Norah Clark

Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Norah Clark
In 2021, in sunny Australia!

Heya, I’m Norah! The foodie editor at large at YummyTasteFood!

  • Pastry Chef and foodie
  • Full-time food blogger
  • Qualified nutritionist
  • Freelance diet consultant

I love absolutely everything to do with food, baking, and of course, eating! I’m a self-proclaimed foodie nomad. I’m currently back in Florida!

I have worked as a chef and pastry chef at The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Orlando, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts Orlando and Sydney, The Plaza, NYC, The Savoy, London, and Westbury Hotel, Dublin.

I even worked as a barista at my local Starbucks in Orlando, Florida! I am also a qualified nutritionist and diet consultant.

I have worked with various brands, from Red Bull, Hello Fresh, Pasta Evangelists, and Fortnum & Mason, to name but a few, on reviews, product research, and marketing.

Thanks to working weekends, public holidays, and missing countless parties from working in the hospitality industry, I finally could fund my travels!

I have lived/worked in New York, Tokyo, Sydney for a short time (flat whites are expensive), London, and Frankfurt.

I don’t tend to stay around too often and love trying different food and fully experiencing each country’s culture.

Most of my articles are based on how-to’s, guides, and overviews of everything surrounding food, baking, cooking, and anything related to yummy-tasting food.

Please contact me if you are interested in working with me and having your product or brand reviewed on

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