potatoes might or may not come with a “sell-by” date on the bag they’re sold in. Sometimes, the potatoes packaged in plastic bags may be marked with a “sell-by” date.

If this “sell-by” date is listed on the label, it is important to know that this is the day on which potatoes can be sold before they’ve reached the age of being too old.

Potatoes used later than when the “sell-by” date has lapsed are okay; you have to treat them like normal and safely store them, so they last the longest time possible.

How To Know What’s Going On? Potatoes Are Bad?

You’ll be able to discern that the potatoes are in a bad state by noticing that the potatoes are becoming discolored or have begun to sprout new growths through the skin.

When potatoes start to go bad and become rotten, they’ll get less supple and weaker as they age.

It is important to note that sprouts on potatoes do not render it useless as you can slice these white sprouts and utilize the potatoes in the same way as you normally do.

As soon as the potatoes begin growing, these sprouts. The quality of the potato is no longer the same as it was previously. This means that some may want to throw out the potatoes in this situation.

The potatoes can also have green spots after they’ve had direct light shining onto them for prolonged durations of time. Cutting off the green spot is possible but keep using the potatoes.

Potatoes are prone to develop mold when they are wet. If your potatoes turn damp, you’ll need to be required to throw them away immediately. There’s no way to protect the potatoes from this.

Washing potatoes is not a good option when you’re planning to store them, as it increases the likelihood of them getting moldy.

If you’ve cooked potatoes and want to know what happens to them after they’ve turned bad, then be aware that they are getting old as the liquid begins to split from the solid portion of the potato. In time, the potatoes will begin to smell bad. It’s recommended to get them out of the way at the point they begin to smell this way.

Methods of Storing Potatoes to Increase the Time They Are Useable

You’ll want to store your potatoes in a place that is dark and cool all the time. There are several options to take into consideration:

One option is to keep these in the cellar. If the temperature in your cellar is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll be able to keep them inside over the course of months.

A lot of people don’t own a cellar; However, they do have a cellar. This is why they typically keep potatoes in their refrigerators.

One issue is that keeping potatoes at low temperatures can tend to make them sweeter. It also causes the potatoes to darken faster than you would normally fry, so be aware of this when making your choice.

If you’re planning on stocking potatoes in your kitchen or cellar and want to prevent them from growing, then make sure that you prevent the sprouts from growing rapidly.

If you place a potato in a brown paper bag and a ripe apple and this makes an impact. The apple releases ethylene gas, stopping the potato from forming sprouts.

Once you’ve prepared potatoes, you must place them in a sealed container. They must be stored in this manner to ensure they last longer than is possible.

This prevents moisture from entering and allows your potatoes-based dish to remain palatable for longer durations of time.

Freezing raw potatoes isn’t an option that most people would consider. They aren’t good for freezing. However, French fries are different.

You can freeze French fries after they’ve been cooked in part. They will not last for long periods because they form crystals of ice. However, you can store French fries for a bit more through freezing.

How to Make Use of Your Potatoes before they go Bad

If you’re planning to make use of your potatoes before they spoil, You may need some suggestions.

There are plenty of delicious potato-based dishes that can be considered for cooking.

If you’ve got some leftover potatoes that have taken up the space of your fridge, You can use them for another dish. This is the ideal basis ingredient for potato pancakes.

Utilizing just a few eggs and salt, and pepper, along with a tiny amount of milk, You’ll be able to create the perfect mixture for these pancakes. Mix everything together thoroughly before forming it into a flat form. Spread this potato mix in the pan, then form it into a flat shape using your preferred spatula. Cook until it is been browned, then cook the opposite side. When everything is done, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious potato pancakes.

This is a good option for when you have potatoes that aren’t cooked. Try to create some food from your potatoes prior to them going bad and ensure that everyone is eating what you cooked. You can make mashed potatoes, potato pancakes, potato salad, or fried potatoes.

Potatoes are an extremely versatile and great for making delicious side dishes. If you’re looking to cook something to accompany your main meal for the evening, make sure you have that bag of potatoes you’ve been thinking about using. Any of the suggestions above can be great for cooking your potatoes. Pick something your family members will love, and then make it to your best capability.

Special Potato Facts

Potatoes are among the most affordable crops to cultivate and have been an important food source due to this.

It is possible to grow potatoes effortlessly without using items like fertilizers or any other specific chemicals.

They can be grown quickly and are a fantastic way to fill your body. Potatoes were even planted in some areas previously.

It is also true that potatoes are made mainly from water. 80 percent of the potato’s weight is water. Potatoes can grow to be quite big. Lastly, they have grown to weigh up to 18 pounds.

The Final Words about “How Long Do Potatoes Last (In the Fridge)?”

Once you’ve figured out the length of time potatoes are likely to last, you’ll be able to prepare according to the timeframe. Potatoes are able to last for quite a while.

They remain longer in the fridge, however, they can last for quite a long time in the pantry. Make sure you take advantage of them before they get rotten and you’ll be good to go.

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