White Chocolate Lemon Ganache

Lemon ganache made of white chocolate is an ideal blend of white chocolate’s richness with the bright and refreshing lemon.

I enjoy this kind of ganache because it’s sweet and refreshing, which is pretty much any dessert you could imagine!

What is White Chocolate?

Although it’s white, as per the name isn’t anything at all! To be considered genuine chocolate, it has to be made up of cocoa solids which white chocolate doesn’t have any of!

White chocolate is made using lecithin, cocoa butter sugar, milk products, and vanilla.


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Although white chocolate is made up of cocoa butter, the cocoa comes from cocoa beans and doesn’t comprise any cocoa solids which compose traditional chocolate.

It’s a sort of chocolate, but it’s not actually!

What Is White Chocolate Best?

To make our cake this day, you’ll need to locate white chocolate with an average cocoa butter content of at least 33.

This chocolate white is better suited for baking, particularly when it is used in coatings like ganache.

Why do you pair White Chocolate With Lemon?

When creating recipes with white chocolate, due to its high-fat content and rich flavor, it’s beneficial to include contrasting flavors to break the richness.

It can be any variety of citrus or perhaps some tart berries. However, lemon is now a common combination with this sweet snack.

What is the best White Chocolate?

I’ve done a fair amount of research (looking at more than 20 brands), and, based on the texture, quality, and price of each white chocolate, I have come up with the following list:

The most expensive but the creamiest: is French Valrhona chocolate with 35 percent cocoa butter. It is a clean and creamy flavor and melts with incredible speed.

The best alternative is Cacao Barry chocolate. It is excellent white chocolate, and the company offers two varieties with different proportions of cocoa butter. So make sure to choose the more high-quality of the two. It has a distinct sweet honey-like taste with a delicious creamy texture.

And finally, Green and Blacks white chocolate coated in vanilla beans! The flavor is strong and intense, with a texture reminiscent of fudge. It’s unlikely that you’re searching for the vanilla taste in your baked goods or ganache; however, it’s something you should explore if you’re feeling adventurous.

What is the best Method for making Chocolate Ganache?

There are many ways to make the ganache, but (as we’ll learn later within this dish) I favor one of them that I like the best: pouring thick heavy cream hot over white chocolate to melt it and mix these two components.

I’ve also tried other techniques, and here’s the result: I’ve discovered:

A microwave technique. This method can be complicated because white chocolate may start to burn quickly when heated in the microwave. It’s possible to do this, but you must watch the chocolate carefully.

Double boiler process. This is an excellent method to melt down dark chocolate. However, white chocolate is more brittle and is a challenging approach to understand. I would recommend it if you have someone available to assist when you make the heavy cream since white chocolate tends to melt extremely quickly.

How Do I Concoct Lemon Ganache Without Cream

Step 1

Cut the white chocolate into pieces in pieces and put it in the bowl.

Butter and heavy cream are heated on medium heat on your stove until tiny bubbles form at the edges.

Step 2

Sprinkle the thick cream on top of the chocolate. Allow it to sit for about 30 seconds. Stir until the chocolate is melted.

Mix in the zest and juice of a lemon and stir.

Step 3.

Use as desired! Serve with cakes, pies, or anything else you’d like!

Lemon Ganache (Without Cream)

yield: 12 Time to prepare: 5 Minutes Total time: 5 Minutes

This lemon ganache made from white chocolate and no cream makes the perfect creamy filling for your favorite pie crust recipe.



8 oz. white chocolate

4 oz. heavy cream

1 oz. butter

1 lemon juiced and Zest


Cut the white chocolate into pieces and put it in the bowl.

Make butter and heavy cream at a moderate temperature on the cooking stove until small bubbles form at the edges.

Sprinkle the thick cream on top of the chocolate. Allow it to sit until thirty seconds. Begin stirring until the chocolate is melting.

Mix in lemon juice and zest, and stir.

Use as desired.

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