What Does Queen Elizabeth II Have For Breakfast?

What Does The Queen Of England Enjoy For Breakfast?

At the remarkable age of 96 years old, it is interesting to find out what kind of daily breakfast Queen Elizabeth enjoys during her reign. Her Majesty enjoys starting with breakfast tea, a simple bowl of Special K, an assortment of fruits, and sometimes scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

What is it that Queen Elizabeth consumes for breakfast daily? According to the report of Darren McGrady, a former chef at the Royal kitchens, Queen Elizabeth II is a stickler for the same breakfast daily and lunch and dinner.

It may be a shock to some; the Queen is quite simply a creature of routine. I have pieced together what Her Majesty enjoys for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, featuring her infamous nighttime tipple!

Tea First Before Light Breakfast

Many people aren’t aware that Queen Elizabeth is prone to a cup of Earl Gray tea. Her preferred brand of tea is Twinnings. A well-known English firm that exports tea all over the world. The Queen is known to be spotted browsing the wares of Fortnum & Mason – in particular, English Strawberry Jam.

McGrady did not elaborate on how often, but Queen Elizabeth is known to enjoy a cup of coffee each morning. After all, with her daily routine jam-packed with protocol and meetings – you could imagine one cup of coffee may not be enough.


Queen Elizabeth likes to keep things simple in her breakfast. A bowl filled with Special K with some assorted fruits is her preferred breakfast to get her morning off properly. She will indulge in scrambled eggs or smoked salmon for special occasions when she’s feeling it!

What Does Queen Elizabeth II Have For Breakfast?
Image credit: History.com article of the 1969 Royal Family documentary.


It is important to note it is the case that she is especially in love with the Gin and Dubonnet cocktail before tucking it into her lunch.

It is said that Queen Elizabeth likes some grilled chicken or fish and is known to steer clear of starches when eating during lunch. It’s the simplistic things that Queen Elizabeth enjoys most, which is not what most of her subjects would think of her lunch spread.

For fish, the Queen enjoys the taste of Dover Sole with wilted spinach or courgettes. In the case of chicken, grill it with salad.


Queen Elizabeth may enjoy a piece of chocolate biscuit cake for her afternoon tea before dinner. Queen Elizabeth’s fondness for chocolate cake is well documented in most documentaries and interviews.

Dinner meals follow the same pattern as lunch. A simple meal of cooked meat and veggies are the main ingredients, and there is room for venison or pheasant if the Queen wishes. Of course, Queen Elizabeth indeed enjoys a Sunday roast on Sundays; oh so British!

Alongside chocolate, the Queen also enjoys fresh peaches or strawberries as dessert.

To finish dinner or before bedtime, Queen Elizabeth will wash all the food down by drinking a glass of the most expensive champagne money can purchase. It’s a good life being queenie!

Perhaps the ritual of a nighttime tipple has been credited to her good health and endurance on the throne?

Interesting Facts & Questions

What Biscuit Does The Queen Eat?

The Queen is known for being a chocoholic. She is known to enjoy chocolate biscuit cake made from McVitie’s Rich Tea biscuits, a chocolate eclair, or a slice of her utmost favorite, Chocolate Perfection Pie.

Check out the recipe at downtonabbeycooks.com.

Does The Queen Eat Pizza?

No. Buckingham Palace tends to lean toward traditional French cuisine, avoiding Italian foods. A royal tradition stops the Queen from eating with her hands, according to the Palace’s former chef, Mr. McGrady.

What Time Does Queen Elizabeth Go To bed?

The Queen is known for working longer, grueling hours and going to bed late, around 11 pm. She tries to ensure eight hours of sleep and wakes every morning at 7:30 am.

Does The Queen Eat Alone?

Yes, she is known to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in her own company out of preference.

What is The Queen’s Favourite Sandwich?

We aren’t talking about afternoon tea sandwiches. The Queen’s guilty pleasure is said to be a burger. The chefs at Buckingham Palace prepare her favorite, venison, served with cranberry sauce and no bun.

What is The Queen’s Least Favourite Food?

Sandwiches aside, the Queen’s favorite guilty pleasure food is said to be a burger—but not in the way that non-royal folk knows them. The monarch requests her kitchen staff to prepare venison burgers from scratch, served with cranberry sauce and with no bun.

Does The Queen Eat Bread?

The Queen doesn’t eat most starch foods such as pasta, bread and even potatoes.

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