7 Fruits That Start With E

Which fruits begin with the letter E?

It’s an enjoyable exercise to discover or even to try all the fruits that begin with the letters of the alphabet however, some letters are more difficult than others.

When I went to research fruits that start with the letter E, I thought it would actually not be too difficult but I was surprised how few fruits actually start with the letter E!

So, after an hour or two, here are some juicy details of 7 fruits that begin with E.

1. Eggfruit

Eggfruits are round with the skin of a glossy yellow, surrounded by soft yellow flesh at the time they are ripe. The eggfruit is named because its texture, color, and taste have struck a striking resemblance with an egg yolk that has been hardboiled.

They’re an excellent fruit to consume fresh and raw from the tree, especially when they have the taste and sensation of almost exotic egg custard.

A very well-known method of eating eggfruit is to prepare egg-based nog by getting rid of the seeds and skin of the egg fruit and mixing the mixture with almond milk vanilla, dates, vanilla, and Nutmeg.

2. Elderberry

The elder trees that produce elderberries are tiny deep-purple berries with a translucent, soft pulp. The berries consist of more than 80percent water. They are frequently called “bright”, elderberries have an earthy, tart flavor and are often consumed in fresh-picked snacks.

Elderberries are also cooked to make jams and pies, as well as other desserts. They’re being marketed as a superfood due to their ability to reduce the symptoms of a typical cold or flu. The purple berries are utilized for food-grade coloring agents for food items and even clothing dyes.

3. Elephant Apple

Elephant apples are huge apple-like fruit that appears to be covered in dense green petals. The insides of the elephant apples consist of a jelly-like mealy pulp that has an off-white hue.

Elephant apples are named not for their appearance like apples, but because they are an integral part of the diet of Indian elephants. Birds and monkeys also seem to like these fruits.

Elephant apples are edible to humans also, but they’re characterized by a strong, unappealing scent and a bittersweet, astringent taste. When the fruits are utilized to be eaten by humans and cooking, they are usually utilized to enhance the flavor of soups and curries.

4. Emblica

Also called Indian Gooseberries, Emblica are tiny round fruit that is larger than the common green grapes. These tiny pieces of fruit are almost transparent, with bright green skin and pulp. Inside are marked segments and a single seed.

The Emblica fruit can be very sour at first bite but will be bitter, astringent, and sweet undertones, as well as a pleasant aftertaste. The Emblica fruit is often used to treat colds and other diseases however, they can be consumed raw and fresh if you like the tartness. The fruit is also used as a treat after it has been soaked in syrup over a couple of weeks.

5. Emu Berry

Emu berries are also referred to by other names that don’t flatter, like Diddle Diddle and Dysentery Bush to mention just a few however their scientific designation, Podocarpus Drouynianus is the most popular.

Emu berries can be found on Australian trees as tiny red berries with the texture of plums. Emu berries lack much of a flavor, they’re more like some sweetness. They’re edible, but their rates of production are fluctuating which is why the bushes are only used for decoration in gardens at home.

The whole plant is beneficial in a variety of medicinal uses

6. Entawak Fruit

Entawak is a rare fruit measuring 3-4 inches that are found throughout Borneo, Sumatra, and Malaysia. They have yellowish-brown skin with a spiky. Above the spiked armor, you’ll find small balls of juicy orange pulp that surround the seeds. These are also edible.

The flesh of the Mentawai berry is consumed raw and fresh and is a sweet, powerful pumpkin-like taste. Its seeds are consumed raw, but they can be baked using the preferred seasonings as a nutritious snack or as a garnish.

7. Etrog

Etrog has a long tradition as a “beautiful fruit.” The etrog is the Hebrew word that means citron it is used in Jewish religious ceremonies, great effort is put into selecting the most beautiful and beautiful of fruit. When the fruits are utilized in religious ceremonies and ceremonies, they are usually used in the form of marmalade, fruit candies, juice, and used as garnishes for desserts and meals.

Etrogs or citrons appear to be large, chunky, bumpy lemons. The skin is thick and waxy and has a strong citrus smell when it’s touched. The fruit is the mostly white pith, with a rind. They have little flesh, which is typically abundant in citrus fruits.

Etrogs can also be used for cosmetics and medicinal uses like morning sickness, the flu, and cold.

Now that you know all about fruits that begin with the letter E, you will maybe find it interesting to know about foods that start with the letter E!

Norah Clark

Norah Clark

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