Zucchini vs Cucumber – What’s the Difference Between?

We all have seen that cucumber just looks like zucchini. But are they the same? So many people think that they are the same but actually, they are not. Cucumber and zucchini both are having green-colored skin and the shape is cylindrical. But there are a lot of differences between them which can make these two fruits unique in their own ways.

Zucchini vs Cucumber

In this article, you will get to know the major parameters regarding zucchini vs cucumber. It will help you to understand both the fruits in a better way and you will be able to use them as per your requirement in your dietary plan.

We will talk about many aspects of the differences between zucchini and cucumber. So if you are in doubt that which one should be appropriate for your next lunch or dinner, then you must go through the parameters properly. Here we will give you a detailed idea of the major differences between cucumber and zucchini. Nowadays it is quite important to know these factors because both these fruits have become quite popular throughout the world.

Taste is a big factor

This is a big factor by which you can separate zucchini from cucumbers. Cucumber is a little bit crispy and juicy when you will try to eat it. But in the standard cases, zucchini is not eaten raw. It is a little bit tender and also bitter.

Zucchini vs Cucumber Taste is a big factor

On the other hand, cucumber is mostly eaten raw and we consider it as a fruit while having a platter of different types of fruits during our snacks. So taste is an important parameter by which you can separate zucchini from cucumbers.

Nutritional value should be known

If we talk about the nutrition level in both the fruits, then cucumber has only 8 calories in a 52-gram fruit. 95% of a cucumber is water and that is why you won’t get more than 2% mineral or vitamin if you eat a full cucumber in your snack time. That is why it is recommended for people who are into some weight loss diet regime. Because if they eat cucumber, they will not put on calories at all.

Zucchini vs Cucumber Nutritional value

On the other hand, zucchini has 11 calories in a 62-gram fruit. It also has 95% water but it contains a few minerals and vitamins which are good for our health. So if you want some nutrition, then zucchini is a better option than cucumber.

Origin of both the fruits

You can find cucumbers in India and that is the origin of it. Cucumbers are mostly found at the northern side of the Bay of Bengal and also in the Himalayan range. Zucchini is an Italian fruit which is originated from Italy. So the origin is completely different for both the fruits. During the 2nd century BC, cucumbers were found in China. Later on, a few explorers planted the seeds of cucumbers in different islands in Haiti. On the other hand, zucchini was introduced to the United States in 19 century by the Italians. There are a few people who believe that zucchini is originated from Mexico and Central America.

Usage of zucchini vs cucumber

The usage of zucchini and cucumber are completely different. Cucumbers are eaten cold and also they are used to keep in the can for a long time. There are a few people who make delicious pickles from cucumber. If you attend any summer parties, then you will also see that cucumber is one of the most important salad materials. The health-conscious people in India use cucumbers by adding them into the water as a detox drink. Zucchini is eaten after it is properly cooked or baked. Although zucchini is a fruit that are used as vegetables. Some people use zucchini as a substitute for pasta or noodles. They can also be baked to make chips and different types of snacks items.

Plantation of both the fruits

Most of the time, cucumber plants are harvested after winter. There is a specific pattern to plant cucumber. You have to keep 12 inches of gap between two rows of three plants on a hillside. Generally, cucumber plants tend to vine out and that is why you should keep a lot of space around the plant while harvesting it. The zucchini plant is harvested after the winter but it does not grow into a vine. If you see the zucchini plants, then you will be able to understand that they are small bushes. So this is the main difference in terms of plantation if you analyze zucchini vs cucumber factors.

Touch of the skin

The skin of both the fruits is completely different and that is why you will feel the traits of both the vegetables by touching them. Cucumber is softer than zucchini and you will feel a cool sensation while touching it. On the other hand, zucchini is a little bit rough as well as dry. Cucumbers have bumpy skin where zucchini is smoother than that.

Types of fruits

You will get to see different types of cucumbers available in the market. Some of those are good for a healthy detox drink. And some of the types are perfect to make pickles. But if you see the variety of zucchini in the market then there is no much difference between them. All of them look similar and you have to cook them properly before eating.

Storage aspects for both

Whenever we stock up our pantry, we need to see the storage hacks of different fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers are quite sensitive when the temperature goes below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. So it is always best to keep them at room temperature. Otherwise, they can go through the chilling injuries in the refrigerator. Zucchini can stay completely fresh for around 5 days if you can store it in the refrigerator after wrapping it up with a plastic bag. You have to remember that you should wash zucchini just before you cook it. That is the best way by which you can use this vegetable.

So these are some unique parameters that will help you to make a list of zucchini vs cucumber differences. If you go through the article properly, then you will understand that they may look similar but they are completely different from each other.

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