Wow! Which Countries Is Coca-Cola Not Sold In?

Did you know that there are now only two countries left in the world in which you cannot (legally) buy Coca-Cola!?

Which countries don’t sell Coca-Cola? The two countries are communist Cuba and North Korea.

Which Countries Are You Unable To Purchase Coca-Cola In?

Cuba and the US have not been friends for a long time. No matter what the reason, the United States felt it was quite irritating to find Fidel’s troops located 90km to the South of Miami and came up with an embargo to trade.

Capitalism being what capitalism is, and although Coca-Cola can’t be brought directly through America to Cuba, Mexican and other produced bottles and cans of Coca-Cola have been available in dollar stores and foreign currency stores in Cuba and, in recent times, aren’t just legal, but are a regular sight.

But once upon a time, it was a grey area for Cuba to sell Coca-Cola.

Is Coca-Cola Sold In Cuba?

It is worth noting that Cuba produces its version of TuKola which is a joint venture with the Brazilian company, known as Los Portales SA, which is different and a pretty bad fake version of Coca-Cola, but not as bad as North Korea’s version of Coke.

Is Coca-Cola Sold In North Korea?

No, Coca-Cola is not sold in North Korea.

When China began its policy of opening doors to western products and companies, it didn’t take long before they began to make their own Coca-Cola.

Chinese traders have since sold a copy cat Coca-Cola which is the “real thing” in North Korea as well as at tourist locations and exchanges for foreign currencies (such as the Diplo).

Let’s not overlook the fact it is the case that North Korea much like Cuba also produces its very own coke however it’s not as great as its Cuban counterpart.

Coca-Cola Was (Nearly) Illegal In The Middle-East

In the past, Coca-Cola was restricted throughout the Middle East. It was banned after the company established a bottling plant in Israel. The days of coke bottling are gone. One interesting outcome of this however can be seen in the fact that Vimto is now a major player across regions like the Middle East, North Africa, and even Sudan.

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