Best Grills For Korean BBQ [2023]

What is the best barbecue grill to use for Korean food?

The best barbecue grills suitable for Korean BBQ are simple to transport around to be used when and where you want to. The grills should, in addition, be simple to clean, fairly safe, and sturdy enough for cooking and smoking your meal to get the perfect BBQ flavor.

Korean BBQ is so different from traditional American barbecue that a lot of us are used to watching or eating regularly.

It is a very similar idea, but with a completely different way of cooking. One of the most interesting aspects of Korean barbecue is that food is typically prepared on the table.

However, this isn’t all the time, but it’s certainly not your typical outdoor BBQ grill you’ll use often. Grills that are this kind of grill can be propane or charcoal powered and some can even be electric.

You’ll need a high-quality grill to cook up a delicious Korean barbecue.

In this article, we’ll show you the top 7 grills to cook Korean barbecue. We’ve scoured the market to determine the top options for you. We’re ready to present every one of them and provide you with detailed reviews.

Read on to find out the top 7 grills for Korean BBQ, and much more!

How To Select A Grill To Cook Korean BBQ?

When you look at the various options you have for a Korean barbecue grill, here are a few suggestions that could be helpful as you try to determine the one you want.

We utilized a few of these tools to narrow down our choices for us to make our top five choices and we believe they could help you make an informed choice.

1. Size

One of the aspects you should be aware of when choosing the Korean BBQ grill is the dimension and the dimensions of your grill.

If you intend to set it on a table in a traditional manner then you must ensure that you select the right size for the table.

In addition, you’ll need to ensure that the cooking area is adequate to cook in the way you’d like to cook.

Certain grills may be quite small, and others are big. They’re all designed to function as countertops or table grills make sure you keep the space in your kitchen as well as your preferences in your mind.

2. Heat Source

You should also consider the source of heat. There are a variety of options and you’ll need to be attentive to whether the grill you select has a heating source in addition.

As an example, some Korean BBQ grills only serve as grills, but you must purchase an additional burner to put underneath the grill. There are a variety of alternatives that include the heat source and burner too.

There is a variety of electric or gas heating alternatives however you’ll need to know the source of the heat and the equipment you might require to operate the heat source.

3. Grease

Okay, you can safely think that there’s going to be some juices or grease generated by your cooking. So, what happens to the fat as you cook?

This is something you’ll be paying attention to. BBQ can be quite messy and you’ll want to be aware that you’re going to be scrambling around to take action to cut down on grease while cooking!

Make sure that the grill has the option of a drip tray or grease tray of the sort. It can help you keep the mess in check and be the mess less of a thing you must worry about when you cook on the grill.

4. Budget

You will also be able to be mindful of your budget. The price can be a bit different in line with what your needs and preferences are, so be prepared for prices of varying ranges in the reviews we provide to you.

Know the amount you’re willing to invest and know what your priorities are to make certain you’re spending enough money to meet your expenses.

The 7 Best Grills For Korean BBQ

No matter if you’re looking for something compact or huge, or something easy to move around We’ve got you covered!

SortProductHeat source
1.TeChef Stovetop Korean BBQ Grill Pan and BurnerGas burner
2.Liven Electric Indoor Korean BBQ GrillElectric
3.Iwatani Smokeless Korean BBQ GrillGas burner
4.Elite Gourmet Electric Large Korean Barbecue GrillElectric
5.Climax Rallette Electronic Korean Barbecue Grill TableElectric
6.Techwood Indoor Electric Korean BBQ GrillElectric
7.The Ataxia Master Grill Pan for Korean BBQUse it on the stove.

There are a variety of great grills that we’ve picked for you, and each possesses its distinct characteristics which make them stand out. Below, you’ll discover our top picks of the 7 top grills for Korean BBQ, in greater depth:

1. Techef Stovetop Korean BBQ Grill Pan Portable Burner

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The first one is our overall top pick and has earned its spot on this list.

It’s a basic rectangular grill, and it includes a portable stove which means you don’t have to work out the best way to do to find a heating source down the road.

The grill is a non-stick grill made of Teflon. It’s premium cookware, and quite affordable in comparison to the quality and burner set.

It features an exclusive swirl design to help remove grease from the food slowly, so you’ll get less fat, but all the taste.

The grill was developed in Korea and was therefore designed specifically to be used for Korean grilling, and it is a great choice to do the job!

It’s slim and sleek and looks amazing. It is powered by 11,500 BTU and is simple to start the stove. It’s small, but it provides enough cooking space.


  • Made in Korea
  • Unique swirls for grease drainage
  • It comes with a portable stove
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish design


  • This is best used with the portable burner and isn’t suitable for use on the stovetop.

2. Liven Electric Indoor Korean BBQ Grill

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If you’re looking for something that’s a little bigger, or perhaps more versatile, look into this model from Liven.

It’s priced a bit more, but it comes with greater cooking space and electric heating so that you don’t need to determine the proper burner configuration.

This one has a larger one that can cook on and is able to be utilized by more than 10 people. It comes with a dual-flavored hot pot, which allows you to create soups and liquid items when you’re grilling space for your BBQ requirements.

It’s a big capacity grill and comes with carrying handles to make moving it easy. The grill is also made to be smokeless. All the materials are safe and the grill has a non-stick coating to ensure that your food doesn’t stick when made.

The hot pot isn’t accessible, but you do not need to make use of it. The grill and the hot pot come with separate electronic controls. The grill is powered by the highest power, and it also is quick to heat up.


