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I’m Norah Clark, RD: a pastry chef, and food blogger!

Norah Clark is an experienced chef in some of the leading restaurants and hotels worldwide, notably The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Four Seasons, The Plaza, and Savoy Hotel in London. Norah is also a qualified nutritionist and diet consultant.

After packing up the 16 hour shifts, leaving work smelling of onions, and becoming an emotional wreck – she kickstarted YummyTasteFood to teach others everything she knows about cooking!

Chef Norah Clark and full-time blogger.

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Why should you trust YummyTasteFood?

With over 15 years of experience in cooking and baking in some of the world’s leading restaurants and hotels, Chef Norah Clark has become a renowned expert in the culinary world.

Her passion for creating delicious dishes has led her to test and review countless kitchen gadgets and equipment, to ensure they meet her high standards.

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