Best Juicers For Ginger And Ginger Shots – Buying Guide [2023]

What is the best juicer for blending ginger? The best juicer able to handle ginger will yield lots of juice without too much pulp – a masticating juicer.

You’ll need to take into consideration your requirements, such as volume and features for other foods that you juice regularly.

The ginger plant has become a well-known and highly recommended addition to your daily diet since it is loaded with the health benefits that it brings.

As you begin cooking with ginger, or add the spice to water or other drinks, you could also take it in or add it to shakes or even take ginger shots.

Ginger shots are pretty amazing because they offer all the goodness you want in one shot!

Of course, to get many of the benefits of making use of ginger or drinking ginger shots, you have to have a high-quality juicer that is able to handle this kind of food. It’s quite tough and requires a sturdy and reliable blade.

There are many fantastic choices to choose from. In this guide, we’ll show you the 9 best juicers for making ginger juice and shots.

We looked through the market to discover the best ones and are happy to present them to you today. We’ve also put together a useful buyer’s guide to help you understand exactly what to look for before purchasing.

Continue reading to find out about the best 9 juicers for ginger, and ginger shots, plus more information at the bottom of the guide to help you make an informative decision prior to purchasing!

Researched: Best Juicers For Ginger And Ginger Shots 2022

We’ve covered a few of the basics, let’s get to things. You’re here to find or discover the best options in ginger juicers, and we’ve got it covered!

We’ve sorted, searched, and sorted and now we’ve come up with a range of options for you to think about especially if you’re unfamiliar with juice:

Below, you’ll discover the best juicers for blending and making ginger, as well as ginger shots – yum! Each is accompanied by more details on the reasons why each is excellent.

1. Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer

Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer
Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer
Visit their official website.

The first choice is our most popular choice. It’s equipped with a slow-masticating system which means that it moves across the toughest of surfaces to squeeze out the maximum amount of juice.

This is ideal for tough ingredients like ginger celery, carrots and apples, and many more. It’s a multi-purpose juicer, and it operates quickly and effectively.

The particular juicer is quiet using a motor with only 60 decibels. The juicer’s blade is at a speed of 80 RPM which means it is able to handle tough things like ginger. It is also able to extract more juice than other machines.

According to the list, it is possible to expect to get 20 percent more juice and 30 percent more nutrients. The overall yield of juice is 90%.

The juicer also comes with a number of safety features. It shuts down at the end of 20 minutes of continuous usage to ensure that the motor doesn’t get too hot.

The juicer also comes with security locks so that it is possible to disassemble and assemble without a worry. It comes with a reverse function should you encounter jams, too.


  • Support and technical assistance for lifelong. are available
  • Easy to wash
  • Safety features are included
  • Operates at a low sound level
  • The 80-RPM Speed Juices are speedy and effectively


  • It is possible to cut the ginger into smaller pieces to get maximum results.
  • The chute is quite small.

2. Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine
Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine
Visit their official website.

The next choice is a fantastic value-for-money. If you’re in search of a low-cost option then look no further!

The juicer also comes with a capacity of a huge chute to feed. It allows you to fit bigger or heavier pieces of equipment down the chute.

There is a chance that you will need to slice it to allow for the blade and its power however, you don’t need to fret as much about the awkward size and forms of ginger.

The juicer is available in stainless steel or black. It is quick and efficient and can deal with ginger with ease like a professional. The motor of this juicer has a power of 800 watts.

It’s got plenty of power and the buttons and controls are user-friendly.

It’s also extremely simple to wash, and that’s an added benefit! The parts that are removable are dishwasher safe. Additionally, you will receive a strainer as well as a cleaning brush for helping out.

The base also wipes easily and without difficulty. Hamilton Beach was labeled the number one brand for juice extractors across the U.S. in 2021 by the NPD Group as well.


  • BPA-free
  • It is covered by a three-year limited warranty.
  • A quality brand that is renowned for its high-quality juicers
  • Performs quickly and efficiently
  • Dishwasher-safe dishwasher parts
  • Extra-large feeding chute


  • The machine operates on the higher volume side.
  • This is a small juicer, so it could move around when it’s operating.

3. Greenstar GSE-5000 Cold Press Juicer

Greenstar GSE-5000 Cold Press Juicer
Greenstar GSE-5000 Cold Press Juicer
Visit their official website.

This is certainly a top model. It’s higher than other models you’ll see, but it’s a well-built machine that is impossible to make a mistake with.

It’s worth it and will not disappoint If you’re able to afford it. It is available in black, white as well as stainless steel. The juicer has an original style.

It’s durable and will likely become an everlasting counter-top fixture in your area for juicing.

The machine is constructed by using bio-ceramic twin gears for the motor, which gives the highest strength and high-quality cold pressing. This will help preserve the enzymes and nutrients in the ginger as well as other ingredients.

The propellers are operating at a slow and low speed. This means that they take longer to run but it’s efficient and won’t cause excessive heat to the motors.

The mastication process is designed to remove the entire juice from even the most difficult of ingredients and not get blocked in the process. You even get a reverse function just in case.


