Can You Freeze Egg Roll Wrappers?

Can you freeze egg roll wrappers? Yes, homemade or store bought egg roll wrappers can be frozen for up to 6 months. Egg roll wrappers must be frozen using waxed paper placed between the sheets to prevent them from sticking.

It doesn’t have to be a celebration to enjoy egg rolls. Crispy rolls can be the perfect snack at a dinner gathering or as a nutritious brunch or lunch.

However, you may not always have fresh egg roll wrappers in your bag.

In this post, we will explain how to ensure that egg roll wrappers are properly frozen and remove them from the freezer before use.

Can You Freeze Egg Roll Wrappers?

If you decide to make egg roll wrappers yourself or purchase an egg roll wrapper package from the local grocery store and find yourself with wrappers that are not used.

It is a good idea to freeze egg wrappers. This is similar to wonton wrappers and is a fantastic method to prolong the shelf life.

It’s much simpler to purchase a set of egg roll wrappers. However, you can make egg roll wrappers yourself, and freezing them is an alternative.

Egg roll sheets are created using just a few ingredients, namely flour, salt, oil, and water; shaping them that thin can be difficult if you don’t have a lot of previous experience handling the dough.

If you plan to make egg rolls by hand and take the time to make the wrappers on your own, then you could create a larger batch and freeze a portion sheet for future use. It will save you lots of time when you’ll need to create an easy snack.

The Best Way To Freeze Egg Roll Wrappers?

If you’re freezing your own or bought egg roll wrappers from a store, The most important thing is to chill the sheets to ensure that they don’t get stuck to each other.

If you are making eggs roll wrappers in your home, you may cook them or let them cook uncooked simply by rolling out your dough in thin sheets.

In both instances in both cases and using egg roll wrappers that are available in stores, the freezing method is like this:

  1. Place the egg roll wrapper onto the waxed paper. Be sure that the paper is larger than the wrapper or at the very least similar in size.
  2. Add a layer of paper that has been waxed onto the sheet. Then begin building the egg roll wrappers from one over another, putting the waxed paper between the layers.
  3. Wrap the egg roll wrappers into an airtight container or bag. Make sure you seal the bag or container tightly to keep wrapped wrappers drying out or causing the freezer burn.
  4. If you’re using bags for freezing, ensure that you push all of your air. If you are using containers, be sure it’s not too big, as too much air in the container isn’t advised.
  5. Mark the wrappers on the back with the dates, and keep them within the freezer.

NOTE: Never put egg rolls in the freezer with folded edges or touching each other. While they may seem dry when freezing, they’ll be damp and stick to each when you place them in cold storage.

How Long Can You Freeze Egg Roll Wrappers?

Egg roll wrappers must be stored in the refrigerator or the freezer.

Wrappers made of cooked egg rolls can be kept in the refrigerator until 8 weeks. However, uncooked egg roll wrappers can be consumed immediately or stored in the freezer.

If you choose to freeze your egg roll wrappers, this can extend the shelf life of all types of egg roll wrappers. Egg roll wrappers last in good condition in the freezer for at least 6 months.

The Best Way To Freeze Egg Wrappers for Rolls

Because the egg roll wrappers themselves are thin, they will not take time to defrost. Also, freezing them by layering them with waxed paper makes it easier to pull out the sheets you’d like to cook with.

Another reason is that you must not put egg roll wrappers in the freezer stacked together without waxed paper. You’ll have to defrost everything even if you do not need the entire thing. Additionally, refreezing egg roll wrappers is not advised.

To freeze egg roll wrappers, allow them to cool at room temperature. Once they’re flexible enough not to bend and not break, fill them with your preferred fillings and fry up the egg roll wrapper.

If you plan to use defrosted wrappers for some hours, place them in the refrigerator while keeping them separate from the waxed layers.

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