  • Large grilling surface
  • Hot pot included
  • 2 controls for electric burners
  • Handles to carry around with ease
  • A non-stick surface makes it easy to clean


  • The pot cannot be removed, and cleaning the whole pot isn’t easy.

3. Iwatani Japanese BBQ Smokeless Grill

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This is a different option that was developed in Korea which is why it was designed for exactly that use.

It’s a small option that is connected to a burner, so you do not have to be concerned about the source of heat. It’s easy to operate and features a minimalist design overall.

The Korean BBQ grill is operated in a smokeless manner which is always a good thing.

The grill is constructed of powder-coated steel and an aluminum base die-cast. It has a continuous burning of 217 minutes that’s approximately 4 hours.

This grill comes with pressure safety devices and an easy ignition system. It’s also simple to operate. You’ll notice that a lot of the information and written text on the grill is written in Korean therefore this might be an issue for certain.

The grill is a decent size, and easy to use without being too bulky.


  • There isn’t much smoke to be found when cooking.
  • It is easily disassembled for cleaning
  • Non-stick coating for the grill
  • Simple and effective
  • The perfect design for tabletop use


  • Smaller than average and suitable for around three people max.
  • All labels and information are all in Korean.

4. Elite Gourmet Large Electric Korean BBQ Grill

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This is another excellent budget-friendly option that’s very suitable and is sufficient to feed more than one person at a time.

Another electric Korean barbecue grill. You just must be able to connect to an outlet for it to be used.

The grilling tray is removed from this and is dishwasher-safe, so cleaning is simple after you’ve finished.

The grill is simple to use, and the electronic dial controls are easy to understand. It can be heated up to 445 degrees Fahrenheit.

This grill comes with a lid. It’s easy to clean and is designed to be compact, so storage shouldn’t be an issue also.

This is a 14-inch circular Korean BBQ grill, which means it can hold a good amount of food at a time. It’s a non-smoke grill, and an excellent method to make your food healthier, while still retaining the taste.


  • 14-inch round grill
  • The warranty is for a year.
  • Conduction of heat by electricity
  • Easy to take apart for cleaning
  • It also comes with a lid to protect the grill


  • It’s not always heated evenly and uniformly.
  • Grease tends to splash and create a mess on the grill.

5. Cusimax Raclette Electric Korean BBQ Grill Table

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You can take your grilling up a notch by using this elevated Raclette grill that’s incredible.

The grill has plenty happening and has an extra-large cooking area, to cook multiple meals or cook for many people at the same time.

The cooking tray is adjustable for you based on the dish you’re cooking. The reversible tray for cooking is non-stick that is on both sides. On one side, it is smooth, while one side is beveled as grills.

This grill has lots of power and heat as well as evenly dispersed heat over the entire grilling area. Furthermore, it comes with eight Raclette plates so that you can prepare sauces or dishes in separate dishes simultaneously.

The burners are connected. It’s simple to use and is easy to control and control. Temperature ranges aren’t too extensive but you can utilize anywhere from 375 – 445 degrees Fahrenheit to cook.

It’s a rectangular design therefore, even though it’s big it can be placed on a table. The grill’s surface is raised to allow the trays to fit inside the space to cook and store.


  • Includes 8 Raclette trays for individual cooking
  • Reversible cooking tray for cooking
  • Non-stick coating
  • Control and ease of use
  • Easy to clean up after doing


  • This is a large item and may be a burden to store for storage reasons.

6. Techwood Indoor Electric Korean BBQ Grill

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This grill is unique. It’s not exactly overly bulky in terms of overall style but it’s gorgeous and doesn’t leave any components exposed to being unattractive.

It’s a highly rated product that is quite effective as a Korean barbecue grill and many other uses.

There’s not much or no smoke when cooking and you don’t have oil or grease. It has a drip tray that is inside its “box” at the base. It’s an extremely stylish design that makes use of electricity as the heating source.

It’s pretty simple to use and includes a few extra functions with an adjustable fan. It evenly and uniformly heats on the Gill Plate. It’s an excellent alternative that’s so simple to use. The grill grate is advertised as dishwasher safe.

This business offers a top-quality assurance guarantee and a 60-day guarantee on money back.


  • Large grilling surface
  • Unique design that looks amazing
  • Large drip tray
  • Easy to clean
  • Controls and electric heating


  • It takes a long time before the cooking surface heat up.
  • It doesn’t seem to be extremely hot in general.

7. Eutaxia Master Grill Pan For Korean BBQ

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As a final choice, we offer you an exclusive grill pan.

This product is intended to be used on the stovetop. It is not equipped with any type of burner setup however, you can utilize it with the help of a burner. It has several different categories that you can divide to make it your own.

The pan features an edging that is diamond and microwave safe, too. It’s got a non-stick coating making it easy to serve food also. The pan is tough and designed to last for a long period of time without worrying about it breaking easily.

This grill pan was developed in Korea which is why it was created to serve this particular purpose. It’s easy to cook on and comes with small handgrips of all sizes to ensure safety.

We love the fact that this offers an easy and effective solution to Korean BBQ requirements without stressing about the heat or burning.


  • Pan for grilling designed to be used on stovetops
  • Non-stick pan
  • Pan is divided into sections
  • With a diamond coating for long-lasting durability
  • Made in Korea


  • The slots to the side are narrow , and they won’t be able to hold much.
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