The Best Buns For Pulled Pork Sandwiches

What are the best buns for pulled pork sandwiches? If you are making classic pulled pork sandwich recipes, we suggest using kaiser rolls or brioche because they are very soft and soft, which makes them ideal for eating. If you’re making open-faced pulled pork sandwiches choose sourdough or ciabatta because they are denser and chewier. A single slice of bread can hold a lot of pulled pork without falling apart or turning mushy.

Sandwiches are perhaps the most incredible culinary invention of all time. There is a myriad of possibilities from the flavor profile of the food preparation that there are endless options and not enough time to explore the many.

One of the best sandwiches is pulled pork sandwiches, but it’s not only pulled pork anymore. There’s been a lot of opinions about pulled pork sandwiches, such as which flavor mixtures are the best. Which meat will make the best sandwich? However, in these debates, a more significant one has surfaced.

This post will examine the various factors you should be aware of when choosing bread types and why certain types are better than others for pulled pork sandwiches.

The Best Buns For Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Type of BreadThe best forSandwich concepts
Brioche rollsThese rolls are perfect for medium-sauce fillings and sandwiches intended to be eaten using your hands (like hamburgers).Beer and Bourbon pulled pork sandwich.
Classic barbeque and pulled pork with a coleslaw sandwich.
Kaiser rollsThey are ideal for extremely delicious fillings. It can hold plenty of sauce but not become extremely mushy.
The crispy outer layer makes it much simpler.
The most delicious honey-mustard and barbeque pulled pork sandwich topped with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and tomatoes.
Breakfast sandwich made of pulled pork with bacon, eggs, and mature cheddar cheese.
Ciabatta slicesThey are great for sandwiches that are open-faced and are either toasted or not.
Untoasted, you can use the bread to soak up the sauces and give it a greater flavor.
Barbeque Open-faced pulled pork sandwich made with eggs poached and microgreens.
A fig and pork jam with pulled pork in an open-faced sandwich.
Sourdough slicesThey are chewy and delicious, elevating your sandwich into the upper echelon.
They are characterized by a crispy, thick crust with a light center that can absorb plenty of juices from the filling.
Cheese and pulled pork that has been grilled sandwich
Slow cooker barbeque slow cooker pulled pork sandwich, served with coleslaw and microgreens.
Naan breadUsing naan bread for your sandwich allows you to create many different designs using a similar filling.
How you serve the dish (for instance, stuffing it into the bread with naan) makes it more convenient for you to consume.
Pulled pork naan folds with delicious salsa and cream cheese
Naan is stuffed with classic onions and pulled pork.
Southwest chipotle pulled pork open-faced naan sandwich.

What Kind of Bread Is Used For Pulled Pork Sandwiches?

As we’ve briefly discussed previously, the kind of bun or bread you’ll need will depend on the type of filling you choose to use and the way you’ll be making your sandwiches.

The general rule is that when you’re making a sandwich(open-faced one), you should choose a more flexible role that will still be able to hold plenty of sauce and filling without breaking.

For sandwiches with an open face, you should utilize a toasty piece of bread with plenty of structure to support your filling.

I’ll review the most suitable varieties of bread for pulled pork sandwiches and how each one is the best to use.

Brioche Buns

Brioche buns are a kind of bread with a high amount of sugar that can be prepared in a variety of different sizes.

They’re typically similar to the typical hamburger bun. However, they can also be found with sliders (mini-hamburger buns).

They are very creamy and occasionally semi-sweet taste profile which is great with any meaty and salty cooked pork.

They can also take in many sauces or juices that are part of the filling, and are extremely soft, which makes them easy to hold and eat.

Brioche Buns Are Ideal For Make Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Such As:

  • The pulled pork is a bourbon and beer sandwich
  • The classic barbeque pulled pork with coleslaw sandwich

Brioche buns are the best bread for pulled pork sandwiches because of their neutral flavor and usability.

Take a look at our guide on the best BBQ sauces for pulled pork sandwiches as you cannot recreate the classic barbeque pulled pork sandwich without using a great sauce.

Kaiser Rolls

If you like crisp rolls and crispy rolls, Kaiser roll can be the most delicious choice.

The reason is that even though it’s still crunchy from the outside, it’s very soft and fluffy on its inside, making it more enjoyable to eat than a chewier roll.

They also possess a neutral taste which is perfect for practically any pulled pork flavor.

Because it is crisp outside, these rolls will make great food if you plan to stuff them with food! If you were to choose a soft roll, such as the Portuguese roll or Brioche roll, you wouldn’t be in a position to grab and eat the sandwich without difficulty; however, this Kaiser roll gives you the structure you require.

Kaiser Rolls Are Most Suitable For Sandwiches Such As:

  • The supreme honey-mustard, barbequed pulled pork sandwich includes tomatoes, lettuce, and avocado.
  • Breakfast sandwich made of pulled pork, eggs, bacon as well as aged cheddar cheese


Ciabatta is an Italian bread typically served on loaves resembling squares.

This is an extremely unusual tasting loaf that retains a good amount of flavor and texture.

