What is Cold Foam?

If you’re a fan of coffee and coffee, then you’ve probably observed how the top coffee shops like Starbucks decorate their coffee cups with beautiful frosty foam. But it can’t be the same foam that is used in hot drinks since it will melt the moment it gets into the cold beverage. This raises the question: what exactly is the foam that’s used to make cold coffee, or even better, what do you mean by cold foam?

What is cold foam? Cold foam is made of frozen, non-fat milk that has no heating processes. This is the reason why the foam won’t melt when it is placed on cold drinks.

The sweetener you can add to your cold-froth by using a sweetener, such as vanilla or any other flavor you like.

How to Make Starbucks Cold Foam at Home

The good thing is that you don’t need to purchase coffee at Starbucks to drink cold foam with your choice of drink. It is possible to make your own cool foam in your own home by using two basic ingredients, skimmed milk as well as a sweetener.

Here’s how you can prepare cold foam yourself:

  1. Pour the sweetener and milk into a cup or glass. A mixing glass for cocktails or a measuring cup that is irregular in shape is a good choice.
  2. Submerge the tip of your milk shaker into the milk mixture.
  3. Press the button, and it will you will see the water froth!
  4. You can do this for 20 seconds or longer until the foam cools to form a nice, dense texture.
  5. Pour your froth into your cup of cold coffee or latte, then take a sip.
  6. Voila, you’ve just learned how to make an iced coffee at home!
What is Cold Foam?

What is The Point of Cold Foam?

For the majority of coffee houses, cold foam is an inventive way of making your cold cup of coffee more attractive. It provides drinks with a visual and tactile appeal.

Cold foam is mostly used as a garnish for cold coffee drinks, such as an iced latte or frappuccino, or iced coffee. It’s also edible and ideal for those who like milk that isn’t fatty. When you include sugar, the foam will become an excellent beverage.

What Does Cold Foam Taste Like?

Frothed milk with no fat has stunning appeal, but it is mostly watery and flavorlessThe cold foam is an attractive and stylish addition to your drink. It’s nothing good.

This isn’t the most appealing option for your coffee if you are a fan of the taste of milk in your cold coffee.

Is Cold Foam the Same as Whipped Cream?

Cold foam is an iced version of the hot milk froth utilized in lattes, as well as various hot cups of coffee. It’s made with sugar and skimmed milk.

However, whip cream is made of fatty milk, which is denser, and holds its form. It’s sweeter due to the sugar that is added.

Cold foam is the ideal alternative if you’re looking to find healthy options for topping your cold coffee. But whipped cream is a great alternative for those who prefer an apricot-like flavor and don’t mind the added calories.

Cold foam, as well as whipped cream, are created by mixing air with heavy cream or milk in order to form tiny air bubbles.

What is Starbucks Cold Foam?

Starbucks has taken chilled foam as a stunning garnish for its cold coffee. They create the foam by frothing milk skimmed, combined with sweeteners and other flavors to create different coffees on their menu.

But it is true that the Starbucks cold foam isn’t unlike the one you make at home using similar ingredients.

What is the Best Milk for Cold Foam?

The most suitable milk to use to make chilled foam is skimmed, non-fat milk. This milk is less saturated with fat molecules and is more able to froth, even without heating.

Whole milk is not a great alternative since it contains a high proportion of protein to fat. The enormous bubbles in the cold foam are composed of proteins. If you are using whole milk fat molecules, they can be a burden on the protein molecules, which will reduce the milk’s ability to froth.

What is the Difference Between Cold Foam and Sweet Foam?

The major distinction between cold and sweet foam is the taste. Cold foam has no flavor and tastes bland, particularly if you do not use artificial flavors in the skimmed milk in the process of making the foam. However, sweet foam is sweeter and more appealing to people who love sweets.

Another difference is the way they are utilized. Cold foam is typically used to garnish cold coffee. It isn’t a good mix with coffee. However, you can consume it if you wish. Sweet forms are made to blend into coffee, making it tastier. The foam blends with the coffee and gives it a milky flavor.

Cold foam is created to sit on top of coffee to serve as a garnish, and sweet foam is created to blend with the coffee.

Other Questions

Do cold foams taste good?

Cold foam doesn’t taste since it’s made of flat, non-fat skimmed dairy. But, you can spice it up with artificial flavors like chocolate or vanilla.

Do you think cold or whipped cream is better for you?

Cold foam is healthier as it’s made from skimmed non-fat milk and is more healthy. However, whipping milk is loaded with sugar and fat that is unsaturated, offering the equivalent of 100 calories (give or take) per serving.

What Does Cold Foam Taste of?

The: Cold foam tastes tasteless since it’s made of non-fat skimmed milk.

What’s Cold Foam In Starbucks Made From?

The chilled foam that Starbucks serves is made of skimmed milk. It is also flavor-infused with artificial flavors like chocolate or vanilla, based on the various iced coffee and cold drinks available on their menu.

Is Cold Foam Really Whip Cream?

Cold foam is different from whipped cream in the sense of components, nutritional value, and usage.


If you enjoy relaxing while drinking iced coffee or lattes, there’s a way to add a touch of elegance to your drink. You can use frothing to mix skimmed milk, forming a frozen foam, and then add it to your beverage. This trick can be used to host a party in the summer heat and use the Starbucks trick to decorate those coffee cups.

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