What is Sarsi? The Philippines Famous Drink

What is Sarsi? Sarsi is a very well-known Sarsaparilla drink of the Philippines! There’s something special about the Philippines beaches, people eating, and there’s not much food, but bottles of pop drinks. The Philippines is among the few countries that sell the majority of drinks in glass bottles. The most well-known of them is Sarsi, the most unique Sarsaparilla!

If you read on, you will discover more information on Sarsi, where it’s from, and what it tastes like.

The Guide To The Drink Sarsi

Sarsi is one of the most popular brands of sarsaparilla, both in the Philippines as well as the greater south-east Asian region. I can remember going to my local corner shop in Shenzhen and discovering a can and losing my life! I also found a brand new Coca-Cola the same day, so I’m quite content. Unfortunately, it’s not all available in China My local store appeared to be more of a rebel.

The drink can be bought via can or plastic bottle, however, in the traditional Philippines style, it’s recommended to drink it straight from a recyclable glass bottle.

This is among the most enjoyable aspects of drinking soft drinks from the Philippines. I’m not sure what it is that makes drinking in a glass bottle taste superior to the plastic bottle or can. Unfortunately, it’s being thrown out of style in a lot of countries. It is especially sad when you consider how beneficial it for our environment it’s.

The Sarsi that we are familiar with is produced by the Cosmos Bottling Corporation which was established in 1918 as The Manila Aerated Water Company 1918. Like any other drink that is popular such as Royal, the Sarsi is currently part of The Galactic Evil Empire, AKA Coca-Cola. However, they’ve maintained the taste that has made it so popular, and for all intents and purposes, it’s still the Sarsi that we are familiar with and love.

For more information on Fanta from the Philippines, AKA Royal click here.

What Does Sarsi Taste Like?

Sarsi tastes of carbonated black licorice with a hint of root beer.

What Is A Sarsaparilla?

Sarsaparilla is a well-known soft drink created using the Smilax ornata plant and other varieties. Today, like the majority of drinks, it is manufactured using artificial ingredients. In some ways, it’s somewhat like the Dandelion as well as Burdock which is a popular British beverage!. It is an element of the family of root beers. Root drinks were invented far back in the days of the Amerindians. Now, that is fascinating!

Sarsaparillas is a significant issue in the Americas due to the country’s origins. It’s not surprising it is the Philippines is quite different from other countries in the region. The Philippines produce their brandies, rums, (more on this later), and, if you were to guess, they are Sarsaparillas! The reason we are bringing it up today is the amazing Sarsi.

It is known as sarsaparilla cordial. still being made by Fitzpatricks, which was the final Temperance bar to be found in England. I will explore temperance bars in a different blog. However, these bars serve non-alcoholic drinks.

Temperance Bars and Soft Drinks

The most famous soft drinks we enjoy today had their beginnings in bars that were not alcoholic. This was especially the case during the prohibition era. A lot of people trace their roots to pseudo-healthy drinks, also known as “tonics”. Coca-Cola was a popular drink that used to contain cocaine. A little at most. Another drink that was invented was Vimto.

Can You Mix Sarsi?

I prefer to evaluate soft drinks based on how well they interact with alcohol. It’s that the street-food grump’s opinion that is Okay! In the UK, I was extremely interested in Dr. Pepper with vodka. The Philippines are not a big fan of vodka, however, it is possible to find Rum, Brandy, and have Soju. For the test of liquor.

Tanduay Rum is the most loved Rum in the world. Yes, serious! I believe that Sarsi is an excellent mixing drink for rum and maybe more enjoyable than coke. There’s not anything more than a Filipino drink other than Tanduay and Sarsi.

It’s amazing that the Philippines also produce the world’s most well-known brandy, Emperador. I’m not a massive fan of it. However, it is at least much better mixed.

Soju is a great choice to probably never mix! However, Sarsi makes a great chaser.

Roundup of Sarsi

That’s the hot Sarsi Story! It’s unlikely to take over the entire world, as several countries have their version of the Sarsaparilla I’m talking about. Like you have a lot of luck fighting Dr. Pepper! If you do locate yourself in this area around the world, get the Sarsi glass bottle and take a sip.

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