How Many Minutes Per Pound Does It Take To Cook A Frozen Roast Beef?

There’s nothing more disappointing than thinking you’ve got something to prepare for dinner, only to have your fridge and pantry fail you.
But, there’s nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect piece of roast beef frozen in your freezer a couple of hours before you’re required to put dinner served because you’ll be amazed at how you can cook roast beef with been frozen!
Although cooking frozen roast beef can take much longer than cooking a frozen piece of meat, the texture, taste, and integrity of the beef aren’t at risk when cooking it from frozen.

How long per pound is it to cook fresh first beef that has been frozen? The general rule is that the cooking time for frozen roast beef is roughly 50% more than the proper cooking time for fresh roast beef. Therefore, for medium-rare roast beef, cook for approximately 30 to 35 minutes per pound. For medium roast, cook for around 40-45 hours for each pound.

Continue reading to find the best spices to cook the roast beef you have frozen. Also, the time required to cook a roast beef that has been frozen and cooking techniques to stay clear when cooking roast beef frozen.

What Is Roast Beef?

It is one of the tastiest and sought-after cuts of beef. It is any beef cut cooked in the oven.
Roasts can be prepared with various cuts of beef, but prefer the top roast of the round, such as ribeye roast, tenderloin roast, chuck roast, and prime roasts.

Roast beef can be enjoyed fresh from the oven. It can be referred to as a pot roast. It is typically served with onions, potatoes as well as carrots. Another popular way roast beef is consumed is as a sandwich in delis.
Whatever way it’s consumed, regardless of how it’s consumed, if it’s a portion of meat that has been roasted in the oven, it’s classified as roast beef.

Tips For Cooking Frozen Roast Beef

There are certain steps to follow when cooking roast beef. They are even more crucial when you prepare ice-cold roast beef.
Be aware of these tips when you cook the roast beef that you have frozen:
Rinse the Meat

Before doing anything to the animal, it is important to clean it thoroughly to remove any extra ice or frost.
This can help with handling it, as it becomes less slippery. It also helps make it easier for the spices to adhere to the meat.
After you’ve washed it off, dry it to the maximum extent you can by using paper towels. Naturally, it will be frozen and dry, but having a dry exterior can help to create an outer crust.

Season Meat
Be sure to spice the roast beef thoroughly. You should add salt, pepper, and any other herb or seasonings you’d like to use.
The most popular flavored roast methods include rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage, mustard seed, and butter.
Another way to ensure the roast is succulent and delicious is to include chicken or beef broth during the cooking process.
Simply place the cut of meat on a rack in an oven and then cover it in the lower part of the pan using broth. Add aromas such as garlic, onion, and herbs to the broth for additional flavor.

Use Meat Thermometer
Utilizing a meat thermometer is essential in cooking any type of meat. It is crucial in the case of cooking meat that has been frozen.
Of course, we’re able to estimate the amount of time meat will need to cook; however, different cuts of meat are made equal.
Perhaps the prep time is shorter for certain people, and the meat will take a bit longer. Someone who cuts the meat and prepares it for a few minutes doesn’t require more time to cook in the oven.
The best method to ensure that you’ve cooked your food to the desired temperature is to use the meat thermometer.

How Long Is It Going To Take to Cook A frozen Roast Beef?

The cooking time of beef depends on how heavy the beef piece weighs.
Medium-rare roast beef has 135degF. Medium roast beef is 145degF.
To cook a medium-rare beef roast, cook it for around 30 to 35 minutes for each pound. For medium roast beef, cook for approximately forty-five minutes for each pound.

This chart explains the time the cooking process takes to freeze roast steak to reach the desired temperature:
(This is done in an oven preheated to 400-500 deg.)
Meat Weight
Medium Rare (135degF)
Medium (145degF)
1 hr-1 hr, and 10 minutes
1 hr and 20 minutes – 1 30 min and 1 hr
1 hour and 30 minutes – 1 hour and 45 minutes
2 hr – 2 hr and 15 minutes
2 hr – 2 hr and 20 minutes
2 hours and 40 minutes–3 1 hr
2 hours and 30 minutes–2 hr and 55 minutes
3 hrs and 20 minutes – 3 1 hr and 45 min
3 hr – 3 hr and 30 minutes
4 hr-4 hr, and 30 minutes

Other Questions

We’ve covered how to calculate the amount of time you’ll need to cook, the size of the meat roast, and the weight of your roast beef; let’s look at a few questions about the topic!

Can I make cooked roast meat frozen in a slow cooker?
Unfortunately, the crockpot doesn’t heat up fast enough to cook the frozen beef roast safely.
The roast meat will not reach a safe temperature at the right time and puts you at risk of developing bacteria.

Can I prepare frozen roast beef in an instant pot?
If you’re employing the Pressure cooker feature in the instant pot, you can cook the frozen steaks.
Contrary to the Crockpot, however, the instant pot can be heated fast enough to stop the growth of bacteria.

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