The 7 Best Noodles For Chicken Noodle Soup

What are the best noodles for a chicken noodle soup?

The best noodles for soup made from chicken is egg noodles because they can absorb the flavors of the broth and not become soft.

There is a point in time when we require comfort food. It’s almost like the homemade chicken noodle soup recipe is among the most delicious comfort foods you could enjoy.

There’s something special about this dish that is warm from the inside out, and it’s delicious too!

There’s no reason to not try chicken noodle soup, regardless of whether you follow your grandma’s recipe from your family or you prepare it from the recipe you came across on the internet. There are many ways that chicken noodle soup could be prepared.

In this article, we’ll show our top recommendations for the top noodles for soup made of chicken noodles.

There are many options for noodles that are ranked in order beginning with our top selection. We also have important information to help you understand the various types of noodles and their greatest applications.

Continue reading to discover the best noodles for chicken soup and more!

Different Types Of Noodles For Chicken Noodle Soup

We can see from our top noodles that we have included two kinds of noodles: egg noodles, spirals, and homemade egg noodles.

We truly believe that these are the best choices for chicken noodles soup.

But, keeping that in mind, you must realize that there are plenty of noodles available and you don’t have to choose the ones we’ve listed in this article.

In this section of our guide, we’ll examine different kinds of noodles, let readers know the characteristics of each, and will also cover organic and gluten-free noodles as well.

We will mostly stick to noodles that can be used in different varieties of soups to keep to our topic.


Ditalini pasta is part of that “tiny pasta” category. The pasta-like tubes are cut into small or round shapes. It is possible to hear them described as short macaroni or thimble-sized noodles.

This pasta is great to make things such as minestrone or for soups that are thick, particularly stews. This pasta is ideal for those who just want some pasta, but it’s not the primary ingredient in the dish.

You might not know what this is called, but you’ve probably seen it on the shelves of the local supermarket. Perhaps you’ve used it to make soup or even minestrone!


Fettuccine is quite similar to homemade chicken noodle noodles as well as egg noodles in terms of style. Another option is to make fettuccine but they are larger noodles and you will require cutting or breaking them into smaller pieces.

Fettuccine works well with sauces that are creamy or thick but it’s also pretty versatile and can be utilized in just about any dish you’d like to make use of it.


Linguine is yet another type of pasta that closely resembles homemade egg noodles or noodles. It’s quite similar to fettuccine, but it’s more substantial it’s likely more similar to egg noodles.

Linguini is a different long noodle which is why, if you opt to use it in the soup of chicken noodles it is necessary to cut or break it down to size to ensure that you do not feel like eating spaghetti as you’re trying to enjoy soup.

This pasta type is perfect for dishes using delicate sauces, like pesto or tomato, and is delicious when paired with seafood dishes.

Organic Pasta

Nearly any kind or type of pasta you would like is available in organic forms. What is it to be organically grown pasta? It signifies it is a sign that this durum from the process was naturally grown.

If you’re adamant about staying away from organic foods it’s not necessary to remove pasta from your kitchen. You can just search for your preferred pasta or pasta you require that is organically grown.

Organic pasta is eating pasta made from durum, which could be chemically treated during its growing period. Keep in mind that nearly any kind or type of pasta you like will likely be available in an organic product.

There’s no noticeable difference in the flavor of organic and non-organic pasta, however, there is a distinct difference in the way that the ingredients were prepared for the pasta, and this could make a huge difference to many of us.

You will likely notice that there is a more expensive price associated with organic options.

Gluten-Free Pasta

Pasta is often taken off the list of those who adhere to a gluten-free diet either for the reason of choice or due to health issues. There’s good news there are many gluten-free pasta alternatives as well.

There are gluten-free versions of pasta that have been created for people who do not want to eat gluten.

The pasta is available in a variety of types. They may have a different texture or taste due to the ingredients used in their replacement.

Gluten-free pasta is generally made from egg yolks and brown rice flour more than the traditional flour.

