Simple Garnishes For Margaritas – What’s The Best?

What are the best garnishes for margaritas? The most commonly used garnish in a margarita is lime because its acidic flavor tends to pair well with most margarita flavors. But, other fruits can be used, including oranges, strawberries, and kiwis, along with herbs like rosemary and Thyme.

Margaritas are ideal for summertime or at any time. Margaritas can be prepared in a variety of ways.

It is possible to enjoy a classic lime margarita or explore other flavors – like mango, peach, watermelon, strawberry, or some other flavor. There is a myriad of options.

Adding a sprinkle of garnish is one of the most enjoyable aspects of making or having a delicious margarita.

The garnish is the perfect addition to the drink, particularly when it’s something that’s fun and delicious while at the same time. The trick is to find something easy to include!

In this article, we’ll show you the top simple margarita garnishes. There are some fantastic choices to explore, and they’re all easy and simple to make.

The majority time, they’re multi-functional and can be paired for any taste to create an impact and perfectly finish the margarita.

Read on to find out more about five simple garnishes for margaritas.

Selecting the Margarita Garnish

Before you decide on an appropriate garnish, we’ve some tips. While most garnish options are extremely flexible and can be utilized to make almost any flavor of a margarita, that doesn’t mean each garnish is appropriate for everyone.

Take a look at this info before deciding on your margarita garnish so that you can be sure that you choose the best alternative at the final!


For your meal, it’s likely that you’re seeking a certain flavor, so make sure to pick your garnish according to the flavors you’re going for.

Lime is likely an extremely well-known option and is a great match with any margarita flavor.

Perhaps you’re not fond of lime or are looking for something different from the usual recipe. Choose a flavor the guests and you enjoy and keep the experience fun and perhaps flirty in the process!


Do you want to go for some particular look? Certain people make use of garnishes specifically to add flavor to their drinks. However, that isn’t always the situation. In most cases, the garnish is used to add a touch of elegance.

If you want your garnish to make a fantastic look margarita, you should be aware of what you are using as a garnish and how you cut it and incorporate it into drinks.

Does the color blend into drinks? Do you think it’s cut nicely? Does it look good on the edges? All of these are possible questions to ask in this case.

Simple Garnishes to Serve with Margaritas

Picking a garnish to go with the margarita is easy. It’s possible to be imaginative and have fun choosing any of your favorite options in the world, but we’ve limited it to five fantastic options.

Below, you’ll see our top five picks for easy garnishes for margaritas.

1. Lime

Lime is most likely the most widely used ingredient for margaritas and other kinds of drinks.

It’s easy and simple to include, and you can cut it in various ways if you wish to.

If you choose to use the lime as a garnish for your margarita, it provides the drink with a bit of sweetness, and limes enhance the taste of the margarita perfectly well in most instances.

It is a great option to enhance your appearance or be used to add a touch of tang and a sour taste in addition – or really, whatever you like here!

There are several different methods to use lime as a garnishment, but it is all dependent on the way you wish to go about it and the number of garnishments you wish to create from the lime.

Some prefer cutting the lime into wedges since it’s only a simple slice. If you cut it in wedges, you can obtain between 4-6 wedge cuts in any kind of lime. You could make 8 wedges if you slice them very thinly. However, we’d estimate around 6.

Another method to cut limes for garnishing is to cut them into rounds. In this scenario, it is simply cutting off the ends of the lime and slicing small pieces from the entire lime.

A tiny cut in the lime round allows you to place it on the edge. The number of rounds you can get will depend on the thickness at which you slice them, but on average, you can expect to get 6-8 rounds using this method.

2. Orange

Citrus is always a great match with a margarita, especially with Triple sec or Cointreau used in the drink, which is the way most margarita recipes are prepared.

Slices of orange or wedges work well with a range of margarita flavors. However, they could cause a problem with certain flavors like peach.

It is true that the orange flavor is generally an excellent complement to the flavor of a margarita due to the presence of the sprinkling in a triple sec which is a citrus ingredient also.

Similar to lime, there are many ways you can cut the orange and add it to your recipe. Oranges tend to be larger than limes, so you can choose from several alternatives.

A few people like to cut thin orange wedges to create the edges.

It is possible to do this, but if it’s an extremely large orange, it could be a bit uncomfortable or too big for the edge. It is also possible to do rounds using oranges or even half-rounds that are similar except that the orange is cut in half before cutting it into pieces.

The round shape creates the look of a spiral and looks pretty stylish on the sides of the glass. We like the pop of color added by using oranges, and it really works and also adds that tinge of taste and citrus that many are really fond of.

3. Strawberry

Strawberries can be one of our top toppings for the margarita. It’s like a delicious little snack that goes perfectly with a refreshing drink.

Strawberries have a vibrant red color, which makes them shine when placed on the margarita’s rim.

Like other fruits we’ve discussed, there are different ways you can utilize the strawberry. It all depends on the type of look you’re looking for and what you’re hoping to achieve.

You could also mix a strawberry slice with a different garnishment, and it works great. We would suggest pairing serving a strawberry with lime or perhaps with an herb such as rosemary or Thyme. It’s gorgeous!

You can choose to use a full strawberry, half of a fruit, or perhaps the strawberry wedge or a round. They’re pretty flexible to cut in any way you’d like.

4. Herbs

Herbs are another option for garnishing drinks. It’s a fantastic alternative for margaritas but could also be added to an array of other drinks also.

Herbs are best when they are paired with something else because they are difficult to find and remain on top of your drink.

If you think about it, that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of the fresh herb on its own. We like the way that an herb can add a touch of appearance and make it appear somewhat earthy. The flavor of specific herbs usually complements the flavor of the drink, too.

We suggest using rosemary or Thyme for the majority of the time. Depending on the flavor you want to add to your margarita, you may be able to add mint or parsley as well.

Herbs are flavorful and fresh and will add flavor to your drink.

5. Kiwi

Also, think about making use of Kiwi to garnish your margarita. Kiwis should be cut into pieces and then cut into rounds to serve as a garnish. Some people don’t like the taste or flavor of Kiwi; however, it is pretty when it is used as a garnish.

If you cut it into round pieces, the various shades and seeds make an impression and look amazing when placed on the edge of the glass.

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