  • The reverse function can help in avoiding the possibility of jamming
  • The design is to slow down the mastication process and reduce the risk of the chance of clogging
  • Ideal use for pressing cold to preserve the nutrients
  • A unique motor that is geared for efficient operation
  • Exceptionally practical and adaptable machine


  • This is a top model, which can be expensive for certain.
  • The process of cleaning is long and can be a bit difficult.

4. Breville JE9XL Juice Fountain Plus

Breville is an incredibly well-known name in the market Their products are generally considered premium quality products. This particular model has all the luxury and isn’t too expensive when compared with other similar models.

It’s constructed of stainless steel that has been brushed and plastic. In addition, it’s an efficient juicer that can be used for ginger or ginger shots.

The juicer comes with an extra-large chute, so you can squeeze awkward and bulky ginger into it easily. There’s no requirement to slice it, however, when it comes to ginger, juicers perform better when you cut it slightly.

This model has a beautiful LED display and is very user-friendly in general.

The juicer is equipped with a pulp container that can aid in cleaning up the spills. It’s built with safety features to ensure that it doesn’t overheat. Also, it has a security locking arm to safeguard the user when cleaning or disassembling the.

The device comes with 800 watts of power, and you’ll find it can handle ginger without difficulty.


  • Premium brand, but not too expensive
  • Brushed stainless steel with a finish
  • Clean and easy to use
  • A sleek LED display
  • Plenty of strength to deal with ginger


  • Sometimes, you push a lot of things into the waste, and you end up wasting more than you would like.

5. AMZ Chef Slow Juicer

The next one is a distinctive product that has been rated highly all over the world. It might not be one of those brands that are popular with the masses however, it’s of exceptional quality and has been highly coveted on our list.

The juicer was designed to allow you to make the most juice every time. It does this by reducing oxidation, all the nutrition, and less foam throughout the process.

They claim up to 90 percent juice yield.

You can pick from stainless steel, gray, or red in this juicer. It’s quite simple to operate and designed to be the slow process of masticating. So you can get the maximum juice nutrients of ginger and other foods when you masticate them.

This juicer is also beautiful and quiet. It operates at a low level of 60 decibels which is less than traditional blenders in terms of design.

It’s easy to put together and disassemble. It’s very simple to clean. It features security measures in place that includes the locking arm, and it shuts off the power when the engine gets hot.


  • Security features are in place
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • The motor is quiet and quiet.
  • Produces more juice yield and less oxygenation


  • It is possible to cut the ginger into small pieces for the most effective outcomes.

6. Mueller Austria Juicer

Mueller is an outstanding brand and is highly regarded. The juicer is highly rated all over the world.

It’s a top-quality product that was designed and manufactured in Austria and has a great design and endurance as well.

This juicer centrifugal is easy to operate and is light. It’s designed to be modern and stylish with a stainless steel-like finish.

It won’t take up a lot of room on counters. It isn’t bulky like other machines available there.

It is a reliable juicer to reduce foaming and less clogging. It is possible to make your juicer in just a couple of minutes.

It’s outfitted with an extra-large feed chute that can handle ginger, and it comes with plenty of power too. It’s also simple to clean and simple to use.


  • Simple to clean and easy to make use of
  • The extra-large feed chute is handy
  • Excellent quality, with high ratings.
  • A high-powered motor that has the ability to run at high RPM.
  • Modern and sleek


  • There are plastic pieces that may not last for as long.

7. NutriBullet Juicer Pro

This is a name that you are likely to recognize in the industry of juicing, and there’s a reason for that.

NutriBullet has been producing juicers and blenders for a long time as well as these blenders offer fantastic alternatives for your ginger juice requirements.

This 7-pound stainless steel juicer is amazing and you cannot get it wrong with this. It’s also affordable and comparable to the alternatives available.

This juicer is equipped with a container that is safe for you to carry your juice when you travel. It comes with a container that is used to collect the juice and weigh it, and it comes with an ice tray. You can juice, and then create or add the ice to your juice. You can do whatever you want!

The centrifugal juicer features a large, attractive chute that allows you to easily insert ginger into it. It’s easy to operate and use and also easier to clean once you’re done.

The pour spout looks nice as it makes mess less and can also pour with no pulp being added. The machine is small and easy to use, yet modern and sleek at the same while.


  • Beautiful stainless steel with a beautiful finish
  • Small, but extremely efficient
  • A brand we recognize and trust for juicing as well as mixing
  • Includes accessories such as the ice tray and travel bottles
  • Simple to use and easy to clean


  • This can be an ear-splitting machine when it’s operating.

8. MegaWise Pro Juicer

The next choice is a highly-rated juicer that is straightforward to use.

If you’re looking for something simple and straightforward to make the ginger you want and your shots of ginger, this could be the perfect choice for you.

The juicer made by MegaWise is white and quite compact too. The juicer is simple to use. It’s made of plastic and lightweight materials, therefore you might be required to anticipate the odd wobble with ginger.