If you’re seeking egg noodles that are gluten-free to test for chicken noodles, you can give this product made by Amish Wedding Foods a try. They are gluten-free but include egg yolks. They have a wonderful flavor and taste like traditional home-style noodles.


Not the least last, we believe that Ruote pasta may be an absolute game-changer when it comes to the preparation of soups.

Another kind is “tiny pasta” and it closely is akin to a wagon wheel in its form and style. The pasta is designed for meaty or heavy sauces but it could be an interesting addition to a variety of soups, like chicken noodles soup.

While it wasn’t the goal, it’s small and it could be a great aid to the purpose and, if not, it’ll be fun to watch while doing it.

Review of The 7 Best Noodles Used In Chicken Soup

Today we want to provide you with specific items we consider to be the top noodles for soup with chicken noodles.

The noodles have been carefully chosen based on their appearance and ingredients to offer you the ideal choices to create a delicious soup.

Chicken noodle soup at home is among the meals that are relatively easy to prepare, however, you must make certain you’re using the proper ingredients. Thickness and the shape of the noodles can affect the result of your soup and it’s crucial to be aware of the best choices.

The RankProductDescription
1.Country Pasta Homemade Style Pasta Egg NoodlesEgg noodles that are thick and wide.
2.Bechtle Bavarian Style Egg NoodlesThin, German egg noodles
3.Manischewitz Wide Egg NoodlesThin spiral egg noodles
4.Chester Medium Egg NoodlesHomestyle egg noodles
5.De Cecco Pasta Egg PappardelleItalian-style egg noodles
6.Mrs. Miller’s Noodles from the Old Fashioned Medium NoodlesHome-style egg noodles
7.Al Dente Carba-Nada Egg NoodlesLow-carb egg noodles

We’ve done the testing and research for you. With these 7 top options, you’re bound to discover the perfect product for your requirements. We’ll have you on the way to the most delicious chicken noodles soup in the shortest amount of time.

1. Country Pasta Homemade Style Pasta Egg Noodles

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This noodle has earned its place as our top choice of chicken noodles. It’s about the closest you could make an authentic noodle made from the same ingredients that you can buy. ‘

They are available in the conventional size or the shape of large noodles.

These noodles are made of 100% durum, which gives you the highest quality noodles available. The company also makes use of fresh eggs and adds some salt to the noodles for flavor.


  • Made from top-quality ingredients
  • Very similar to homemade noodles
  • The noodles are thick and full of flavor are perfect for soup with chicken noodles
  • Available in wide or regular noodles.
  • Fresh ingredients used


  • They require more time to cook for an appropriate level of softness

2. Bechtle Bavarian Style Egg Noodles

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If we talk about egg noodles to make soup with chicken noodles We are talking about German egg noodles. This noodles option can be described as true German.

They are available in a simple 2-pack, or purchase a bulk supply and buy 4 6, or even 8 boxes of noodles.

They’re also very similar to the thick and rich homemade noodles.

They do not have much flavor by themselves but you’ll add them to noodles and even flavor your food.

They are very thick with a perfect consistency, which makes them a wonderful option to add to soup.


  • Thicker, like homemade noodles.
  • The traditional German egg noodles
  • It is available in large quantities
  • Cook fairly quickly
  • At an affordable price


  • A little bland in flavor

3. Manischewitz Wide Egg Noodles

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Many people aren’t keen on the hearty and thick noodles that are in chicken noodle soup. That’s okay.

If you like thinner noodles they are ideal for you.

The noodles are classic spiral dried egg noodles. It is available in three packs which means you’ll have plenty to store in your fridge.

The noodles are multi-purpose. They’re great for mild chicken broth, but they can also be utilized in a stroganoff dish or tuna casserole in a pinch.


