Party Snack Small One Bites

Small Party Snack Olives With Vegetables and Baguette on a Foodpicks

Do you also have those days when you literally crave for some sweats or salty things almost every day in a row? I have those days right now. And me – Salty Loving Person, I have cravings for chips, fries, popcorn… etc, even more than usual. What’s happening to me?

Party Snack Small One Bites

Popcorn and chips are my The Most Favorite snacks of all time/ in my life. And speaking of Favorite snacks … Those Little olive and vegetable mix on a toothpick belong to my Fav. Snacks for parties. I love parties or visiting, family times, birthdays … all that stuff I just love and enjoy them every time. No matter what kind of celebration it is, I like them all.

When I was much younger and every time somebody had a birthday or we were celebrating something we and almost whole family came to my grandma. We prepared some sweets, chips, cakes, snack… etc. And one of the most important things in a Snack Bar were those One Bites on a Toothpicks. They are very fun to make them, really. Because usually, somebody helps you to make them and then you have time to spend with that person over the One Bites on a toothpick.

Hmm … that doesn’t really sound like a fun or interesting or like a big deal, I know. Boring.

But, I just enjoy making some food with somebody. It’s so nice and fun. It’s much nicer than making it by yourself, alone. Although I like to make or cook something delicious for some beloved person or just for the whole family by myself. And even when it’s supposed to be a surprise. I love surprises. And I even like making surprises for somebody else much more than when somebody prepares a surprise for me.

But I have to tell you one story of my most favorite surprises that was made for me. I just love it.

It was my 18th birthday. I was visiting my cousin and my family in their city about 45 miles from our home. I was there for a few days or maybe a week. And then I was about to go home, but I didn’t want to because I always loved it there. They live near our big mountains, the nature is so beautiful there and the family, it’s just so nice to be with. And … they have such a huge house! Ha-ha

I was calling my mom if I could stay there at least one more day, but she said No, I should come home that day. And she was very strict about it. That was very weird. Mostly she let me stay there a little while when I begged her.

I was a little sad that I had to leave. I was sitting on a train looking out the window and I remember that I almost cried. My dad came to pick me up from the train station. And on our way to home, which is 20 minutes from the train station, he was calling my mom I think every 10 minutes. That was very, very weird. We even stopped by a mall because my dad wanted a smoothie. Huh?

What is happening? This was all so weird and makes no sense.

We finally drove from the city, my dad drinking that smoothie and calling my mom every 10 minutes it was all weird but still a little ok. But when I noticed that how slow my dad is driving because mostly he drives so fast, that was a moment when I was getting suspicious. But I still had no idea, because my parents never did any big surprise for me. That is, I think the only one, or maybe some two or, three but no more.

Finally, we were coming to our house which was on my right side. Suddenly my dad said something like: ,,Look what our neighbor is doing” and pointing to the left side. I looked to the left side and my dad quickly parked his car in front of our house so that I couldn’t see what is happening behind the house, cause from that view I could have seen in our garden behind the house. Very smart daddy.

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As I was coming towards our house I still didn’t see anything suspicious. I was getting disappointed because of all those weird acts that my dad pooled the whole way I thought that maybe some surprise is ready for me. And all of a sudden many or a few people jumped out from behind the house and in one second I didn’t know what’s happening. It was all: ,,Happy Birthday!! Surprise!! Yeeeey!!” and screaming from all sides.

I was so happy! Very, very happy. It was my family and friends, lots of people. It was probably around 15 people and everybody that I love. They were holding balloons, party blowouts, everybody had those birthday hats on their heads and the funniest thing for us was some kind of party blowouts which had blown out a many little tiny color papers all over our garden which we had to literally vacuum cleaner them from the grass. If the neighbors saw us vacuum cleaning the grass they would probably think that we are crazy 😀 Ha-ha.

We had a super delicious meal that my dad made over the fire by a barbecue. Birthday cake of course. And the main thing about the whole birthday party that I enjoyed the most was finding hidden presents. They were hidden all over our garden and it was 18 of them. And they said that only two of them are inside the house and that a little goblin will guide the way where they are hidden. Our garden is pretty big, so I had to walk and look for the goblins first. I had found the first goblin. It was a little goblin on a pick painted on a paper and stuck on the ground. Every goblin that I have found was pointing in some direction that showed me the present. Some I have found behind the rock, upon a tree, inside the ground, in a dog house, one was even inside the well that I had to climb there. But it was such a big fun! 🙂 I would do it all over again.

So, those little Olive – One Bites (my the most Favorite Snacks) are so easy to make. You just take a toothpick and impale one by one:

Notes: You can assemble vegetables of any kind you like. Or anything else that comes up with your taste.

  • olive
  • pickled chili or red paprika
  • onion
  • pickles

And that you just impale on a bread with a spreadable cheese. Fun right? And it’s, even more, fun to eat them, trust me! 😉

Party Snack Small One Bites

Party Snack Small One Bites

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By Serves: 5 Cooking Time: 30-40


  • 2-3 Baguettes
  • Spreadable Cheese any kind
  • Pickles (1 jar)
  • Onion
  • Red Hot Chili in a jar (optional)
  • Pickled red paprika (optional)
  • Olives
  • Food Picks or a Toothpicks



Cut the baguettes into slices, about 1 cm thin.


Spread them with spreadable cheese, any kind you like. I’ve used ,,The Laughing Cow”.


Now cut the pickles into thin rounds and put them on all the baguettes.


Cut the onion into 1/5 pieces and divide them so that you have a thin pieces of onion. If you want chili you can also cut it into small pieces. And all the onions, chili, olives you can prepare into little bowls so that you are ready to assemble the Bites.


Take a food pick and impale the olives first, so that you have it on a top. Then impale the rest and stick it on the baguette piece with pickle. Tadaaaa … And that way continue with all the baguettes. Enjoy 🙂


You can assemble vegetables of any kind you like. Or anything else that comes up with your taste.

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