The exterior (crust) part of the bread is crisp, while the inside is extremely chewy but soft and airy.

This is a great 1 1/2-1/2 inch slice of ciabatta, the ideal bread for open-faced pulled-pork sandwiches. The slice should be toasty to provide greater structure and strength to the slice of bread and to support the load of the filling.

But a slice that isn’t toasted of ciabatta can hold a lot more sauce but could end up becoming very mushy and watery.

It is also possible to use two slices of ciabatta to make an ordinary sandwich. However, it could be difficult to chew through due to the texture of the bread.

You can also use an entire loaf of ciabatta bread to make a huge pulled pork sandwich to make fun dinners for parties.

Ciabatta Slices Are Most Suitable For Sandwiches Such As:

  • Barbeque Open-faced pulled pork sandwich made with eggs poached and microgreens
  • A fig and pork jam with pulled pork in an open-faced sandwich


Sourdough bread is a delicious and bitter-tasting bread created by fermenting the batter naturally with flour.

The bread makes great open-faced sandwich slices because they are chewy, crispy, and provide a lot of flavors.

We recommend toasting 1 to 1 1/2 inches of slices to help keep more filling in. However, slices that are not toasted can also be used and absorb plenty of liquids.

The slices can also be used to make the typical sandwich, or you could utilize the entire loaf to make a huge one.

Sourdough buns are getting more sought-after; feel free to try them and tell us how you think of them!

Sourdough Slices Are Most Suitable For Sandwiches Such As:

  • Cheese and pulled pork that has been grilled sandwich
  • Slow cooker barbeque slow cooker pulled pork sandwich, served with coleslaw and microgreens


A lot of people ignore flatbreads in sandwiches.

This is a bit surprising considering that flatbreads are among the best tasting and most flexible bread you could ever find.

Naan bread is a large oblong leavened loaf consumed extensively in Asian countries like India and Indonesia.

It is becoming increasingly popular and is often found in other cuisines too.

Naan is a great bread to make an open-faced sandwich pizza wrap or barbecue pita sandwich. There are a variety of options with one bread.

Naan is very simple to prepare and is made with yogurt and self-raising flour.

There is also flavored Naan, loaded with delicious garlic, that will add additional flavor to the pork. Naan bread can be baked to make an even crisper version, so you can make it into anything you like.

Naan bread used for pulled pork is not a traditional pulled-pork sandwich, but in the past few years, it was not been the same as the open-faced version. We’re here to test boundaries and explore delicious culinary inventions.

Naan Are Most Suitable For Sandwiches Such As:

  • Pulled pork naan folds filled with creamy cheese, salsa, and delicious
  • Naan stuffed with onions and pulled pork.
  • Southwest chipotle pulled pork open-faced naan sandwich

Classic Ingredients For Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Before you decide on the bread or buns that are ideal for serving pulled-pork sandwiches, it’s essential to comprehend the reason why this is an important matter.

Like many traditional dishes like pulled pork, the pull pork sandwich has grown to become more than just it’s a sandwich. The global trends and the increase in fusion and artisanal cuisines have allowed the creation of culinary masterworks using humble food items.

Over the past few years, an explosion of innovative flavor combinations has been utilized outside of the fine-dining industry. Innovative ingredients were being utilized and traditional ingredients were being utilized in innovative ways.

When You Alter Something In A Traditional Recipe, The Other Ingredients Will Be Affected

For instance, if you start to use chunkier bits of pork that are pulled, you may not be able to serve an extremely chewy and thick slice of bread for serving it.

Another instance is that once you start using more spicier flavors on the pulled pork, it is crucial to pick a very simple-to-eat bun. This is the same for those making use of highly neutral-flavored pork filling. You may want to choose a more flavorful bread.

Many factors must be considered when deciding the right bun or bread to make the perfect pulled-pork sandwich.

Another crucial aspect being considered is the role of the bread. If you’re making the extremely spicy pork filling, you must select a bread that will let you absorb the sauce’s flavor without breaking down.

If you’re planning to make an open-faced pulled pork sandwich, it is also necessary to have an extremely thick slice of bread that can support all the filling without breaking or turning soft.

Other Questions Asked

Do I Need To Toast Bread To Make Pulled Pork Sandwiches?

We think that if you make a pulled pork sandwich with buns (so you are creating a pulled pork hamburger). Your buns must always be toasty.

Toasted buns keep the crust (inside the bun) from absorbing excessive liquid due to the liquid and the flavor from the filling. It also gives a nice crisp and soft texture. Toasting your buns in butter adds an extra flavor and richness.

If you’re creating an open-faced sandwich, it’s entirely dependent on your personal preference. On the other hand, bread that is not toasted could absorb too much liquid based on the filling and turn soft. They may also not be able to hold the weight of the filling when taken up.

When the bun is toasted, it can be difficult to bite into and cause the crumb to become soft, resulting in an unpleasant experience.

Look at your sandwich’s filling and decide how you’re going to consume the sandwich (by hand or using cutting boards) and then make a decision – even if your choice didn’t go as planned and you’re not able to take the lessons learned and continue to move forward.

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