It is also possible to cut your ginger into smaller pieces to help in tackling this problem. The chute isn’t too big, therefore you’d probably have to cut your ginger in any way.

The machine slowly crushes everything you put in front of it to ensure that nutrients are preserved to the best of their ability. It’s efficient and quick, as well as durable, which is why it’s one of the best options listed in this article.

We love the easy and compact design, as well as the reliable juicer that will never disappoint you.


  • Created to produce the most juice possible
  • Small and light machine
  • Simple to use and easy to clean
  • Live chat support is available and there is no replacement guarantee
  • An easy-to-use design that can be effective and solid


  • It is necessary to cut your ginger in order to fit into the chute and to minimize the chance of rattling.
  • Fruits with strings can clog easily however this isn’t an issue for ginger.

9. Hurom HP Slow Juicer

Then we have another premium product worth looking into. This slow juicer is of high-end quality and made to be a premium choice.

It’s a bit more expensive but the performance is worth it If you’re able to afford it. It is possible to pick between pastel pink, mint, or white shades too.

This model is compact therefore it won’t take up an enormous amount of counter space. It’s stacked to will find your chute on top, with the sections for pulp and juice at the bottom and the bottom.

There’s a pour spill spout that you can release into your drink when you are prepared. The middle portion even has measurements.

This is produced using high-quality materials and is made of stainless steel, not plastic.

This makes it more durable, and less likely to rattle while it’s juicing ginger. It is equipped with an impressive motor, and it slows juices in order to keep the nutrients. It also has an integrated cooling system that helps safeguard the motor.


  • It is very simple to use and operate.
  • Utilizes top-quality materials to ensure durability and toughness
  • Available in refreshing and light shades.
  • A compact model that doesn’t consume a lot of space
  • From top to bottom, it’s well-made.


  • Customer service isn’t the best if you encounter issues with the juicer.

If you’ve found your ideal juicer and are ready to give it a go take a look at this simple tasty ginger shots recipe from Jason Vale!

How To Choose The Best Juicer For Ginger And Ginger Shots

Buying guide for ginger juicers

Before we get into the best products available We thought it would be helpful to share an overview of the buyers’ guide for you.

This section is to provide certain details or facts to remember so that you are able to make an informed choice when you decide to purchase a juicer.

There are some details to be considered and we’ll have a look.

Cleaning Up

Every juicer needs to be cleaned after you’re done using it. Therefore, the ability to wash it swiftly and efficiently is an absolute requirement.

Think about how much disassembling you need to perform to get your juicer clean. It is also important to consider how easy it will be to take off and put it back together. It could be worth it if the process is simple to complete.

You can ask yourself:

Are there components safe for dishwashers or will everything have to be cleaned manually? Do all components be submerged or are there specific care tips to consider and know?

If the blender can be placed in the dishwasher, or if some components are safe in the water, your juicer will be easier to free of dirt.

Cleaning will be subject to your personal preferences and desire to clean or not clean in a specific manner. However, it’s an important thing to consider and be aware of!

You have to clean your juicers after each time you make use of them.


The ability to blend ginger as well as the ginger shot is an important component. Certain juicers have less power than others and could be more likely to get blocked or become sluggish.

Be aware of the fact that ginger is hefty and quite hard material, therefore you’ll need a juicer that is able to handle the material.

Choose a juicer that has more power and many options, including the pulse option, masticating power, or “power” options.

Ginger is tough and you must look for a high amount of power to ensure that you can take on ginger without straining or destroying the motor too rapidly.


If you’re planning to spend the money to purchase the juicer, it’s important to be sure that it will last.

Two factors should be taken into account when making a purchase: Do you have a sturdy and reliable machine? Does it come with a guarantee?

You don’t want to pay for an item that isn’t likely last for long. A warranty may provide some protection, however, you’ll also need an efficient juicer in the first place.

Safety Features

It is a good idea to consider safety features since you never know when someone might take a grip on your juicer when you’re not looking.

You’ll also want to protect your own fingers, don’t you? While disassembling it, you need to ensure that you don’t accidentally turn off the machine. Or even cut yourself when you try to put it back together. thing!

A majority of juicers have a security lock arm specifically for this purpose but it might be something you’d like to look out for. Others are constructed with smaller chutes, so that fingers won’t be a danger to the machine.

Furthermore, there are safety features that can safeguard the motor from damage as well.

Find a system that has been specifically designed to ensure that the motor is protected against overheating and to turn it off the motor begins to overheat. Some models have cooling systems integrated into them while others simply have automatic shut-off functions.

Chute Size

Another thing to consider is the dimensions of the chute on the juicer.

You’re likely to use it to make a ginger, so you will have to cut it into smaller pieces in order for the maximum benefit from your equipment.

However, ginger is huge and can be difficult to handle because of its size. Therefore, it’s sometimes helpful to search for the right chute that is large enough to take on even the most oddly shaped ginger you may have to dump into it.

There’s nothing wrong with using a juicer that requires the cutting of ginger into smaller chunks. This could be an additional step to take. This is something you should take note of.

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