6 Splendid Stone Fruits and their Shelf Life

What Are Stone Fruits?

The botanical name is drupes. Stone fruits are characterized by one pit or stone contained within the flesh. The majority of the stones are either freestanding or Clingy stones. Here are 6 amazing stone fruit and their shelf life:


The fragrant fruits are part of the family of Rosaceae and are included in the Prunus species. Prunus species. The cultivation of the plum is widespread across the world across all temperate zones.

Presently, China is tops in plum production. There are two main plum varieties, but numerous minor ones are available. Flavors vary from sweet to tart. Dried plumes are often referred to as prunes.

How Long Will Fresh Plums last In The Fridge?

Fresh and ripe plums can be perishable. So, you should cool them down to prolong their shelf-life. Keep them in plastic bags and consume them within five days.

Shelf Life of Plums In the Freezer

For more extended shelf life, you can freeze fresh plums. It is possible to freeze whole chopped or pureed plums. Before freezing, immerse your plums into the sugar syrup. This will help preserve the flavor, texture, and color. Then, pack them in an airtight container.

Well, frozen plums can last a shelf time of one year.

How Long Will Dried Plums Last In Your Pantry, Fridge or Freezer

While prunes are a good choice for storage, they are susceptible to spoiling because of poor storage. Bags of prunes that have not been opened are great to keep in the fridge, pantry, or the freezer.

In the fridge or pantry, They will remain in good condition for up to one year.

However, the well-frozen prunes can last for 2 years.


It is possible that you enjoy making a garnish for your drinks with them. Similar to plums, these vibrant dried drupes are common in temperate areas. Cherries can be tart or sweet.

The most popular sweet cherries are Bing as well as Rainier. The tangy, sour varieties such as Montmorency are often used in baking and food preparations. However, sweet cherries are an excellent snack.

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In addition to being sold fresh, cherries are usually stored in syrup. The reason is that they degrade rapidly.

How long do fresh cherries last? (At room temperature)

As with plums, fresh ripe cherries have a limited shelf time. Consume within 3 days or less.

Shelf Life of Fresh Cherries (In the Fridge)

To prolong the shelf life, cool fresh cherries. Place the cherries in bags made of plastic once they are dry. The cherries that are stored in the refrigerator last for up to 10 days.

How Long Do Frozen Cherries Last?

For storage for long periods for long-term storage, freeze cherries. Place the cherries in dry or sugar syrup, either cut or whole. Sour cherries don’t need to be packed in sugar.

The shelf life of well-frozen cherries is for between 8-12 months.


Originating originated from Asian regions such as China, lychees are part of the soapberry family and are part of the species Litchi Chinensis.

They thrive in humid climates and are very popular in Asian and Indian food preparations. They are pink-red in color and are sweet with smooth white flesh.

How long do fresh lychees Last? (At room temperature)

Due to their high water content, the fruit should be consumed fresh within four days. They can be prone to being brown after exposure to moisture and air.

Shelf Life of Commercially Processed Lychees

Lychees are rarely in pristine condition since they start to degrade shortly after the harvest. Therefore the surfaces of their lychees are immersed with safe substances. These chemicals do not just preserve their color but also prolong the shelf life of their products.

Furthermore, the texture and nutrients remain in place. After processing, they’re kept at a temperature that is optimally cool, around 4 degrees. When purchasing such items, make sure you keep these constant temperatures throughout the storage.

The lychees of these varieties are available for as long as 1.5 months.


Nothing evokes summer like the juicy mango. While they are a global favorite, mangoes are indigenous to India.

They are suffused with creaminess and are delicious by themselves, transformed into butter, chutney juice, or added to baked items and smoothies.

Shelf life of Ripe mangoes (At room temperature)

Mangoes continue to ripen even after harvesting. So, put them in a cool, dry place until they are they become soft.

When kept at room temperature, the whole mangoes that are firm but ripe can be stored for up to 5 days.

How long will mangoes last? (In the Fridge)

Whole mangoes are more durable when they are refrigerated. They can last for two weeks.

However, mangoes that are peeled and sliced leftovers last only one week. Skinless mangoes lose their texture and nutrients rapidly.

Shelf Life of Mangoes Frozen

It is possible to keep frozen pureed (pulp) or whole slices of mangoes. But, it’s not recommended to freeze entire mangoes that have the pits on.

When freezing, use strong-duty wraps or bags to avoid burns from freezing, especially in whole bags. Also, make sure to put them in small portions that can be used all at the same time.

The well-frozen mangoes have a shelf-life of one year.

How Long Will Dry Mangoes (Jerky) last?

Certain mango varieties are great to dry. It is said that mango leather (dried) is a good choice for drying. It has a long shelf-life. Drying it at home using the sun, a dehydrator, or an oven. Make it a step higher and spice some mango slices with chili prior to drying.

Mangoes that are dried will last for up to 2-years in the fridge.


Peaches can be found with reddish yellow and white flesh. They release the scent of sweetness. The skin is known for being fuzzy or frayed.

Peach varieties with smooth skins are often called nectarines.

Shelf Life of Fresh Peaches (In the Fridge)

Similar to other fresh drupes, whole peaches that are ripe are highly perishable. This is why they should be consumed soon after purchase.

For example, if placed on the counter, the peaches are ripe for four days. In contrast, refrigerator-free peaches are in good condition for one week or less.

How long do peaches last? (In the Freezer)

For storage that lasts a long time, keep any leftovers in the freezer. The peaches that are well frozen last for up to 9 months.


Plums, Apricots, peaches, and cherries are all part of the Prunus Genus.

Apricots are smaller than peaches. They are identified because of their gold-orange hue. Their sweetness levels are lower than plums, and they have soft skin.

Apricots are commonly sold as dried. However, fresh ones are also available.

How long do fresh Apricots last? (In the Fridge)

Apricots that are fresh are delicate. So, if you leave them on the counter, eat them within three days. Therefore, it is recommended to keep them refrigerated. Apricots kept in a cool, refrigerated container last for 10 days.

Shelf Life of Frozen Apricots

The low temperatures are the best for storing delicate fruit. They slow down metabolism, which accelerates decay. Freeze whole and cut Apricots.

They will remain in good shape for six months. However, you are able to eat them after they’ve been frozen for a year.

How Long Will Dry Apricots keep?

Dry Apricots are great to store in the fridge or pantry. They can be stored in the refrigerator or pantry. They will last for up to 6 months. You can also store bags that are not opened, and they’ll last for two years.

What Do Spoiled Drupes Look Like?

It’s pretty easy to detect the signs of spoilage in fresh Drupes. Be on the lookout for:

  • Mushy, sunken flesh
  • Mold growth visible
  • Spots of brown or black
  • Pungent smell

In the case of dried fruit, the spoilage indicators are:

  • The appearance of the person, particularly the color.
  • Growth of mold
  • Shriveled texture

You’re there! A complete guide to understanding how long drupes can last! Now is your time to follow the storage advice! Be sure to share your findings.

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