Simple Strawberry Jam Toasts With Cashews

Hiya lovely people!

I would literally wave to you all with happiness right now! Because I am Happy! It feels so good to be back. Save to say: ,,I’m back in the Game.” As some of you know I was out for a while. Literally out from my blog. Out of the Game. For few months. And that’s a really long time. Even though it went pretty fast. Like … that fast! Maybe I repeat myself but, time really flies. We moved, we have a full-time job (I know, I know… lame right?) so I didn’t have time for my blog, we were busy looking for a home, which we finally have and it’s lovely; I didn’t have a camera cause I was using my dad’s back at the time. But now I do. Yes! I have a camera. But, it’s not really mine. It’s just borrowed from a very good friend (Thank you Irina! You are a life savior).

I can not even describe the feeling. But it’s really great to be back. Writing, making new recipes (well this one is pretty simple. Just normal breakfast with a little upgrade. But still), taking pictures … Oh! Taking pictures. Gosh. I really missed this part! I was literally jumping on one spot full of happiness when I was taking pictures of those Strawberry Jam Toasts after such a long time. Do you know that feeling? That feeling of happiness. That you wanna jump out of your body. Haha. I have that feeling very often lately. And it feels amazing.

Simple Strawberry Jam Toasts With Cashews
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So now. About those Strawberry Jam Toasts with Cashews. Yep. That’s right. With cashews. And it’s exactly as simple as it sounds!

You will just need:

  1. Some toasts or bread
  2. Strawberry Jam
  3. Sprinkle of Cashews
  4. Oh and … don’t forget Butter! Hmmm …

Aaaand. That’s pretty much it. Simple right? And as I said. Just normal breakfast with a tiny little upgrade. And it’s Yum! And full of vitamins and good stuff. Cause cashews are good and healthy for us. And they are a good start for a big day.

And how to make those Toasts? Simple. Maybe it’s a little lame to tell you cause it’s so obvious. But I can tell you anyway. Just in case.

  1. So you take a bread, or a toast and …. Actually. You know what? I’m just gonna skip this obvious easy and simple part which everyone knows. Even 4-year-olds. And I’m gonna skip straight to the fun and upgraded part. So:
  2. Place a handful of cashews into a food processor. And just give it a few pulses until the cashews are well chopped into small pieces. The size of the cashews depends on your desire. Then just sprinkle the cashews over a top of the ready toasts with butter and Strawberry Jam. Tadaaa! And your upgraded breakfast is done.

I don’t know how about you but, I find sprinkling a food with something delicious so much fun and joy. It’s like it belongs to cooking and eating and kitchen area around. Either it’s a parmesan, chopped parsley, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. It’s a joy. To give that delicious food more deliciousness with your hands. And also make it more pretty. Cause you know. Good looking food just tastes better 😉

Simple Strawberry Jam Toasts With Cashews

Simple Strawberry Jam Toasts With Cashews

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By Serves: 2 Cooking Time: 10 Minutes


  • Few slices of Bread or Toasts
  • Butter
  • Strawberry Jam
  • 1/3 cup of Cashews



Spread the butter over the toasts or bread. Then assemble the Strawberry Jam on the toasts.


Place the cashews into a food processor and give it a few pulses until the cashews are well chopped until very small pieces.


Sprinkle the strawberry jam toasts with cashews. Enjoy your Breakfast!


I personally like the toasts full of cashews. But you can sprinkle as much as you desire. Give it a try,

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