Jamie Oliver’s Net Worth – How Wealthy Is The Chef?

Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver on his cooking channel.

Jamie Oliver is a world famous celebrity Chef and restaurateur with an estimated net worth of $200 million dollars. Jamie Oliver has earned his fortune through TV shows, cookbooks, restaurants, and endorsements.

Jamie Oliver was born in Clavering, Essex, England. He grew up in Cambridge. His parents, Trevor and Sally Oliver ran a pub called The Cricketers, where Jamie first encountered the restaurant industry. Jamie was a helper in the kitchen when he was still a child, and as he got older, so did his enthusiasm to pursue a career in the kitchen.

Oliver has been a strong advocate for healthy eating in schools, leading him to receive an award by Channel 4 News for the Most Inspiring Political Figure of 2005.


Jamie Oliver is a popular and well-regarded TV chef celebrity with a wide range of cookbooks and TV appearances and had a restaurant empire until its downfall.

What Age Is Jamie Oliver?

Jamie Oliver is 47 years old, born in Clavering, Essex, England, in 1975.

What Is Jamie Oliver’s Net Worth?

Jamie Oliver holding food in his old restaurant, Jamie's Italian.
Jamie Oliver holding food in his old restaurant, Jamie’s Italian.

Jamie Oliver’s net worth is an estimated $200 million. Oliver features in our Richest Celebrity Chef List among some of the world’s richest chefs.

Jamie’s net worth has been built from TV appearances and endorsements, and he has made a substantial profit from his books. The downfall of his restaurant chain negatively affected his net worth.

Where Did Jamie Oliver Learn To Cook?

Picture of Jamie Oliver in River Cafe.
Jamie Oliver first appeared on TV in 1997. Oliver is featured in a BBC documentary about the River Café, where he worked as a sous-chef.

Oliver was a student at The Westminster Catering College at the age of 16. Shortly after started working in France before joining Antonio Carlugios’s Italian restaurant, The Neal Street Restaurant, as the Head Pastry Chef.

It is said that the Neal Street Restaurant is one of the most acclaimed establishments in England. He had a strong relationship with his teacher Gennaro Contaldo. In later years, Oliver employed Contaldo to assist him in running his high-street chain of restaurants, including Jamie’s Italian.

What Restaurants Does Jamie Oliver Own?

Jamie Oliver outside one of his restaurants, Jamie's Italian.
Jamie Oliver outside one of his restaurants, Jamie’s Italian.

The restaurants he has run have not been as successful as his shows and books. In 2015, Jamie Oliver told The Guardian, “I wasted 40% of my business ventures.” In May 2019, Jamie’s prediction back in 2015 came true as his restaurant empire fell into receivership.

In the aftermath, 22 of Jamie’s Italian restaurants shut down, and more than 1,000 people lost their jobs.

The restaurant chain was burdened from the start with over a million dollars in debt, including approximately $10 million, which Jamie provided to the company in 2017. The restaurant’s losses were $25 million in the year 2017.

The group’s debt reached $90 million. In January 2020, the bankruptcy administration announced that the bulk of the $80 million Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain’s debt following its demise in May 2019 could not be recouped.

Many suppliers and town councils will shoulder the cost of the losses. This caused negative press towards the much-loved British chef in many areas he owned restaurants in.

What Books Did Jamie Oliver Publish?

Jamie Oliver holding one of his recipe cookbooks.
Jamie Oliver holding one of his recipe cookbooks.

Jamie Oliver isn’t just the proprietor of several well-known eateries and the author of numerous books like Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to Good Health, Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals, Happy Days With the Naked Chef, and more. Oliver has sold over 14 million copies worldwide, contributing to his wealth.

Oliver is the second-highest-selling British author. He’s also been on numerous television shows, like Top Gear and Iron Chef America. Jamie Oliver is about showing the world how to eat well and remain healthy.

What TV Shows Has Jamie Oliver Presented?

Jamie Oliver presenting on his cookshow.
Jamie Oliver presenting on his cook show.

Through his books as well as his television program, The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver shares his knowledge in the field of fine eating and cooking. He is regarded as an artist in the kitchen in the field of Italian and British food, but Oliver is an expert in a variety of other international cuisines too.

Oliver’s passion for cooking fresh and healthy food was a constant when he developed Jamie’s Ministry of Food, a television show in which the host traveled to encourage everyday people living in Rotherham, Yorkshire, to cook healthy food choices.

In 2010 – 2011 he hosted another show called Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, which took him through Huntington, West Virginia, and Los Angeles to address America’s dependency on fast food and transform how Americans consume food.

In 2012 he presented Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals on Channel 4.

What Awards Has Jamie Oliver Won?

British Academy Television Awards 2006: Jamie Oliver wins the Richard Dimbleby Award.
British Academy Television Awards 2006: Jamie Oliver wins the Richard Dimbleby Award.

His campaigns to change the way we eat the diet resulted in him being awarded Most Inspiring Political Figure of 2005 by Channel 4 News.

Does Jamie Oliver Have A Family?

Jamie Oliver with his family.
Jamie Oliver with his family.

Jamie Oliver is married to the former model Juliette Norton. They have five kids, Buddy Bear Maurice, Poppy Honey, Rosie Petal Blossom, Rainbow Daisy Boo Pamela, and River Rocket Blue. The Oliver family was a long-time resident in Hampstead Heath in London.

In the summer of 2019, they relocated into a £6-million mansion dating to the 16th century in Finchingfield, Essex. The mansion is situated on a 70-acre of land that includes a farmhouse with six bedrooms, a lodge with three bedrooms, a swimming pool, and a tennis court.


Is Gordon Ramsay Richer Than Jamie Oliver?

Gordon Ramsay is richer than Jamie Oliver. Ramsay’s net worth is $220 million, and Oliver’s net worth is $200 million.

Who Is The Richest Chef In The World?

Alan Wong is the richest chef in the world, with a net worth of $1.1 billion. All of Alan Wong’s net worth is greater than Jamie Oliver’s and Gordon Ramsay’s combined.

Is Jamie Oliver Rich?

Yes, Jamie Oliver is considered rich by his net worth of $200 million.

What Is Gordon Ramsay Worth?

Gordon Ramsay’s net worth is estimated to be $220 million.

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