The Best Substitutes For Mango Chutney

Best Substitutes For Mango Chutney
Best Substitutes For Mango Chutney

What is the best substitute for mango chutney? The best alternative for mango chutney would be apricot preserve or jam made from apricots. Other alternatives are Marmalade, peach jam, or preserves made from melon.

I would make a lot of dishes at home that would include Mango Chutney, such as sweet or spicy and it’s a great complement to many dishes. What inspired this guide is when I didn’t have any in my pantry and had to find an alternative. Mango Chutney is a condiment I would highly recommend having in your home kitchen!

On this occasion – sadly, I had used all of mine.

Mango chutney adds flavor to a variety of meals whether it’s food items, meat, or even veggies.

Mango chutney is a unique flavor with the mango’s sweetness in contrast to the spice and tartness. This makes it perfect to add to many recipes for cooking.

If you don’t like the taste of mango chutney or are tired of using it all time, here are the best substitutes you can replace it with, and what you may require to include to make them taste as close to mango chutney as possible.

Guide To The Best Mango Chutney Substitutes

Here are the best substitutes for mango chutney. They all impart a slightly distinct flavor than mango chutney does, however, there are ways to modify the flavor so that it is as similar to mango chutney as you can.

When you do happen to have mango juice on your table, you could mix it with one of these options to give the authentic mango flavor also.

1. Apricot Jam

Apricot jam could be the ideal alternative to mango chutney. The best thing about making apricot jam is that there are two alternatives. You can buy the apricot jam that is available in stores or attempt making it at your own home.

Apricots and Peaches are similar. Depending on their age they can be tart or sweet and both are utilized to create different-tasting jams. Apricots that are tartare usually useful, since their tartness complements the sugar used.

The sweet and tart taste of apricots is very to mangoes, which is why they’re the most suitable alternative to mango chutney. The tartness is the reason the chutney is ideal for desserts both sweet and savory and is what makes it an excellent chutney.

Making the jam yourself allows you to alter the flavor to suit your preferences and be more suited to what you’ll be using in cooking.

The process of making apricot jam is straightforward and requires only a few ingredients. This includes apricots lemon juice as well as white sugar.

The ingredients are then put into a container, usually, one that is a jam pan that is allowed to heat up while it melts the sugar. Within about half an hour the apricot jam should be sufficient in thickness.

Then, you can add salt or fresh lemon juice to enhance the taste of the chutney. It will also be more suitable to cook with. The jam can be stored in sterilized mason Jars.

Excellent Substitute For:

Apricot jam is a wonderful alternative to mango chutney in making fish dishes, chicken dishes, or sweet desserts. Both are quite alike, therefore are extremely interchangeable.

What do you need to include:

Apricot jam may be a little sweeter than mango chutney at certain times, which is why you might require some lemon juice or vinegar to give it an additional tartness if required. Salt can also aid in balancing the flavors better.

2. Peach Chutney

Peaches as a substitute for mango chutney provide two options: you can make a peach chutney or peach jam.

Like jam made from apricots, you can create the peach chutney yourself in your home. It gives you the chance to include the ingredients you prefer or eliminate, making it suitable to use in cooking.

To make chutney made from peaches at home, you’ll require peaches sugar, white vinegar as well as ginger, onions, and mustard. If you’re looking for a little more flavor, you can add raisins, garlic as well as red chili flake.

All of these ingredients must be cooked together over moderate temperatures. There aren’t any hard guidelines on the best way to cut your food, or the number of ingredients to add to each one, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Once the entire mixture has come together and become thicker You can then put them into sterilized Mason Jars.

Apart from peach chutney, you can make peach Marmalade. Peach marmalade won’t be sweeter than mango chutney however it will have a more bitter flavor. But it is possible to adjust this by adding a little sugar.

Excellent Substitute For:

Peach chutney is an excellent alternative to mango chutney if you are cooking with duck, or pork or serving it with cheese. It’s also a great sauce to accompany stews dishes, casseroles, or curries and replaces the taste of mango chutney very well.

What You Need To Include:

Peach chutney is quite similar to mango chutney and it shouldn’t be too much distinction. It is possible to add lemon juice to add an extra sourness or tartness that mango offers.

If you want to make peach marmalade it is possible to add a bit of sweetness. It could be sugar syrup, honey, or even honey. This helps bring out the flavor a bit more and adds that balance of tart and sweet mango chutney.

3. Fig Jam

The fig jam isn’t as well-known as apricot jam, or peach Chutney, however, it is an alternative to mango chutney. It is possible to make your fig jam also, permitting you to customize it according to your preferences and preferences.

The process of making fig jam is simple. You simmer fruit in a pan for a few minutes, until they melt to release juices and then you add sugar and lemon juice depending on your preference. It needs to be cooked for a few minutes until the jam is thick and looks like jam. It can be placed in sterilized mason Jars.

Depending on the kind and age of fig, the jam may be sweet like sugar or melons. Their capacity to taste similar to other food items is what makes them an ideal replacement for mango Chutney.

You can also buy the fig jam in stores ready-made however it could be more expensive since they are believed to be the type of fruit that is considered to be expensive.

Excellent Substitute For:

Fig jam, since it is sweet, can be an excellent mango chutney substitute for food items that require more sweetness. It can be used for curries, gravies, sauces as well as chicken bakes. It’s also a great alternative to sweets and dessert dishes.

