Why Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker Will Not Brew – Easy Fix Guide

Why won’t my Mr. Cofee coffee maker not brew? There are multiple reasons why your Mr. Coffee coffee maker won’t brew such as you’re not connecting the machine to a power source, the level of water within the machine isn’t enough, the lid is not secured correctly, or you must cleanse it.

Brewing coffee with the Mr. Coffee brewer is quite simple. It’s efficient and can make life easier for those who love coffee. In the end, you just have to press a few buttons while the coffee maker will take care of the rest for you. But what happens if Mr. Coffee won’t brew? Could that be all there is to your Mr. Coffee brewing machine?

Do you try to make your coffee but realize that Mr. Coffee won’t brew? This can be highly frustrating. However, you shouldn’t be in a panic. The majority of the time, it’s something that you can fix quickly. There could be a variety of reasons why Mr. Coffee won’t brew.

This guide will assist you in determining the reasons why Mr. Coffee won’t brew. It will also provide solutions and answer some of the frequently asked questions on the issue. If you don’t have enough time to read the blog, you can watch this short video to learn how to solve the problem of a Mr. Coffee that won’t brew.

Reasons Why Mr. Coffee Won’t Brew and What to Do

Here are the most frequently cited reasons Mr. Coffee won’t brew and what you can do to fix it.

No Power Supply

If there’s no electricity supply in your home, Mr. Coffee won’t brew. It won’t begin.

Begin by making sure that your power switch is switched on. After that, verify that the light in the coffee maker is on. If it’s on, there’s no issue with the power source. If the light isn’t on, examine the power source and make sure it’s connected properly to a source of power.

Damaged Power Cord

A damaged power supply could also be why your Mr. Coffee is not brewing. If a power cable is broken, it cannot send energy into the machine, making it ineffective for making coffee. One sign of damaged power cords is when the machine is turned on, only to shut off abruptly.

Sometimes, the problem is visible. The cord might appear okay but have an issue that stops it from working correctly. The only way to solve this issue is to purchase a new cord.

Inadequate Water Levels

If your coffee maker is intermittently brewing but not producing the coffee, it could be due to the water level. Make sure that the water in the reservoir of water is adequate. After that, you can try the brewing process and see if it does the trick.


If you haven’t thoroughly cleansed your maker in a long time, it might be why it’s not making coffee. This could happen when it is clogged with hard and calcium deposits. The deposits can affect the water flow and make it problematic that the machine can make coffee.

To wash the machine To clean the machine, add five cups of vinegar into the glass pot and press the start button for 2 minutes. The vinegar should be poured through the filter once the machine begins to get hot. Then, wash it with water.

You can wash your machine without vinegar if you don’t have any vinegar in your cupboards.

A Faulty Warming Plate

If the heating plate on your Mr. Coffee Maker is broken and isn’t working, you can’t make coffee. If your machine can only replace a malfunctioning warming plate to function correctly.

If you’ve tried alternative methods but your coffee maker is not working, get the warming plate examined and replaced if it’s defective.

Unbalanced or Off-Centered Filter

A skewed or unbalanced filter could be another cause of why your Mr. Coffee is unable to create a good cup. If this could be the case, you must reposition the filter before opening the lid on top of the device.

Mr. Coffee Pot Beeping

If Mr. Coffee maker is beeping but isn’t making any coffee, it could mean that the water reservoir is filled or the components aren’t properly positioned in their places.

To find a quick solution to the problem with the pot that beeps, check out this video:

Other Questions Asked

How Do You Fix a Mr. Coffee That Won’t Brew?

Ensure that your coffee maker is connected to a source of power. After that, fill the glass container with five cups of white vinegar. Press the start button for 2 or 3 minutes, and then pour the vinegar into the filter as the machine begins to heat. Clean the coffee maker with water, and then test brewing to see if it works.

Is There a Way to Reset a Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker?

To reset a Mr. Coffee coffee maker, first, unplug it. Then, hold and press the button to restore. Then, plug the coffee maker back into the machine while holding the restoration button. Then you can release your restore lever after 10 minutes.

How Long Do Mr. Coffee Makers Last?

Mr. Coffee makers are expected to last at least two years. However, the coffee maker could last up to five years if maintained properly.

What Causes a Coffee Maker to Stop Working?

One of the most frequently cited reasons why a coffee maker fails to work is the water or water blockage. Examine the tube in the coffee maker. If there are any obstructions, the water can’t be able to pass through.

How Do You Descale a Coffee Maker?

Add white vinegar into the water chamber halfway and then fill it with water. Place the carafe on top and then begin a coffee brewing process. Shut off your coffee maker midway through and allow it to rest for about an hour.

Is Descaling Solution Better Than Vinegar?

Both are highly effective in washing your machine. However, some users report an unpleasant taste in their coffee after using vinegar.

How Often Should You Clean Coffee Maker?

Make sure to clean your maker following each use by taking out coffee grounds and then cleaning containers, lids, and the carafe. Deep clean your coffee maker between three and six months based on how often you use it. In the absence of proper cleaning, mineral deposits and coffee residue could cause the machine to fail and impact the quality of the coffee you brewed.


Finding a Mr. Coffee that won’t brew is a nightmare for every coffee-loving person. It’s difficult to pinpoint the issue but fixing it is beyond your abilities.

If you find that your Mr. Coffee brewing machine won’t be able to brew, examine the different parts to determine which one is the issue. If you can solve the problem. If you’re unsure about things, it’s better to contact the company you bought the coffee maker from to be fixed by professionals.

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