  • Thin egg noodles in the style of a thin-style
  • Versatile noodles
  • Fantastic flavor
  • Simple to use Cooking time is low


  • Pasta can be difficult to separate when not carefully monitored

4. The Chester Medium Egg Noodles

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Chester Noodle Company is a well-known egg noodles company because they produce delicious dried egg noodles.

The noodles they serve are low in fat and rich in vitamins.

The noodles cook just like traditional egg noodles. You will not notice any difference in the flavor.

Another 3-pack of noodles. These are medium spiral-shaped egg noodles.

They are multi-purpose and are great in chicken soup as well as other noodles dishes. They are the freezer-friendly egg noodles of the many.


  • Cooking time is not too long
  • Versatile noodle
  • A healthier noodle is an option
  • Purchase in the bulk of 3 packs


  • They are mostly tasteless

5. De Cecco Pasta Egg Pappardelle

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This one is a little extravagant, as it is an authentic Italian Pappardelle noodle however they are a great choice to make chicken noodle soup.

These are Italian egg noodles they differ when compared to German egg noodles. However, you’ll be amazed at how good they are in chicken noodles.

They will be like homemade noodles, but they are also more slender and long. They’ll have more flavor in them too. They are easy to work with and won’t require long to prepare.


  • A different approach to the egg noodles.
  • Italian-style noodles
  • Quick and easy to cook
  • Flavorful
  • Versatile noodle option


  • Not specifically designed to be used with chicken noodles, however, it should be a great fit

6. Mrs. Millers Old Fashioned Medium Noodles

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Here’s another recipe for homemade egg noodles that’s ideal for chicken noodles.

These noodles from the past will look and taste like something from your grandmother’s recipe.

This company has been producing delicious, homemade noodles for more than 50 years.

The noodles they offer are premium quality and will certainly not disappoint.

This particular package includes 2-16 OZ. Bags of noodles. It is also possible to purchase three packs if you want.

They are of high quality and are priced well. They’re highly rated and are perfect for your soup.


  • Noodles from the past
  • True and tested noodle company
  • A truly homemade noodles
  • Simple ingredients with great flavor
  • Noodles of high-quality


  • Because of their nature noodles, they may need to be cooked for a long time.

7. Al Dente Carba-Nada Egg Noodles

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If you’re in the mood for the flavor of chicken noodles made from scratch but want a healthier option that is low in carbs take a look at this alternative!

This particular variety comes in packs with 6-10oz. bags. They are designed to be low in carbs which means you’ll be able to have your noodles fixed.

These noodles were created to look like pasta, but they’re short and heavy, and thick, which is why they are similar to homemade noodles.

They are made from natural ingredients and they can be cooked in just 3 minutes to cook!


  • Low-carb noodle option
  • Cook quickly
  • Made from only natural ingredients
  • Protein and fiber
  • Fantastic flavor


  • Although they are advertised as low-carb, however, they are very high in carbs.

Interesting Facts & Questions

We hope you’ve found this article on the most suitable chicken noodles soup to be a useful guide that offers a wide range of choices for soups. We also hope you have gained the latest pasta information to use shortly!

We encourage you to take an examination of the section of questions and answers for more information that may help you.

Do Noodles Add Flavor To Chicken Soup?

Noodles are not intended to add flavor to every dish. The best chicken noodles soup is egg noodles that are made from eggs and flour. Sometimes, they contain salt as well.

If you’re seeking flavor, you won’t find much from noodles. There will be a need for seasoning or other methods to enhance the flavor.

Do You Need To Cook The Noodles Before Making Chicken Noodle Soup?

Cooking your noodles as part of the overall making soup. It will likely be cooked in conjunction with other simmering foods including chicken or chicken broth, and maybe even some vegetables.

How Do I Make Sure My Noodles Don’t Become Mushy?

If you’re employing dried egg noodles (like the spiral variety) it is the most important thing is not to overcook the noodles. In this instance make sure that you don’t add too early.

If you’re looking to stay clear of mushy noodles, make your noodles and let them cook for over a long time. They aren’t likely to become into mush.

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