Can I Use A Regular Spray Bottle For Olive Oil?

Can you use a regular spray bottle for olive oil? Yes, you can put olive oil in any regular spray bottle to apply olive oil. However, you might need to thin the olive oil using water to resemble the cooking spray. Also, you should ensure that the spray bottle is clean before pouring olive oil in.

A nice bottle of olive oil is almost unbeatable in the kitchen, but sometimes all you need is an oil spray.

For those quick fry pan meals or oven roasting vegetables, you could be staring at your 1L bottle thinking, is there an option to do this using an aerosol bottle instead of pouring?

This article will discuss how and why you should transform your standard bottle of olive oil liquid into a useful oil spray that can be used for mild cooking.

How To Add Olive Oil To A Spray Bottle

Olive oil is thicker and heavier than the majority of oils for cooking. The sprays are either sprayed in fine drops or diluted by adding liquid and an emulsifying substance.

You can create an olive oil spray work in any manner, depending on the design of the bottle you own. You can use pure olive oil if you own spray bottles specifically designed to spray oils.

But, if you own an affordable “regular” spray bottle designed for cleaning or water-based sprays, you’ll be more successful in thinning your oil using water.

Home-made non-stick cooking spray

If you own an oil-based spray bottle that uses oils, you’ll require a funnel, a spray bottle, and olive oil. Just pour the oil into the spray bottle, then tighten the nozzle. It’s set to spray or mist, and you’re good!

If you have a container designed to hold water, we suggest you fill one-third of it full of the room temperature water that has been distilled and the other 1/3 using olive oil. The last 1/3 should be left empty to give you plenty of space to shake the bottle thoroughly before using it.

Water and oil don’t mix. If you don’t want to use an emulsifier like guar gum or carrageenan, you’ll have to shake your bottle vigorously before each use to mix the water and oil as thoroughly as possible.

Food Spray Bottle

The most crucial aspect of the DIY olive spray trick is to locate the correct spray bottle.

In truth, every spray bottle, including one from a dollar store, is sufficient. But the better the bottle is, the more effective the spray will be, and the longer the oil will last inside the bottle.

Oil is more dense and viscous than water and other liquids typically sprayed from bottles. Therefore, using an oil accessory for sprayers specifically designed to be used with oils is an excellent way to begin.

Olive oil will maintain its nutrients and freshness for longer if it is protected from UV light. Therefore, it’s best to use a darker bottle is the best choice to store it for a long time. Glass bottles also are ideal for storage over a long period because they are better at protecting the oil.

Our preferred spray bottle for olive oil is Amber Glass Spray Bottles by Sally’s Organics. They are made for use with olive oils.

They are protected from UV sunlight and BPA and lead-free. They even have labels. This is convenient to make use of the bottles for different oils, or you have one that is to use oil and the other to store vinegar, for instance.

The 16 oz bottles include mist and stream set; according to your requirements, if you want to make the olive oil, you want to use these spray bottles to work with either pure olive oil or watered versions.

Alternatives To Using A Spray Bottle

You could use oil in small amounts if you don’t own spray bottles or kitchen sprays. It is usually used instead of spray.

If you’re greasing a pan and only require an incredibly small bit of oil, put a small amount in the center of the pan. Use a flat spatula or spoon to spread it evenly over the dish.

If you’re looking to lightly coat your roasting vegetables rather than spraying them into the baking pan, mix them with a tiny portion of oil and place them in an enormous bowl before placing them in baking dishes.

If it’s meat like a chicken breast or steak which you plan to spray, you can pour the oil in a small amount into a separate bowl or dish. Use a brush for basting to spray the oil on your meat, but very lightly.


Making your cooking spray using olive oil is simpler than you’d think. All you require is a spray bottle with a good seal and olive oil.

Ideally, you’ll have a spray bottle specifically designed to use oils. However, if you don’t, you can create a mix of 50/50 water and oil. Shake the bottle well before every use.

Norah Clark

Norah Clark

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