What You Need To Include:

The fig jam is typically sweet, but much more than mango Chutney. It’s possible that you need to offset the sweetness by adding a tiny amount of lemon or vinegar juice or the sweetness may overpower the case of a dish that is savory.

4. Cranberries

The fruit is widely utilized in a variety of dishes both sweet and savory and is an excellent replacement for mango chutney.

They aren’t as sweet as mangoes and provide a tarter taste to food items when they are utilized in place of mango chutney. When using cranberries as an alternative to mango chutney you must boil them to a simmer and add sugar and lemon juice to give the chutney a sweet taste.

It is possible to make this at home and then leave the stew to simmer over the stove for a while until it begins to thicken. For a richer flavor, you can add mustard, red chili, garlic, and ginger, along with other spices and herbs.

Excellent Substitute For:

Cranberries are great when paired with red meat dishes, which are quite salty in content. The cranberry sauce is said to balance this out without being too sweet.

What You Need To Include:

Because cranberries are very tart, you may need to add some sugar or honey to add some sweetness.

5. Melon Chutney

Melon chutney isn’t something we’re familiar with, but it can be an excellent alternative to mango chutney. You can make it easily at your home.

To make melon chutney you will require melons (such as honeydew and canteloupe) as well as cinnamon, apples, sugar onions, vinegar, garlic, vinegar along with red chili.

Mix all of them until smooth and thick. Then preserve the chutney in a jar and make delicious home-cooked meals.

Melon is very easy to cook down It’s a lot lighter than mango chutney.

Excellent Substitute For:

Make use of melon chutney when you want to salt food items like bacon and red meats and also with cheese bread and crumpets.

What You Need To Include:

Since you can make the melon chutney by hand and then make it as you like. You may need to add some sugar to sweeten it up a little. A little red chili is also helpful in giving the chutney a bit of an oomph.

Mango Chutney Substitutes Are Best For

There isn’t any rule of thumb on which substitutes work best for what dishes. There are however general guidelines for what substitutes are to be used to get the most effective outcomes.

For more salty foods such as melon, peach or apricot, cranberry or fruit jams or chutneys work most effectively. It is possible to add some sugar, salt, or even lemon juice to balance the flavors, if necessary.

Mango chutney and its alternatives are especially delicious when served with dishes that include chicken, pork, or duck.

In the case of desserts and sweets, your best bet is to go with fig jam or apricot jam. They are deliciously sweet however they also have an array of flavors to enhance your food.

If you’re planning to serve the mango chutney with toast and crackers or as a snack, and cheese then uses Marmalade instead. Too much sweetness isn’t required and the bitter taste of the marmalade can be used.

If you’re trying to find the most comparable substitute that is possible, and you want to keep it safe, try either peach or apricot Chutney. There is no reason to not choose the two options!

Other Questions Asked

What Is Mango Chutney?

Mango chutney is a jam made by simmering down mangoes and other ingredients, like red peppers, apples, onions raisins, sugar ginger, and occasionally garlic.

All of these ingredients are combined for a long time until the mixture is soft and dense.

Mango chutney is great to cook numerous savory dishes. It is delicious with chicken.

What Does Mango Chutney Taste Like?

The mangoes’ acidity and the vinegar enhance the tart flavor of the chutney, and its sweetness is derived from sugar, raisins, and fresh mango.

A mixture of sweet and salty tastes Mango chutney is the perfect balance to cook sweet and savory meals.

Here’s how to make mango chutney to serve various dishes:

Meat Mango Chutney can be enjoyed with pork, chicken, and lamb. You can thin the chutney to use it as an ice-cream sauce for roast duck and chicken as well as be utilized as a thicker sauce for lamb and pork – or to make a tasty gravy.


Take your sandwiches up a notch by adding mango chutney in any chicken salad sandwich or as an additional punch to the grilling cheese.


Mango Chutney pairs well with cheese, due to its tart and sweet taste. It’s particularly delicious with cream cheese and brie.

Does Mango Chutney the same as Mango Salsa?

It’s not true that mango chutney is more distinct than mango salsa. In addition to having a distinct flavor as well as texture, the chutney has been simmered with ingredients like sugar and vinegar, mustard as well as ginger, until it reaches a smooth consistency is achieved.

Salsa is the term used to describe fresh ingredients that are chopped and mixed with herbs and tomatoes to enhance the flavor.

How Long Will Mango Chutney Last For?

Mango chutney may be kept for up to two months due to its acidity.

The chutney should be kept within an airtight container, and remain free of contamination. It is best to store it in the refrigerator at a low temperature.

For a longer time frame, it is possible to keep the chutney inside the freezer.

Which Vinegar Is the Best In Mango Chutney?

When making chutneys, an important ingredient to consider is vinegar. There are a variety of vinegar alternatives available.

Distilled vinegar is very potent, and can be used as a preservative. It is the most suitable ingredient to make Chutney. Other options are malt vinegar, which provides a better taste as well as white wine vinegar.

How Do I Reduce the acidity of homemade Chutney?

If you’ve prepared your chutney and it’s too acidic then you can neutralize it by putting baking soda.

Begin with 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Add it to the Chutney. Mix it up and then have an experiment to determine whether it has lessened the acidity.

If it is not enough, mix another 1/4 teaspoon and test again. Inject a tiny amount at a given time and test the taste at a time.

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