Learn to Be a Food Blogger

When I was starting this Blog I had no idea about this ,,Big World of Blogging”. I had to start from scratch. I had to learn everything on my own. How to even start a blog (which you can learn here: How to start a Food Blog), how to build a website, understanding WordPress, learning how to take pictures of my food, how to manage ads on my site … basically, everything that you should know when you want to be part of that ,,Food Blogger World”. The only thing I already knew was to Cook 😛

Learn to Be a Food Blogger

I was watching many many tutorials, videos, reading eBooks, lots of googling, trying to find some solutions, help, tips, and tricks, trying to get some help from other people … etc.

Here I have put a few things or ways what I found very useful when I was digging and looking for ,,How to … “ answers, and helped me to start my own Food Blog.

But before, I would like to thank everybody who helped me in many ways, I even want to thank to Google for even existing 🙂

Could you imagine if you would have to build your own website by building those HTML and CSS codes? I can not even imagine that. Thank God that we live in this century where we don’t have to do that anymore. Things are much easier now and we have people who make it easy for us to just make our website pretty. There are even people you can manage your side for you, help you in any ways.

So I’m very grateful for everything.

FOOD BLOGGER PRO – From here I have learned many things about How to start and monetize my Food blog. They have over 350 videos for beginners, forums, interview videos with other food bloggers … etc. You should definitely sign up and join the Food Blogger Pro . I highly recommend it.

TASTY FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY eBook – This book is unbelievably good and helpful for the improvement of your photography. The eBook taught me a lot. Make me understand more about photography world, get to know my camera, the best ways of shooting food, how to set up ISO, editing my photos to look more delicious as possible and much more. And I’m still learning from that book. I’m very grateful to Lindsey, the author of the eBook.

HOW I MADE 40K MY FIRST YEAR OF BLOGGING eBook – The author of this eBook is Chelsea and she writes about her first year of blogging, how she started her food blog, things that she has learned in that year, she shares her tips and tricks. And honestly, this eBook inspired me and also taught me a lot. Made me realize what food blogging actually is, helped me start my own food blog and eventually pushed me to be a part of the ,,Food Blogging World”. So I’m also very grateful to Chelsea for bringing this eBook to the world.


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