Ordinary Syrups & Their Shelf Life – Easy Guide

What is the preferred syrup that you drizzle on waffles? Here are nine common syrups as well as their shelf lives.

Maple Syrup

Perhaps the most popular of syrups, due to its popularity, the syrup comes from the sugar maple tree which is a native to North America.

The sap from the tree is taken, heated, and then turned into a concentrated form by evaporation.

Production of maple syrup is an old practice. Native Americans are synonymous with making syrup to be consumed.

Pure maple syrup can be graded according to its sweetness and color. Today, there are a lot of imitations of syrup. They are typically made of sugar syrup and maple flavor. These imitations are widely sold and used in the form of condiments.

How Long Is Maple Syrup Shelf Life?

Maple syrup can be stored well in a dry, cool location, away from direct sun. When stored properly, it can last for four years.

But after two years, the maple syrup begins to lose its color. Therefore, freezing is the ideal method. After opening, cool for use in the next 8 months.

Caramel Syrup

This term is used to refer to various variants. For example, there is one variation that is usually consumed with coffee.

If you are making caramel syrup for coffee, make the standard sugar syrup. Don’t let it get thicker. Include flavors such as vanilla or salt. It has a thick consistency. Contrarily the other kind of syrup made from caramel is much more scientific. It is made with more ingredients and is thicker and creamier. Ingredients that are used include sugar, butter whipping cream, flavorings, and whipping cream.

Heat butter and sugar until they caramelize. After that, add whipping cream. The most popular variations include salted caramel as well as creme caramel syrup.

Salted caramel syrup, also known as creme caramel syrup, is often used to make desserts or drizzled over waffles, pancakes, and other sweet snacks.

How Long Is Caramel Syrup Shelf Life?

Refrigerate and use for 3 months before using. In contrast to commercially packaged syrups, homemade syrups have a lower shelf time. This is especially true when they do not contain preservatives.

Golden Syrup

This kind of syrup is also known as treacle. It is produced by cane sugar in its process of refinement. It is also possible to make it using Molasses or unrefined sugar. Other ingredients include water as well as an acid like lemon juice.

The golden syrup has a thick consistency and is either dark or light. Food processors widely use it to sweeten processed food items. It is also a common appearance in baked and dessert products.

How Long Is Golden Syrup Shelf Life?

The type is equipped with the date printed. It is, however, kept for two years after the date printed expires.

Corn Syrup

The syrup is produced from the extracted glucose in corn starch. This is why it goes by the name of glucose syrup. Following processing, the final result is a thick sticky, viscous syrup that differs in the shade.

Corn syrup comes with an HFCS derivative, high fructose syrup (HFCS), a liquid artificial sweetener. A majority of drinks that are commercially manufactured, such as confectioneries, processed foods as well as desserts, and candies, have these two.

How Long Is Corn Syrup Shelf Life?

The bottles that have not been opened are safe within the cupboard but away from direct light and heat. It will last for six months. However, open corn syrup is usable for 4 months.

Agave Syrup

It is also known as nectar from agave. This kind of nectar is made from the sap of the agave plant native to deserts. The leaves are first cut off and left behind only the fina (core) that has the sap.

The sap is heated to create the creation of a thick, rich, and rich concentrate. It is then filtered before being is packaged as sweet golden nectar/agave syrup. It can be used as an ingredient to sweeten and as a condiment.

How Long Is Agave Syrup Shelf Life?

You can safely make use of agave syrup for two years after the date it was printed. Keep it in the pantry in a dry, cool area.

Cane Syrup

It is created by boiling the juice of cane until it is concentrated. The cane syrup is thick with a caramel taste.

It has a golden dark color and is reminiscent of Molasses, but in it is a lighter form. It is a very popular sweetener, condiment, and condiment and a substitute for molasses in many recipes.

How Long Is Cane Syrup’s Shelf Life?

Cane syrup that is not opened remains in good condition for two years. Once it is opened, cool and use within one year.

Spiced Syrups

Flavored syrups with flavor are simply sugar syrups with added flavors that can be artificial or natural.

The most commonly used flavors are taken from fruits and confectioneries, herbs, edible flowers, nuts, and spices.

Examples are Strawberry, chocolate vanilla, toffee hazelnut, butterscotch mint, and lemon. Other examples include rosemary and lavender. Basil, berries, coffee marshmallows, peppermint, peach ginger, almonds, and coconut.

In reality, you can flavor your food with anything edible in the world.

How Long Is Chocolate Syrup Shelf Life?

Chocolate syrup purchased from the store can last 3 or more years. After opening, it is best to refrigerate it for 2 years or more. If you make your version, you should use it in the next 6 months.


Honey is highly valued due to its variety. It’s not surprising that honey can be found in syrups. As a syrup, it is possible to drizzle honey over breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles, cereal bowls, fruit, and yogurt. You can also use it to sweeten drinks.

It is regarded as a better alternative to table sugar. Since its beginning, honey has been a staple on people’s tables and in their pantries for numerous reasons: food, medicine, and even as a cosmetic.

How Long Is Honey’s Shelf Life?

Of the 9 normal syrups and their shelf lives, Honey has the longest shelf duration. It lasts for an indefinite time. But, there are a few reasons that render it ineffective:

  • Air
  • Moisture
  • Direct sunlight

It may crystallize and change color.


Molasses is an organically occurring crude by-product. It is also known in the form of black treacle. Molasses is a byproduct of sugar processing or the process of making beets.

Black treacle is a popular choice with its glossy, thick brown/black appearance. It can also vary because of the grading. Molasses is graded based on:

  • Extraction method
  • sugar content.
  • The age of the plant being employed

Molasses is a well-known sweetener. Also, you can incorporate it into baking recipes like gingerbread, fruit cake, and dense, rich cookies.

How Long Is Molasses Shelf Life?

Even after a long period of storage, molasses keeps its texture and color. So, you can safely use it for 2 years after.

What Is Syrup?

Simply stated, a syrup is any thick liquid created by reducing sugar. Syrups are made naturally from plants and then flavored to be used in cooking or infused with medicinal.

How Long Is Most Syrups Shelf Life?

Although they aren’t so perishable as fresh fruits and meats, syrups can lose effectiveness after a couple of years. Change your bottles as soon as you observe these signs:

  • Color change
  • Off-odor
  • Surfaces with mold and mildew

Understanding the 9 common syrups and their shelf lives is vital. Even more so if they have frequent appearances in your kitchen shelves.

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